6 Ways How Stay-at-Home Moms Can Make Money Writing Academic Papers for Sale

moms can make money

One of the most effective ways to make money as a stay-at-home mom is to set yourself up offering to write a cheap essay for sale and other types of academic papers. One way to do this is, of course, to try and find one of the many custom essay writing sites which exist, and see if you have the skills and experience necessary to work for them. Another way is to set yourself up as someone who can create and deliver perfect essays for anybody who comes looking for them. This can be accomplished by several means, and is much easier than most people would suppose. It is also a reliable way of making money, provided you start out correctly.

How to Find Clients?

header 1 Find friends and peers who need writing work

It might seem a bit like the times when everybody copied their homework from each other when in school, but it isn’t the same. So long as you are scrupulous about not copying from anything, about giving everybody what they want – be it a custom paper or editing work, and about making sure that everything fits within the guidelines you have been given, this is one of the best ways to begin to build a customer base, and get your business out there in terms of marketing and publicity.

header 2 Create an account on freelance sites

Given the rise in the number of custom essay writing services, there is no shortage of demand for competent writers for these services. You do need a base level of experience in both the academic and business world to be able to pull it off, but that part will be fairly easy, given the ubiquity of such sites. Most sites like TopWriterList ask that you have at the very least one degree, although in practice many of the writers have more, to give them a breadth of knowledge.moms can make money at home

header 3 Create a Facebook business page

If you don’t want to work for a freelancing site which is already in existence, then you can always set up by yourself. LinkedIn is one of the traditional methods by which people get noticed for their businesses and projects, but since social media has experienced such a surge in popularity over the past years, using Facebook would be a good plan as well. A Facebook business page will give you the ability to list everything about your business, including contact details over and above the ones available on the site itself, and opening times, important information about your business, and anything else you think is important. Remember that Facebook lets customers talk to each other as easily as they talk to you.

header 4 Create a blog

Whether you are working alone, with a Facebook page, or simply through word of mouth, it is always helpful to have a blog. Using a blog to showcase your writing gives you somewhere to send people who ask about your credentials, as well as something else to link to and talk about on your Facebook page. A blog can give you the space to show off your writing skills, and show off the different citation styles you can use. Blogs can be on any subject you want, and can also hold a variety of subjects, so they are ideal for showing your writing.

header 5 Create your own website

The alternative to simply using Facebook is, of course, to set up your own academic writing website. This can be a lot of work, so be sure that you want to take this step, but it will bring you closer to the top of the market if you handle things correctly, and will bring you in contact with more customers and potential customers than ever before. Having your own site also means you can expand on the marketing front, as it will give you multiple pages that you can link to in adverts.stay-at-home mom working remotely

header 6 Specialise

You might be able to handle both custom writing and editing work, but remember that many of the sites which offer both have multiple writers, all of whom are qualified to work with both writing and editing. One way to get more customers is to specialise in one specific area. If you prefer editing work, do that for a living, and seek out people who are solely interested in getting their work edited. If you prefer custom writing, then focus on that rather than editing, although be warned that you will have to offer revisions still.


There are many ways how a stay-at-home mom can make money with custom writing, and not all of them involve needing to work for a larger academic writing site. This article has hopefully shown women some different ways in which they can work to the goal of writing academic papers for a living without necessarily needing to be attached to anybody. The current climate, which is giving rise to more academic writers and writing sites than usual, is one which could prove to be very fertile for anybody who wanted to work in this area.

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