Help for Coughing Moms: 8 Tips to Help You Get Through the Day

coughing moms

As a busy mom, the last thing you want to happen is to come down with a cough. This ailment can make you feel tired all the time and simply unable to go through your daily activities. In addition, when you’re sick, there is the possibility that your kids can catch your “bug” which will just make everything worse at home.

If you are starting to cough or are already suffering from frequent coughing fits, your focus should be to prevent your condition from worsening, avoid passing the illness to your kids, and getting through the day as best as you can.

Here are some tips to help you through the day:

header 1 Medicate

To stop coughing, you need to have the right medicine. For wet or chesty cough, mucosolvan is usually recommended. If you’re not fond of drinking liquid medicines, there are various over-the-counter cough tablets you can try as well.

Taking the right cough medicine helps loosen the phlegm. The medicine will clear your lungs and protect against new phlegm buildup as well. You will then find relief and continuous intake will help fight off the cough.

In addition, if you’re continuously coughing and you are already starting to feel tired from the effort, try a menthol cough drop or throat spray. These products will help numb and soothe your sore throat. They can also help neutralize the cough reflex.coughing moms - staying in bed

header 2 Stay hydrated

Drink plenty of water, preferably at warm or at room temperature. Staying hydrated will help your immune system fight sickness. It can also help loosen mucus and replace the fluids you lose.

Aside from water, increase your intake of fresh, unsweetened fruit juices to stay hydrated. Warm tea with honey can soothe your throat as well. Soups and low-sugar jelly are great options, too.

Avoid alcohol, coffee, sodas and beverages that contain caffeine including energy drinks since they can irritate your throat.

header 3 Increase your vitamin C intake

Vitamins are essential for staying healthy and fit. If you are sick, boost your intake of vitamin C since this nutrient will strengthen your body’s immune system and help fight the infection.

Aside from drinking a supplement, eat more foods rich in vitamin C such as citrus fruits, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, broccoli and Brussels sprouts.

header 4 Take a hot shower

Whenever you have time and if you’re up to it, take a hot shower.

 A steamy shower can help with a cough since it will loosen secretions in the nose. It has been proven effective in easing coughs from colds and allergies.coughing moms - after a hot shower

header 5 Use a humidifier

If you have a humidifier at home, use it. Improving the moisture level in the air in your home can help alleviate cough with phlegm symptoms especially if your ailment is caused by a cold.

Make sure the humidifier is clean before using it. If it is dirty, its internal components may contain different types of bacteria. Once a dirty humidifier is activated, it will then release bacteria, fungus and molds into the air – substances that you never want to have in your home.

header 6 Limit physical contact with your kids

To avoid spreading your sickness to your kids, wear a mask. Do not kiss, hug or even hold their hands.

If possible, have your spouse or another person look after them if they are still young and need to have a constant guardian or sitter.

header 7 Wash your hands frequently

Keep your hands clean and germ-free by washing them frequently with water and soap. Make sure you do this before you touch anything including doorknobs, light switches, and other things that your kids often touch as well.

A bottle or two of alcohol or hand sanitizer will come in handy, too, in preventing the spread of bacteria in your home.coughing moms - hand washing

header 8 Get enough rest and sleep

When you are sick, your body needs rest and sleep. Resting and sleeping will help your body recuperate and boost your immune system.

As such, try to get as much rest as you can. Take naps whenever possible. Try to sleep earlier than usual as well or get some additional shut-eye in the morning. Keep in mind that even an additional 10 minutes of sleep at night can help fight coughs and colds.

By following the tips above, you won’t have to stay in bed all day to nurse your cough. However, make sure you don’t do a lot of strenuous physical activities and minimize physical contact with your kids. Above all, make sure you always get enough rest and sleep. And if your cough doesn’t seem to be going away, set an appointment with your doctor.

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