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Pregnancy, birth and first few years of a child’s life are extremely happy, yet quite stressful periods of life. After giving birth to a baby, parents are mostly focused on feeding, dressing up, and entertaining their infant. But what about the intellectual development of a baby? To start training attention and brain function of an infant, no need to wait until he or she reaches the school age. Vice versa – the earlier you start making your small one smarter through intellect-oriented hobbies, the sooner you’ll see satisfying results.child hobbies - swimming

Nevertheless, there is a fine line between a happy, calm and full of energy child, who enjoys spending time with his or her parents, and a constantly nervous infant, who hates hobbies offered by his/her parents. Is there a way of implementing brain developing activities carefully without overwhelming your infant? Well, Nataša Nuit Pantović, an author of Google Books bestseller “Conscious Parenting: Mindful Living Course for Parents” says there is such a way, and more than one. If you would like to consult on that matter further, get a cheap research paper writing service see here advice. Psychologists have been studied the issue of brain and nerves in children for decades, and today in this article, we have gathered the best hobbies which will help your baby in becoming a smart child.

In order to find a child’s useful hobbies, you need to analyze what entertains your kid. Within a week, write down everything the kid is doing and make a list. At the end of the week, analyze what more often the child is engaged in. This will save your time and energy in the future, to find hobbies for the child. Do not disturb the child when he or she does something, just keep a record. Since it is not necessary to force a kid to do what is needed for you, he will not do it anyway, except because of fear, and thus, his psyche and all his life are traumatized.child hobbies - an idea

Are you dreaming of growing a smart kid with a high IQ, who will be successful in life, thinking of the ways how to become smarter? Then he needs help to become so due to his or her intelligence!

Useful children’s hobbies in sports

Psychologists have proved that the way of life, work, career, and business depends on the kind of sport the child is engaged in. Infants engaged in athletics appeared to be more intellectually developed comparing to those who prefer couch potato lifestyle. Today, many different kinds of sport are suitable for every child. Give a chance to the child, choose the most kind of sport that he needs. The most useful sports are running, walking, swimming, tennis, gymnastics. If your child chooses something from this list, then it will be great that he, and not you, chose the hobby, and that it is the most useful. If the kid has chosen a different sport, do not get discouraged, because all sports are useful and will do much more good than nothing at all.

The benefit of reading books for the kid in the form of hobbies

child hobbies - drawingThe most useful childish hobby is reading books that seem a little complicated for your infant, but he or she is already able to understand them. If the kid shows a desire to read books, then in life he will become a wise person and achieve everything he wants. Do not force the kid reading, just do it so that he wants to read, for example, set an example, and start reading yourself. After all, children copy their parents, and if you, read on a daily basis, your child will want to do the same hobby.

Drawing is of great benefit to the kid

Drawing is a very beneficial way of spending free time for an infant. Not only the vast majority of children sincerely enjoy it, but they also develop their imagination, artistic taste, fine movement and motor skills and prepare themselves for future school lessons while drawing. People who start drawing at a young age have higher emotional quality (EQ) comparing to those who don’t. To force a kid to learn to draw does not make sense since it will not deliver any good results. Start to set an example and show the kid how you draw, and if he likes this lesson, he will certainly start drawing. Also, if you notice your kid prefer pencils and a piece of paper to books or even cartoons – do not worry, make an advantage of it! Who knows, you might bring up a famous artist or an accomplished web designer.child hobbies - a father reading to his little one

Puzzles: classic and 3D

The main two functions of our thinking are analysis and synthesis, and the better developed both processes, the higher our mental abilities. The task of the first one is to disassemble everything surrounding us: sounds that we listen to, pictures we look at, and material we study. And synthesis is the ability to unite everything that we saw, heard and felt in one particular image and formulate our attitude towards it. Puzzles is a kind of entertainment that perfectly combines both analytic and creative thinking.

Analyze everything that our children are taught in school. They are taught to classify, sort, distinguish individual attributes and qualities, correlate with a specific species and genus. But that’s what they almost do not learn, so synthesize.child hobbies - puzzles

Therefore, give the child complex puzzles, 3D designs of small parts and encourage your child with this hobby. Such activities will help the developing psyche to learn from separate fragments to add a general picture, to see in a small part of the whole, which, in turn, also develops intuition. Valuable skill!

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