How to Choose a Good Nanny

How to Choose a Good Nanny. babysitter

If we have to leave home and need someone to look after our children, we must find a person with the knowledge and skills to do it well. In addition, a good nanny should be a good example.

In order to choose a good nanny, we must know what we need from her. A nanny can help us with the daily or occasional care of our children, with their chores, take them and accompany them in extracurricular activities or simply collaborate in the preparation of their meals and snacks.

Where Can We Look for a Good Nanny?

It is good to get in touch with other parents to have trustworthy referrals, find out about a nanny who is available and know the average price of this type of service, which will affect the family budget.

We can also look for nanny companies. They often select the fittest women and men, guide them, and train them in everything they need to know about good child care. These companies will help you select the right nanny depending on the needs of your family. One additional tip that is briefly unrelated; you can see the quality of brochure printing they use. If you see their brochure made from quality materials, you can convince yourself that your chances of getting the right service are quite large.

How to Choose a Good Nanny. looking for a nanny

Profile of a Good Nanny

It is important to choose a good nanny who loves your children just like you.

Parents should agree and clearly define the profile of the nanny they wish to meet, taking into account the customs, religious beliefs and family characteristics; but also some characteristics of the nanny, such as:

  • Values.
  • Academic level.
  • Passion for the kitchen.
  • Know how to change diapers.
  • Be of extroverted personality.
  • Sex

It is advisable to conduct several interviews to get a complete picture of which nanny is suitable for the family. You should take this moment to discover more deeply your personal history, your work experiences in childcare and your learning proposition according to the child’s age.

Advice for Choosing a Good Nanny

Ask the candidate to present their work resume on the day of the interview. In this way, we can have an endorsement and detailed information of her old works, personal references and work, as well as knowing the opinions of the people who have already received her services.

How to Choose a Good Nanny. a mom, baby and a nanny

There are nannies who do not have much work experience due to the fact that they are young students with readiness to work and in search of a cash inflow. In these cases, we should ask if they have experience caring for their younger siblings, cousins ​​or nephews.

Evaluate if the nanny is stable emotionally. Find out if you are going through a difficult time, such as separation or mourning. To do this evaluation you can ask her about your family ties, friends and if you have a partner.

It is important that the nanny knows how to solve emergency cases in a good way. To check that you are ready, you can ask questions such as: what medications would you use if your child fell and bleed? What would you do if the child choked on food? Who would you look for if the child fainted or had a fever?

Other Suggestions to Consider

It’s important to choose a good nanny who reads to your children. It is beneficial for our children that the babysitter expresses herself with an adequate tone of voice and a good vocabulary, which has a good educational level. This is because children imitate and learn everything they see, and even more so from the adults who are constantly around them.

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