15 Best Gifts for Pregnant Women: Surprise the Future Mother!

gifts for pregnant women

Most people think that gifts for pregnant women should come in handy later, after the delivery. But in fact, however tempting it may seem to present a future mom with a super baby rattle or unique diapers, you’d better postpone it till the more appropriate time and choose a pregnancy gift which is going to bring joy the woman herself.

The gifts for pregnant women can be divided into two groups: useful and enjoyable.

Presents that come in handy

header 1 Electronic floor scales

Such scales can be of use to any family, and especially to that which is expecting a baby. The pregnant woman needs to know and monitor her weight, first of all, in order to be sure the baby is alright.

When choosing the scales you may notice a label “Not recommended for pregnant women”. Don’t be afraid – scales can’t do a future mother any harm. But you should heed the manufacturer’s advice anyway: such an instruction is most often added to the models which include measuring the percentage of fat and water in the body. There is too much inaccuracy in these parameters for pregnant women. That’s why, choosing scales as a gift for an expectant mom, you’d better stop at a simple type.gifts for pregnant women - future mom on electronic scales

header 2 A future mother’s diary

It’s not only useful but also timely present. A lot of pregnant women mention that their memory has suddenly become worse. It’s harder and harder for them to remember the necessary information not only about daily routine but also about the next visit to a doctor, test appointments, etc. Besides, the expectant mother always needs to remember the test results, doctor’s recommendations, time to take these or that meds, changes in her weight, and a variety of other issues.

A future mom’s diary where she can write down all these things will be an excellent gift for any occasion.gifts for pregnant women - future mom writing in a diary

header 3 A multicooker

Healthy eating becomes very important for the woman when she is expecting. That’s why a multicooker can become a good pregnancy gift. Not only can it make the life of a future mom much easier because it’s specifically made to cook healthy food without trouble, but it also has a whole number of other quite important benefits:

  • It keeps the products from losing their nutritious qualities;
  • You don’t need cooking oil;
  • It saves a lot of time.gifts for pregnant women - multicooker

header 4 A pregnancy pillow

Future mothers often complain about the lack of sleep. And this affects not only the pregnant woman’s mood but also her baby’s state of health. That’s why a great gift for an expectant mother is pregnancy pillow! There are various kinds of them from which you can choose:

  • Maternity pillow: its construction helps the future mom to rest comfortably on her side and supports her pregnant belly which is good for her lower back – a lot of pregnant women suffer so much because of lower back pain during pregnancy.
  • The body pillow: since the expectant mother’s body is constantly changing, this pillow accommodates to its owner, providing necessary comfort during sleep and supporting those body parts which need it the most.
  • Wedge-shaped pillow: it supports your belly when you’re lying on your side or leaning back.
  • U-shaped pillow: the most widespread type of pregnancy pillow. It should be large enough to provide the body with the necessary support from both sides. This pillow will suit the future moms who often toss and turn in their sleep. At the same time, this pillow will allow your neck, back, and hips to acquire their natural positions.gifts for pregnant women - pillow

header 5 A fitness ball

A large gymnastic ball, or fitness ball, is one of the most useful gifts for pregnant women. It’ll not only help to relieve lower back pain during pregnancy but also offer a large number of exercises which prepare the future mom’s muscles for childbirth.

The exercises with a fitness ball also serve for:

  • Developing strength, flexibility;
  • Improving the cardiovascular system function;
  • Lowering blood pressure;
  • Improving blood circulation and the woman’s state of health in general.

The main advantage of such a pregnancy gift is the ability of the expectant mother to partake in physical exercises of any level with the help of a fitness ball.gifts for pregnant women - fitness ball

header 6 A rubber rug

Due to the fact that during pregnancy the center of gravity in the female body shifts, one of the greatest gifts for pregnant women will become a rubber rug for the bathroom. Such a rug will prevent the future mom from slipping on the wet floor and falling down. Doctors recommend using two rubber rugs at once: one you should put into the bath, the other – on the floor beside it.gifts for pregnant women - rubber rug

header 7 Pregnancy beauty products

Nowadays you can find a huge number of pregnancy cosmetics brands on the market. And, though the choice of brand is completely up to you, it’d be better to know which kinds of cosmetic products the woman prefers. Find out in advance whether she’d like to get oil for stretch marks or cream for pigment spots.gifts for pregnant women - beauty products

header 8 Pregnancy shops’ coupons and certificates

You can present the pregnant woman with any certificate: for acquiring pregnancy cosmetics, clothes, etc. The future mother will be able to choose anything she likes according to her own tastes: try on various pregnancy clothes items or have a look at the goods for newborns. A lot of expectant moms will be happy to go shopping!

You can give a future mom coupon not only for goods but also for various services. An excellent present, for example, would be a gift certificate for a 3D/4D ultrasound – the pregnant woman will be glad to see her future baby inside of her belly and get the first photo and video of the little one in the womb.gifts for pregnant women - certificate

header 9 A fitness card for pregnant women

It’s not a secret that physical exercises help pregnant women to get ready for childbirth. Even if the future mom has never been fond of physical loads before, attending special training courses – yoga, aerobics, swimming for the pregnant – will bring her pleasure. Such a pregnancy gift is not only nice but also beneficial because:

  • During the delivery, the woman will have to “give it all” physically. She’d better get ready for it in advance;
  • Childbirth will be less painful if the woman’s muscles and tendons are prepared;
  • The breathing exercises are an important part of pregnancy fitness: together with muscle relaxation techniques, they will become a great advantage for the woman during childbirth.pregnancy gifts - fitness card

header 10 Pregnancy books

Number ten among the best gifts for pregnant women is… a book. This helpful present will please the future mom as a source of important information on almost any issue concerning her little one: from fetal development to parenting guides.gift - pregnancy books

header 11 A fresh fruit bouquet

Healthy eating and getting necessary vitamins during pregnancy can become a much more pleasurable experience! A fresh fruit bouquet would indeed be one of the most amazing gifts for pregnant women. Pure natural goodness wrapped up stylishly to bring the expectant mother joy – what can be better than this?fresh fruit bouquet as a pregnancy gift

header 12 Hobbies-related gifts

A lot of future mothers find new hobbies – they finally have enough time for them during their maternity leave. In this case, something hobby-related will be a fitting present: an art magazine, embroidery kits, yarn.gifts for pregnant women - future mom knitting

header 13 An original future mother’s journal

Handmade things are considered the latest trend. A lot of skilled workers offer finished goods and accept individual orders via their websites. In such a journal the future mom will be able to place her photos (including ultrasound scans), write down memorable notes, and make some special space for friends’ and family’s congratulations.gifts for pregnant women - future mom's journal

header 14 A picnic or trip to the countryside

If the pregnant woman is healthy, one of the best gifts becomes a trip to the countryside or picnic with friends. Fresh air and picturesque scenery are a great alternative to the city. Just make sure the future mother is truly comfortable and loves traveling.gifts for pregnant women - picnic

header 15 A photoshoot for a future mom

There is one more unforgettable gift left – photographs which will capture the most beautiful period in the life of a woman. The future mom will get a special photo album in remembrance of this time of joy – expecting her beautiful little one.gifts for pregnant women - photoshoot

And have you got any original ideas of what to get as a pregnancy gift for your friend, sister or colleague? Share with us!

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