How Not To Become A Helicopter Parent

How Not To Become A Helicopter Parent. a strict parent

In the recent past, parents did not care where their kids were regardless of how early they left the house. Back then, a child would wake and leave the house before taking breakfast or even before the parent wakes up. Interestingly, once the kid is out of the house, no one will go looking for them not until it is evening and dinner is about to be served. However, times have changed. Today parents keep a close track on what their kids are doing, where with who and how. Parents often try to dictate the kind of games their children play and for how long. Eventually, this habit turns you into a helicopter parent and often limits your kids’ potential. This article will help you not to be a helicopter parent and still take good care of your young once.

Teach Them to Be Responsible

Responsibility brings out the best of everyone. Instead of being worried all day about what your kids are doing, why not give them something to do for most of the day. It starts with simple chores that ensure to engage them more. Additionally, by giving them responsibility at a young age, you train them to be responsible adults when they become of age. Responsibility also prepares them to be firm on the choices they make in life and be ready to face the consequences that come with what they choose.

How Not To Become A Helicopter Parent. kids playing

Don’t Overload Them With Your Worries

One of the most common problems is piling up issues of what you want your kids to be when they grow up. The pressure of wanting them to be something in the society often makes you push them so far. This worries also trigger you to have negative thoughts of what will become of them. As a parent, if you continuously keep interrogating your child looking for a loophole to confirm your fears. Instead, train yourself to encourage them with every step they make and live your life one day at a time. Let go of any negative thoughts and start to feel positive about what your child can do without focusing on what you want them to do.

Allow Them To Try

Allow kids to try on anything they desire in their life. Stop preventing them from failing instead hold their hand in whatever they set their hands to do. This includes school work, but if your kids get stuck on an assignment an analytical essay writing service is a great resource to improve their performance. Failing serves as a good learning platform for our kids and does not reflect on your parenting skills. Although stepping in once in a while with a giant save is highly appreciated, your kid wants to have enough room to learn by themselves. Every time they fall, they learn how to raise and step forward. Additionally, after making a mistake, it gets easy to know what was expected of them and where they went wrong. Success does not happen overnight; instead one has to go through several challenges and to fail on different occasions before they can achieve their dream.

How Not To Become A Helicopter Parent. a father and a daughter

Avoid Doing It For Them

This starts pretty early with you solving a few homework problems for the kid as they are resting on a couch. If you often find yourself standing in the place of your child, then you are gradually transforming into a helicopter parent. This should not be your lifestyle or even the root for you to follow. If it is something that the child can do regardless of the results, let them, handle it. Gaining experience and becoming the best in what we do does not happen overnight or when resting. For any achievement in life, a person must be ready to get their hands dirty and the feet moving. Therefore, allow them to think over and focus on solving issues with limited assistance. Let them exercise their intellectual ability and navigate their way to the top.

Teach Them Basic Life Skills

With basic life skills, you will not spend an hour at work trying to think about what they are eating, if they have taken a shower and so on. Instead, teach your kids how to prepare simple meals, how to keep the house in order among other things. Your children are a result of what you invest in them. Therefore, instead of stressing yourself on things you cannot change from a distance, take rest and be sure that the kid will use what you trained them when you had the chance. Additionally, with life skills, you equip your child to be an all-around person who can comfortably fit in any position.

How Not To Become A Helicopter Parent. a mom with her son

Let Them Interact

Interacting with the out world is an essential key towards achieving life dreams and becoming the best in what you do. Interaction gives us exposure that helps in building our confidence in several dimensions. When you allow your kid to go out and interact with others, you equip them with the ability to work hard and succeed without pressuring them hard.


Although it is not possible to completely let your kid loose and raise them as your parents did, there is still room for you to flex a little and give them an opportunity to build themselves and shape the path they follow to fit their expectations. Additionally, whatever you wanted to achieve in life, but you did not get the chance, should not be your driving force as you bring up your children.

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