How to Control Appetite: 8 Healthy Eating Tips for Mums

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Mom life is very hectic. You need to balance home and work which isn’t easy, and it could take its toll on your diet and lifestyle habits. This can be particularly stressful for moms who are trying to keep their weight in a healthy range or lose a few pounds.

It seems like you’re always hungry and you snack often, but it all goes into your hips or belly. A major culprit here is stress because it makes you eat more.

In this post, you’re going to learn how to control your appetite to avoid weight gain and kickstart your weight loss.

header 1 Manage stress

Stress is a physical response, so you can’t avoid it. What you can do is to manage stress adequately. You see, many people expect stress to go away on its own and they don’t do anything about it. When left unmanaged, stress can affect your sleep, productivity, energy levels, pose as a risk factor for many diseases, and it also contributes to weight gain.

Studies show that eating disorders such as overeating and obesity are widely prevalent and are closely tied to psychological stress. Also, a study from the International Journal of Obesity found that evening hour pose a higher risk for overeating, particularly if a person is stressed out.

Therefore, to control your appetite, you need to start with stress management. For moms, this isn’t the easiest task in the world, but it’s achievable. Have some me-time, do something you find relaxing, take deep breaths, options are endless.healthy eating - stress management

header 2 Have a smoothie

We’re not talking about those unhealthy, sugar-laden, store-bought smoothies. This is about homemade smoothies from whole fruits that you can make in your kitchen without adding more sugar or any other unhealthy ingredients.

Why? It’s simple, making smoothies from whole fruits still retains some fiber which suppresses your appetite and keeps you full for longer. Also, smoothies are high in water content which also has appetite suppressing effects.

Drinking a glass of smoothie made of whole fruits or even vegetables can make you feel full and help you avoid eating too frequently. We can also consider them anti-aging smoothies too because they deliver essential vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that our skin needs to remain youthful.greens

header 3 Exercise regularly

Regular physical activity can be an excellent way to stay in shape and control your appetite. One study found that a vigorous 60-minute workout releases two crucial appetite hormones, ghrelin, and peptide YY.

The same study also found that aerobic exercise has more potent appetite suppressing benefits than non-aerobic activities. It’s needless to mention that exercise can help you deal with stress more efficiently.

Every mom needs some time for exercise to boost energy, stay fit, and be on top of everything that goes on at work and home. You can make an exercise a family thing, go to the park, run and your kids will understand that physical activity is a crucial component of a healthy lifestyle.healthy eating - sports

header 4 Eat more protein

Your body needs protein to repair and make new cells, repair tissues, produce enzymes, hormones, and other body chemicals. Also, protein is the crucial building block of bones, muscles, skin, blood, and cartilage. The human body needs protein to stay healthy and function properly. Reasons to include more protein in your diet are numerous including their satiating effects.

You see, adding more protein to your diet increases the feeling of fullness and thereby makes you consume fewer calories at your next meal. Plus, the appetite suppressing effects of protein prevent you from feeling hungry all the time.healthy eating - protein food

header 5 Quality matters

Appetite control is not about trying to eat less; you need to be more mindful regarding the quality of food you consume. Let’s say you decrease the portion size and avoid snacks, but you still find yourself hungry relatively fast after the meal. What’s wrong with this picture?

Well, the problem is down to the quality of food you consumed. Fast food, processed items, and foods with little to no nutritional value cannot suppress your appetite as effectively as you’d like.

Instead, enrich your menu with fruits, vegetables, Omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, and foods that are rich in a plethora of nutrients. That is the best way to stay full for longer.healthy eating - quality food

header 6 Try tasteless snacks

The biggest enemy of successful weight management (or weight loss) is the constant need to snack. Sure, you can solve this problem through appetite control which we’re discussing in this article and tasteless snacks play a big role here.

Instead of eating chips, fries, Cheetos, and other unhealthy snacks that make you even hungrier focus on bland foods that can suppress your desire to eat.Eat one small tasteless snack between your meals such as a handful of unsalted nuts.

Why is this important? Flavorless snacks regulate ghrelin by weakening the flavor-calorie association. In other words, these tasteless snacks act as appetite suppressants and are healthier at the same time. Bear in mind that the snack needs to be bland and you should only consume water (nothing else) for one hour before and after your snack.healthy eating - snacks

header 7 Keep a food journal

One of the biggest reasons why we overeat is that we don’t realize how often we eat our meals. This is particularly the case with busy moms. You’re juggling between home and work, children and projects, and you eat on-the-go. You’re not aware of how much you ate and how frequently it was. To put a stop to this, you could try keeping a food journal.

That way you’ll always know what you ate and how much food you consumed. If you don’t find regular planners and notebooks practical, you can download an app or keep track of your food intake on your phone. Plus, keeping a food journal doubles the weight loss, studies journal

header 8 Try supplements

Dietary supplements have become popular lately due to their convenience and reasonable prices. If you’re finding it difficult to control your appetite, then it could be useful to consider using these products.

They deliver natural ingredients to suppress your appetite, burn fat, and help you lose or manage weight without side effects. If you’re looking for one such product, then you need to be careful to avoid scams.

Do a little research about the company, read user reviews, and find out whether the product worked for others. For example, Phenocal reviews are positive thus indicating users had a positive experience and you could too. Products with negative user reviews are considered ineffective.mum with the kids


Appetite control may seem like a mission impossible, but you can do it in many ways. This article presented eight simple ways to keep your appetite under control, and you need to give them a try. Feel free to like and share this article. Sharing is caring!

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