Getting Pregnant Again After Abortion

Getting Pregnant Again After Abortion

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful time in the life of any woman; at the same time abortion is the most challenging time. Both pregnancy and abortion involve the emotions of parents-to-be. However, the reasons for abortion can be different for different people. For some, it might be a mishap while for others it can be a matter of choice depending on the personalized situations and conditions.

Well, you can get a second chance. Some people might think it is difficult to conceive after abortion but the fact is, abortion may not affect fertility in any way. Depending on the circumstances around the abortion and any side effects involved, you may be able to carry a baby to term after abortion. Any women who want to opt for pregnancy post-abortion can go for it, keeping in mind your past abortion was not a late term abortion. Late term abortions can cause great harm to your reproductive system.

What Are the Chances to Conceive After Abortion?

Conceiving after abortion is possible only after your normal ovulation cycle begins. The time taken to gain the normal ovulation cycle is not the same for all women but varies depending on your physical health, daily routine and your body’s response.

The timeframe of conceiving after abortion can be immediate if you have not adopted any birth control measures in the past or to be specific after your abortion.

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Is There Any Specific Period to Plan a Baby Post Abortion?

If you want yourself and your baby to be healthy, along with a smooth pregnancy without many complications, it is advised to wait for a minimum of 3 months before you plan to get pregnant again. These three months are required to maintain the nutritional loss that the body has suffered during pregnancy. The mother should not have any nutritional deficiency to prepare to carry a healthy baby. Take your time and plan a baby when you are stable in health and relationships. Three months would be the minimum period if it were a natural miscarriage.

On the other hand, if you had gone through a D&C or a surgical abortion, the doctors advise staying away from intercourse for at least one month but you may want to check with your doctor to verify your uterus is healthy once again.

The period to replan your pregnancy also depends on which trimester the abortion was carried out. Was it the first trimester, second trimester or third trimester? If you got the fetus aborted in the first trimester waiting two or three months is fine but if it was aborted in the second or third trimester than you must take sufficient time before planning for another child.

If you feel you want to seek any professional guidance you can approach PRC Charlotte for online as well as offline assistance.

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What Reduces Chances of Conceiving after Abortion?

If the fetus is not properly removed from your body completely and there is damage from the abortion, then you may face certain issues conceiving.

If you have undergone a number of miscarriages, the chances of conceiving post-abortion reduces.

If you underwent an abortion surgery by an unskilled professional, you might face the consequences in the future.

Final Words:

Pregnancy is possible post-abortion if your body and mind are sound and fit. Make sure you reduce stress, eat a nutritious diet and manage a proper balance between your work and rest.

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