Fun Ideas for Camping in Your Garden with the Kids

Fun Ideas for Camping in Your Garden with the Kids

If you want all the fun of camping but without the hassle that comes with finding a location, buying food, and planning the whole trip, the next best alternative is the garden. Perhaps you have small children who want to camp but would also enjoy the security? Either way, we have some brilliant ideas to spruce up your backyard camping experience!

Create a Temporary Nature Bracelet

What’s the best way to walk away from the garden camping experience with something other than great memories? That’s right, a nature bracelet. Using plants, grass, and other items in the yard, you can create a colorful bracelet. While it might not last the test of time, it’ll keep you smiling for a few days longer.

Ban Technology

If you’re spending an evening in the great outdoors, why not go the whole way and remove all devices such as smart watches, phones, and tablets? Since you’re in the comfort of your own yard, this is the perfect time to do so. It’s time to spend quality time with friends and family, so try losing the devices.

Fun Ideas for Camping in Your Garden with the Kids. Young father poses with children in tent

Board Games Under the Lantern

What will you do with no phones? For us, taking it back to basics with some board games is a great solution. In an intimate setting such as this, nothing will matter but those in the tent (and who wins the game, of course!).

Set Up a Movie Screening

Whether for a date, for your kids, or just for some friends, setting up a cheap video projector and playing a film onto an old sheet is a fantastic idea. With a film that everyone enjoys, you can get the popcorn in and just relax for a while.

Build a DIY Tent

If you want to camp outside but don’t want to pay for a tent and then find somewhere to store it afterwards (perhaps you worry it’ll never get used again), we recommend building a DIY tent. Although you’re preparing for the camping with this step, having fun trying to find materials to create a shelter for the night will be a huge part of the experience you remember in years to come.

Fun Ideas for Camping in Your Garden with the Kids. DIY tent


With everything we could possibly need around us for entertainment, we sometimes forget to just stop and admire what’s around us. At some point in the evening, it can be great to just stop everything and watch the world go by. As your eyes adjust, you’ll soon see the sheer number of stars and feel amazed by the beauty we so often take for granted.

Ladder Bean Bag Toss

Just as the heading suggests, stand a ladder up a certain distance away and then create a scoring system for the gaps in between each step. Whoever gets the most points wins the game.


Fire up the gas bbq and cook whole family a meal while still in the garden. This adds a more outdoorsy feeling and adds to the excitement for the kids.

Fun Ideas for Camping in Your Garden with the Kids. BBQ

DIY Lanterns

Returning to the DIY theme, you don’t need to waste the batteries in the torch or buy special camping lanterns when you can have more fun with glow sticks. Especially when kids are involved, they’ll love having glow stick bracelets, head bands, and necklaces.

Personalize Your Own Roasting Sticks

Rather than constantly poking at the fire hoping it will magically grow, you could personalize your own roasting sticks in preparation. For those over 21 years of age, we’ll offer a secret for enjoying toasted marshmallows; dip them in Baileys.

Use the Whole Day

Finally, for families, why not set up activities for the afternoon and make a whole day of it? With garden scavenger hunts and other activities, the kids will be tired soon enough and they won’t have too much trouble getting to sleep.

Fun Ideas for Camping in Your Garden with the Kids. backyard-camping

Have Fun

Above all else, have some fun with it and enjoy the great outdoors. If you were struggling for ideas, we’ve hopefully got the creative juices flowing so you can enjoy your camping experience!

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