Halloween Hubbub – How to Keep Kids Busy During the Holidays

Halloween Hubbub - How to Keep Kids Busy During the Holidays. Family

Everyone loves holidays, but school holidays can be a stressful time for parents who both work fulltime and need to figure out how to keep their kids out of trouble without breaking the bank. Even those parents who don’t have to work need ways to get the kids active, away from all screens, and occupied. It can be difficult, but there are plenty of options out there.


Libraries aren’t lame. City and state libraries offer a lot of holiday activities and events for kids and are a great place to hang out. They are also a great space to encourage your children to read. There are growing concerns about this nation’s literacy levels, so getting your kids in the general vicinity of a library should be a priority.

Halloween Hubbub - How to Keep Kids Busy During the Holidays. children in the library

Indoor Activity Centres

Indoor centres full of play equipment, mazes, jumping castles or trampoline parks are growing in numbers and are a fantastic way to get your kids active and having fun. They will have a ball and they will come home exhausted – which is really the goal for any parent.


Whether it’s at the beach or a pool, swimming is a great Australian past time. It’s extremely important living in coastal cities where so many people have house pools that you children are confident swimmers and the first step to that is to get them having fun in the water. Taking your kids to the beach regularly or to the local pool is a great way to get them enjoying swimming while learning water safety. Swimming lessons are also a great idea and way to improve your kid’s fitness, coordination, and ability to get themselves out of trouble in the water.

Halloween Hubbub - How to Keep Kids Busy During the Holidays. family swimming


In the wilds, in a national park, in your own backyard, or even in your living room – camping is great fun for the whole family. The appeal of camping is the adventure that it provides. That adventure can be exploring a new place, going on bushwalks and seeing amazing sights, or it can be as simple as setting up a tent in your living room and telling ghost stories. The most important thing is the adventure factor.


Another simple way to enjoy the great outdoors is to make day trips exploring parks, or going on long drives to find the perfect spot for a picnic. Picnics are a simple, cheap way to enjoy time together and to get outside and see a new area of the city.

Halloween Hubbub - How to Keep Kids Busy During the Holidays. Family-Picnic


Encouraging your kids to try a new musical instrument is a great way to broaden their skill and interest level. If they are into a certain type of music, then use that as a way to get them looking at instruments used by that band, artist. If you have several kids, or a group of neighbourhood children who hang out together, you can even go as far as starting a boy or girl group and getting them to rehearse and perform at a BBQ. Working towards something, setting goals and achieving those goals, is a great way to build good habits and teach the rewards of hard work and patience.

School holidays should be fun, so take the stress out of it by forward planning some activities for your family. Enjoy the break from routine and the extra time you get to have your kids around.

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