Hot Flashes During Pregnancy: Why Are You Burning Up?

hot flashes during pregnancy

The origination of new life is conditioning the tuning of the female body to its new role. All the internal organs are getting signals warning about the increased load they will be experiencing from now on. Any change in the woman’s condition is a consequence of this “tuning” – that is true for hot flashes during pregnancy.

What causes hot flashes during pregnancy?

Sudden increases in temperature while pregnant, or hot flashes during pregnancy, are not a deviation. In fact, it’s quite a normal occurrence caused by the sharp hormonal fluctuations, that’s why there is no need to panic and run to a clinic if your temperature is a bit higher than usual. Why do pregnant women experience hot flashes? The lowering of estrogen level induces huge stress, the production of adrenaline, and, as a result, the blood flow increases, blood pressure and body temperature become high.

Hot flashes during pregnancy are accompanied by the sensation of burning, spreading gradually through the whole body, increased heart rate, excess sweating. There is a sensation of heat in the areas of neck, chest, and face; the shortness of breath, the future mom begins to sweat. Hot flashes during pregnancy usually last about 5 minutes, and their frequency can vary greatly. The temperature during a flash raises above 100°F.

You should be able to tell the difference between hot flashes during pregnancy and fever which can be caused by any viral infection. In such situations it’s appropriate to turn to a specialist for a consultation:hot flashes during pregnancy - woman with thermometer

  • The temperature is above 100°F and continues increasing;
  • High temperature doesn’t drop for a long time;
  • There are other alarming symptoms: headaches, faintness, sore throat, dizziness, etc.

Hot flashes during pregnancy are completely normal both in the early terms and shortly before childbirth. They last no longer than 5 minutes, and then the future mom feels perfectly fine again. Hot flashes during pregnancy before childbirth have a different frequency. It can be explained by the significant changes in the hormonal background. In the early pregnancy terms, the body is more sensitive to physiological changes, so its reaction is sharper, more intense.

Hot flashes during pregnancy in the early terms

Hot flashes during pregnancy are not the only reason that induces various unpleasant sensations and the worsening of the future mother’s condition in general. There are other causes which evoke the feeling of burning during the early pregnancy terms:

  • The rapidly growing uterus;
  • High metabolic rate;
  • Increased blood flow;
  • Perspiratory glands stimulation;
  • Increased heat emission of the body.

Don’t worry if your temperature is slightly increased in early pregnancy. Together with other symptoms, a constantly increased body temperature means that you’ve conceived during this cycle. The expectant moms feel hot flashes during pregnancy because the hormonal adjustment starts: sweat glands are working more actively, breasts begin to swell, the uterus increases in size. Raised temperature, when a future mom feels like she is burning up, is often the case until the 12th flashes during pregnancy - early terms

Hot flashes while pregnant late in pregnancy

When you feel hot flashes during pregnancy, have difficulty breathing, experience dizziness and nausea in the 30th week or later, don’t panic. Hot flashes are quite normal not only during early pregnancy stages but also in the second and third trimesters. If you are suffering from hot flashes late in pregnancy, there is no need to take any medications – just drink enough water during the day in order to prevent dehydration, which can be caused by excess sweating.

Hot flashes during pregnancy at night

Very often future mothers suddenly feel too hot at night. In order to get back to normal, it’s recommended to wash your face with cold water and open the window to air the bedroom. The main reason for hot flashes during pregnancy at night is hormonal fluctuations, the excessive production of certain hormones. Here are some tips which can help to make it better during a hot flash:

  • Choose the clothing made of natural fabrics;
  • Instead of one warm sweater, put on a few thinner shirts, so that you could take off some of your clothes when a hot flash starts;
  • Air the room before going to bed;
  • Try to avoid staying in the sun in summer, put on headwear;
  • If you feel like your face and neck are burning, use an flashes during pregnancy - girl sweating

Hot flashes during pregnancy are often a consequence of dehydration. In order to avoid another fit, you should always (in any pregnancy term) drink about eight glasses of water. If you maintain a normal water balance, hot flashes during pregnancy will become less frequent.

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