Geriatric Pregnancy: the Advantages of Having Kids After 35

geriatric pregnancy

How would it make you feel if someone told you that your pregnancy is extremely risky? And what do you know about the term “geriatric pregnancy” in general? Sounds like something you need to consult a health professional about, right? But in fact, these somewhat disturbing words are used to describe a woman who’s decided to give birth well after 30.

Of course, it’s true that pregnancy after 35 has its risks. Doctors will definitely warn you about the higher possibility of a miscarriage, the need to perform a C-section, giving birth to a premature baby, various chromosomal abnormalities which can accompany pregnancy at this age. However, doctors should also mention that a healthy woman is likely to give birth to a healthy baby even after the age of 35. The future mother’s state of health plays the most important part in the course of geriatric pregnancy. If everything is alright with you, then you’ll most probably have a normal pregnancy and a beautiful and healthy baby. Besides, there are certain advantages of having kids well after 30. What are they?

Your finances are in good condition

Breaking news! Having children is quite expensive! Diapers, baby food and formulas, baby stroller, car seat, crib, and clothes as well as medical expenses – all that makes up a considerable sum of money.

Speaking of geriatric pregnancy, a woman in her thirties usually earns enough for a living and has an idea of how to manage her finances. She has a good education and job, the student loan has already been repaid, and her medical insurance covers a large range of services. Of course, financial stability doesn’t mean your life is heaven, but it’ll make the childcare so much easier and will make it possible not to skimp on kindergarten or a private school when the time comes.geriatric pregnancy - ultrasound

You’ve got more life experience

By the time you’re 35, you will have accumulated enough life experience. You’ve traveled the world, tried new things, maybe, even changed a few workplaces. You’ve read a lot of books, learned more about our world, and you most probably have a higher level of education than most of the younger new parents. And everybody knows that the parents’ level of education directly affects the baby.

Your children can be happier

It is true, of course, that women who give birth after 35 are more likely to encounter certain physical problems than younger future mothers. However, scientists have proved that after 30 your parenting skills are better than those of new parents still in their 20-ies.

During an extensive study which included 4700 Danish mothers, it was found out women after a geriatric pregnancy demonstrated “more positive parental attitude” than young new moms. The episodes of coercion, such as yelling at a kid or even corporal punishment, were seldom. The researchers came to a conclusion that kids born as a result of a geriatric pregnancy much rarer face “behavioral, social, and emotional difficulties”.

Your marriage is stronger

Women in their 30-ies can usually say that they had more partners than younger women. They understand what they’re expecting from a partner in a long-term relationship far better, that’s why the likelihood of finding someone who makes her happy and content – and that is beneficial not only for the couple but also for their kids.geriatric pregnancy - a happy couple

You appreciate parenthood more

Young future mothers are often surprised to find out they are pregnant. A geriatric pregnancy is most probably a planned one. And all this planning means that women at the age of 35 not only longed to become mothers but also prepared for their pregnancy better than 20-year-old girls.

You certainly behave like a grown-up

20 is an awesome age, yeah, but at the same time, there are important things in life you still need to learn. You’ve only recently started to face difficulties at work, solve issues with your landlord, save for a car, figure out your working schedule, and it’s quite all right that you have to learn the hard way from time to time. Not to mention, at 20 you’re still very young and want to have fun – nothing wrong with that either! Scientists say the human brain isn’t fully matured until a person reached 30 years of age.

You can spend more time with your kids

Being able to pay the rent next month is not the only advantage of financial and career stability. Future moms in their 30-ies have far more opportunities to get a well-paid maternity leave, and they’ll be able to spare time for their children’s any need: from football to drama school.geriatric pregnancy - spending time with kids

Your own parents are retired

In the case of geriatric pregnancy, future grandparents are most probably retired. Of course, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are going to become your free babysitters, but it’s nice to get help with the baby from your parents from time to time.

You are going to be happy and healthy

What is the weightiest reason for not worrying about geriatric pregnancy? Apparently, if the woman gives birth after 25 she can live longer! Yes, it’s indeed a fact!

In spite of all the risks a geriatric pregnancy represents, the research which studied more than 28 thousand women has proved that those of them who gave birth later than others lived up to 90 years of age, and at the same time had fewer problems related to aging, such as heart diseases or diabetes. So, don’t worry, the likelihood of you being able to witness your child getting a Pulitzer Prize is very high!

So, taking into consideration everything mentioned above…

geriatric pregnancy - mother kissing her babyJill Robbins, being the oldest mom with the youngest kids pretty much everywhere she goes, said: “as an older mother, I’ve been able to understand that I find a lot of things which irritated me when I was younger “cute” now: untidy rooms, dirty faces, underwear that needs washing, going out dressed in home clothes, and so on. I can relax and appreciate my life because of the sense of fulfillment my children give me”. This way of thinking is the best one if you’re planning a so-called “geriatric pregnancy”. You’ve got enough money, learned a few life-lessons, you have a strong and close relationship with your partner or spouse, and you are not afraid of things which would make you go mad some ten years ago. That’s why now you’re better prepared to become a mother.

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