Gas During Pregnancy: How to Get Rid of Bloating?

gas during pregnancy

Gas and pregnancy are not a rare combination, since the first weeks after conception and till the last days of fetal development. Gas during pregnancy considerably worsens the future mother’s state of health and breaks the harmony of joyful anticipation. About 2/3 of pregnant women face this delicate problem.

The symptoms of gas during pregnancy

Bloating is the increased formation of gas inside the intestine. The woman feels heaviness, fullness in her abdomen. From time to time she may experience gas pains – colics that occur because of gas going along the gastrointestinal tract. After its release, the unpleasant sensations abate or cease completely. There are often burps, rumbling in the stomach, and hiccups.

Sometimes gas during pregnancy is accompanied by other digestive problems – diarrhea or constipation. Pregnancy gas symptoms are not continuous, they unpredictably appear and disappear.

Gas during pregnancy: the causes

The increased formation of gas during pregnancy can be explained by the following causes:

  • In the first trimester the pancreas is secreting fewer enzymes, which has a negative influence on the digestion of food;
  • The increased progesterone secretion which causes smooth muscles to relax;
  • In the third trimester the growing uterus puts a lot of pressure on the gut which leads to severe bloating and flatulence;
  • The lack of physical activity;
  • Improper diet;
  • The intake of medications which induce flatulence;
  • Exacerbation of chronic digestive tract diseases.gas during pregnancy - intestinal ache

Gas during early pregnancy terms

The swollen due to the increased gas formation belly is often one of the first pregnancy signs. Hormonal adjustments of the female body to its new condition lead to the smooth muscles slacking. And this, in turn, results in the peristaltic slowdown.

The reduced formation of enzymes by the pancreas is also one of the reasons for gas during pregnancy in its early terms. It happens because of food cravings and changed eating habits of the future mom as well as hormonal reorganization. In order to get rid of the problem, the woman should follow a healthy diet, take daily walks, massage the anterior abdominal wall, and take enzyme preparations your doctor prescribed.

Gas in later pregnancy terms

Gas during early pregnancy usually doesn’t cause the woman as much trouble as flatulence in the last trimester. Such a problem arises because the growing uterus displaces and compresses gastrointestinal organs, blocking bowel movements.

Gas during pregnancy, especially in later terms, can cause hypertonicity of the uterus which can lead to premature birth. That’s why is absolutely necessary to monitor your own condition and immediately consult a doctor about any (even slightly) alarming symptom.

Gas pains during pregnancy

The excess amount of gas in the intestine is often accompanied by sharp pains in the abdomen. Doctors say that the hormonal adjustments happening in the female body during pregnancy are to blame for gas pains in the early terms. There is often constipation.

Gas pains during pregnancy can be caused by changes in the diet – as a consequence, the future mom suffers from digestive disorders and increased gas formation. In order to relieve the unpleasant sensations, the pregnant woman is allowed to take those medications which facilitate the release of gas.gas pains during pregnancy

The treatment of gas during pregnancy

There are a lot of pharmaceutical products contraindicated in pregnancy. That’s why facing the problem of gas during pregnancy the future mother is concerned about the means of treatment which can help to get rid of bloating and accompanying it discomfort. The woman should tell her GP about the problem, and they’ll recommend various methods of coping with flatulence.


The core of treatment is careful scrutiny and changing of the future mom’s eating habits. In order to reduce gas formation, it’s necessary to limit or even refuse some products which cause the process of fermentation in the intestine.

Some useful advice which helps to get rid of bloating:

  • Eat in small portions;
  • Adhere to the drinking regime;
  • Eliminate the products and dishes which cause flatulence from the menu;
  • Chew on your food thoroughly;
  • Follow a balanced diet.


In the case when the woman is often suffering from gas during pregnancy, she should learn the self-massage technique which helps to remove excess gas in the intestine in a perfectly natural way.

If you want to get rid of the discomfort in your belly, you need to lie down on a flat horizontal surface and bare up your stomach. Rub your abdomen in slow clockwise circles for 10 minutes. In early pregnancy terms, when you haven’t started showing yet, it’s allowed to perform slight vibratory motions in a spiral, starting from the navel.gas during pregnancy - massage

Physical exercise

Getting rid of gas during pregnancy often requires moderate exercise. Before trying this method, consult a doctor on the subject: make sure the exercises are safe on your term and won’t lead to the hypertonicity of the uterus.

The following kinds of physical activity are the best for expectant mothers:

  • Daily walks in the fresh air;
  • Swimming;
  • Special gymnastics for the pregnant;
  • Yoga (except those poses which require making an empty space in the abdominal cavity and arching your spine);
  • Aqua aerobics.


Among the medications which reduce the increased formation of gas during pregnancy are:

  • Simethicone meds (Maalox Anti-Gas, Mylicon, Gas-X).gas during pregnancy - future mom taking meds

Preventive measures against gas during pregnancy

All the mentioned above ways of treating flatulence, except the medicines, are also great as preventive measures. That’s why during the gestation period the future mom should keep to a healthy and balanced diet, limiting the consumption of products stimulating gas formation. And moderate physical load is good not only for the pregnant woman’s intestine but also for her state of health in general.

It’s not so hard to get rid of gas during pregnancy. Sometimes it’s enough to reconsider your eating habits and give up a few products for your intestine to get better.

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