Fit Pregnancy: Taking Care of Your Body while Waiting for a Child

fit pregnancy

How to keep and restore the shape after childbirth? Many women are worried about this issue even before pregnancy. After all, it is worth considering that, not only on the baby’s health and well-being, but also the appearance of the mother herself will depend on the way a woman organizes her life during these nine months. Is fit pregnancy possible? How to take care of your body during pregnancy? How not to gain excess weight? Find the answers to these questions and more in the article.

Why Do You Need to Gain Weight during Pregnancy?

During pregnancy, hormones in the woman’s body change, which affects all processes: from changes in appetite to mood swings. Keep in mind that during pregnancy, fat tissue begins to accumulate with double strength. The body saves fat, providing the child with comfortable conditions in the mother’s body and protecting against possible injuries. You should not be afraid of such fat. Usually, it disappears on its own several months after giving birth.

Still, many pregnant women are afraid of gaining weight. However, any doctor will confirm: gaining from 12 to 15 kilograms during pregnancy is a natural phenomenon. The body of a pregnant woman is trying to provide both her and the child with nutrients. That’s why gaining weight is a completely normal and what’s more necessary thing.

fit pregnancy. a pregnant woman

The main thing is not to go to the other extreme. Giving up sports and uncontrollably absorbing harmful and high-calorie foods is not an option! Some women manage to gain up to 40 kg during pregnancy! Can you imagine? In the future, such a huge weight gain can provoke many diseases – hemorrhoids, varicose veins, cardiovascular diseases, etc. Weight gain in acceptable limits for the entire period of pregnancy is around 9-15 kg.

Keep in mind that, “eating for two” is just a metaphor, and it’s not worth following it. Moreover, overweight can lead to sleeplessness and increased pressure, early delivery and cesarean section. Another aspect is self-care: during pregnancy, your cosmetic bag should be updated and replenished with new (and appropriate) care products.

A Balanced Diet

In order to keep weight under control, measure your body mass index at the very beginning of pregnancy. It is believed that the normal rate varies between 18 and 25. But above 30 is a figure that records the initial stage of obesity.

During pregnancy, you will gain weight gradually. For its control, do not forget to visit the doctor. The doctor has a special table, in which the normal values ​​of weekly weight gain are indicated. So, you can track down the problem and reduce possible individual risks.

fit pregnancy. pregnant belly

The most important thing is to follow the right diet, consume a sufficient amount of nutrients every day and, if possible, do not increase the calorie content of food. A healthy pregnant woman needs to consume about 1, 700 calories per day: this is the minimum at which both you and your baby will coexist in harmony. To protect yourself from a set of extra calories (which become unnecessary because they are useless to the body), try the following tips:

  • Eat small meals, but often (the longer the break between meals is – the more you want to eat). Divide food intake by 5-6 times.
  • Eliminate seasonings from your diet (There is no need to warm up your appetite. Usually pregnant women have no problems with appetite during pregnancy);
  • Consume more fruits and less sweet;
  • Say no to fizzy drinks (no matter how much you want them);
  • Replace unhealthy fats with vegetable oils (for example, olive oil will be very useful);
  • Try not to overdo with salty foods. Remember that salt retains water in the body. It is best to replace salt with sea salt. It is both more beneficial and required in smaller quantities;
  • Drink enough water: water will help you feel better saturation in between snacks.

Fit Pregnancy: Physical Activity during Pregnancy

If you are pregnant, this is not a reason to lie on the couch during all 9 months. Reasonable exercise will help burn off extra calories. However, this does not mean that it is necessary to rush into all serious things and run to the gym. Speaking of fit pregnancy, we mean walking, regular yoga or water aerobics for pregnant women. The most effective activities for pregnant women are: swimming, walking, and prenatal yoga.

fit pregnancy. sport and pregnancy

Some pregnant women do not go in for sports during pregnancy, as they are afraid to harm their health. But you should not link the severity of the exercise with its harmfulness for the body. In the case of pregnancy, even squats can be extremely helpful. Regular thirty-minute sport exercises will reduce the risks of birth defects and, of course, help keep weight within acceptable limits, as well as reduce the frequency of pain and discomfort during pregnancy.

Body Care during Pregnancy

“Shining look” during pregnancy can leave you due to the influence of raging hormones and an imbalance in the microcirculation of the skin. Blood flows into the abdomen to feed the developing fetus. All this can cause rashes, depigmentation, as well as dry and pale skin. Also, up to 90% of pregnant women face the problem of stretch marks that appear in the abdomen and thighs.

Stretch marks are formed when the skin loses its elasticity, becomes thinner and tears. Your task is to prevent the development of this process. Cosmetologists strongly recommend future mothers not to neglect the means for fighting with stretch marks. They penetrate into the skin, restoring its natural processes and creating favorable conditions for the activity of young and healthy cells, namely stimulating the growth of collagen and elastin.

fit pregnancy. skin care

Especially close attention should be paid to your cosmetic bag. During the period of pregnancy and the first months of breastfeeding you need to be careful with essential oils and those substances that are often unsafe for non-pregnant, namely:

  • Parabens;
  • Chemical sunscreen;
  • Phthalates (frequent additives in perfumery products);
  • Retinoids (vitamin A derivatives).

Thus, small changes in skin care along with a healthy, balanced diet, sport, and abundant water intake can help to lead a fit pregnancy and quickly return to perfect shape after the baby is born. The main thing is not forget to love yourself, and especially – in the period of waiting for a child.

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