How to Care for a Child While Attending College

How to Care for a Child While Attending College. a pregnant woman writing a paper

Becoming a mother is a life-changing phase in life not only for the woman, but also all parties involved. Being a mother can be exciting, fun, interesting and at the same time scary and stressful, especially if you are still in school. College life is already hard to manage as it is with the stringent study time and hefty essay assignments. It gets even more challenging if you are a parent. Aside from attending classes, studying and doing assignments, you will also be tasked with caring for your child and catering for their needs.

Reports show that approximately 5 million students of higher institution are parents, which is equivalent to 26% of the total undergrad students. Although it is difficult to balance parenthood and college education, and the odds are stacked against you, it is still possible for you to complete your degree while caring for your young one. All you need is good preparation and adjustment. Here are a few tips to prepare you while having a baby in college.

 Get over the pregnancy shock

Let’s face it, most college pregnancies are unplanned, and often the mother still wants to complete their studies even with the baby on the way. Simply because you are about to have a baby does not mean you have to cut short your other aspirations and ambitions. After confirming the pregnancy, first internalize the news and accept the new change that is about to take place in your life before deciding on what your next cause of action would be, be it continuing with your studies, or taking a break from your studies and so on.

How to Care for a Child While Attending College. a pregnant woman in a library

 Opt for a flexible institution program

This can be annoying especially if you intended to complete your studies in the shortest time possible. However, remember that you are about to have a baby and you need to slow down a bit for both your safety and the baby’s. Focusing on few classes per semester will allow you delegate some time to prepare for the coming of your newborn and also give your studies the focus it deserves in order to score good grades. You may graduate later than you initially intended but it’s all about proper time balancing of the two.


You have your tuition fee to worry about, and now you are about to have a baby college; how will you manage your funds for these two crucial needs in your life? First is to get a flexible part-time job for example for analytical essay writing service Paperial. You don’t require a certificate to get such part-time jobs and they are flexible in that you can work from home whenever you have free time.

How to Care for a Child While Attending College. pregnant woman reading a book

Another way to source for funding is by applying for scholarships and grants specified for parents. Childcare alongside paying for your studies is a difficult state to be in and you need all the financial support you can get to help ease the responsibility. College on its own is expensive. Take advantage of every opportunity that will help cushion your tuition fees expenses and also make you money to care for your child.

 Planning for childcare

You probably deferred school for some time to take care of your baby and now you feel ready to go back and finish your schooling. But this is not like before when you were on your own. You now have a baby to care for and every decision you make directly affects your child. You need to ensure your baby is well cared for when you are away attending classes. You can make sure of this by finding day-care establishments near your school. Make sure you look into things like the proximity of the daycare to your college in case of emergency and you need to pick your baby fast, their working hours, hygiene and security.

5 Support system

You need all the help you can get when having a baby and going to college, this includes financial, physical and even emotional support. Without help it’s unassailable to finish your education with baby in college. Do not shy away from asking help from your friends, relatives, community, church or even online essay help for your paper assignments.

How to Care for a Child While Attending College. Pregnant woman drinking water and working

6 Plan your timetable

Planning has never been this important as it is now that you have to study with a baby. Make sure you fit your classes during your baby’s nap times and leave feeding times open. Look for alternative classes such as weekend, online or evening classes weigh their challenges before deciding on which will be suitable for you.

7 Alert your professor

Before classes begin, make sure you chat with your professor regarding your current situation. Let them know you may miss a few classes in times of emergency, or you are likely to delay some assignments, but make sure not to make promises you won’t follow through on.

8 Make the most of your situation one day at a time

Some days will go as planned while others will make you go crazy. That’s what having a baby while in college is all about. There are times you may feel overwhelmed and want to give up. During those times, remind yourself why you decided to pursue your education in the first place and what completing college means to you.  Find what keeps you motivated and thrive on it till you reach your goal of finishing your studies.

Having a baby is not the end of the world; it is just the beginning of another script. In everything, remember to be positive, and enjoy every moment you share with your baby as you continue to pursue your dreams. After all, the reason why you’re after a better future is for the betterment of your baby’s future as well. Do not compare your life to others and disregard those who may try to put you down. With a little determination and persistence, everything is possible.

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