Getting Pregnant Without Ovulation: Is It Possible?

getting pregnant without ovulation

Pregnancy is certainly one of the most welcome periods in the life of every woman. But sometimes a woman wants to get pregnant but can’t do it for different reasons. And one of such reasons that stop her from getting pregnant is the absence of ovulation.

Ovulation is the exit of a mature ovum from the follicle. And if there is no ovulation itself, it means that there is no an ovum as well. If an ovum is absent, sperm is out of the game. And why should a conception happen if there is nothing to fertilize? Is getting pregnant without ovulation impossible?

pregnancy without ovulation

What are the possible reasons for ovulation absence?

  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Inflammatory processes
  • Urinary infections
  • A polycystic ovary syndrome
  • An overweight (underweight)

And it’s not a full list of ovulation absence reasons.

Is it true that you can’t get pregnant when not ovulating?

Now let’s turn to the main question: is it possible to get pregnant without ovulation? This question haunts every third woman of childbearing age. But the answer is one: no, getting pregnant without ovulation is not possible.

Of course, you could often see a lot of articles on the topic «How to get pregnant without ovulation» where the authors tell you about dubious ways of getting pregnant with the help of folk remedies. But there is no scientifically grounded evidence and facts proving pregnancy without ovulation. The function of childbearing in the female body is thoroughly thought-out and the ovum should be necessarily fertilized.

A pregnancy without ovulation: break the myth

getting pregnant when not ovulating

So, we’ve already figured out that it is impossible to get pregnant without ovulation. But a lot of women still refuse to believe in their own physiology. And there is only one way out: to be treated under the supervision of a good specialist. Sometimes the reasons for ovulation absence are insignificant, but it is better to pass a comprehensive examination to avoid any possible risks. Sometimes it also happens that the reasons for the organism’s malfunction are more serious than it can seem, and they demand more serious treatment. You shouldn’t guess. It is better to rely on your doctor anyway.

If you suspect the absence of ovulation, immediately visit a gynecologist. Don’t make out any diagnosis and especially buy any meds yourself!

The absence of ovulation is not a fate!

Never give up and despair! Especially if you have a regular menstruation. Modern medical science doesn’t stand still and has enough means and methods to remedy the situation and restore the process of ovulation. Of course, the earlier the disease is identified, the more effective treatment will be. It will be easy to recognize ovulation. The main thing is to learn to listen to your body. And all the signs will be there. With ovulation, a woman becomes very sexy and attractive. And her sexual appetite increases as well. Such attributes as lower abdominal pain and mild bleeding are also typical for a process of ovulation. But it also depends on the features of your body.ovulation absence

In general, the main thing you need to remember is that you shouldn’t practice self-medication! Don’t experiment with your health and visit a gynecologist. Listen to your body and good health is guaranteed to you!

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