How to Deal With Postnatal Depression?

How to Deal With Postnatal Depression? postpartum depression

Post natal depression can be very tough and is often something not talked about enough. These tips will help you come to terms with it and deal with it in a positive way.

 Talk to Friends and Family Members

Postnatal depression can be draining and even have a serious impact on your health if left unchecked. Opening up and talking to trusted friends and family can however help. Your friends and family will accord you the much-needed support and understanding to help relieve the depression. Talking to someone about it will make you feel much better.

 Get Enough Rest

Handling and dealing a newborn can be stressing in itself. Most moms rarely get enough sleep, one of the reasons many suffer from postnatal depression. Sleep deprivation can trigger many other health issues too, a reason you need to get as much sleep as possible. Try resting whenever you can – take advantage of times when the baby is asleep to rest.

How to Deal With Postnatal Depression? Woman Sleeping

 Eat Well

Healthy nutritious food is recommended for every new mother. Your body needs a fresh supply of nutrients to be able to produce enough breast milk. Fruits, vegetables, and whole foods should not only help you recover, but also revitalize your body as well.

Although you may be craving for sweet foods such as chocolate, health experts recommend nutritious foods to avoid mood fluctuations.

 Exercise a Little

Leading an active life is known to boost mood for many people. The same applies for breastfeeding moms as well. Taking on light forms of exercise, such as walking, jogging, etc. should help keep you in high spirits. You don’t have to join the gym to exercise. Even the lightest chores in the house can help keep the blood pumping, hence elevated moods.

How to Deal With Postnatal Depression? exercise-fitness

5 Do Something Relaxing

Having a newborn can be stressful. This however doesn’t mean you cannot make a light moment out of it. Consider using this time to engage in relaxing activities such as reading a book, your favorite magazine, do some baking, or better still, listen to good music. Do anything that makes you happy.

6 Socialize

The newborn shouldn’t be a reason not to see friends and socialize. As mentioned earlier, take advantage of this to make new friends, get out, and even spend some quality time with your better half. Use this time to reconnect with your partner.

How to Deal With Postnatal Depression? couple talk

7 Meet new Mothers

Connecting with other moms helps you learn about their experiences, how they deal with stressful situations, and make new friends as well. According to Dr. McDonald, socializing with other mums eases the pressure on your mind as you can see other people going through the same.

You can also learn one thing or two from the new mothers as well. Meeting other people not only opens you up but also breaks the monotony of staying in isolation at home.

8 Learn to Ask for Help

Most new moms won’t ask for help even when they need it. Beating yourself up to do something that someone else would help willingly isn’t good for your health.

Bearing the daily stresses of looking after a newborn, it’s ok to ask for help whenever possible. You will be surprised how willing many people are at helping a mother. If you want to talk to a professional, then why not consider someone like this.

How to Deal With Postnatal Depression? a woman talks to a psychiatrist

9 Quit the Blame Game

Don’t blame the people around you for whatever you might be going through. Postnatal depression is considered a medical condition and can be treated if detected early. One of the best ways to get over depression is by giving up the blame game and appreciating what you have.

 Avoid Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol, cigarette, and other drugs aren’t the way to go to ‘drown’ depression and responsibilities. Using drugs will only make the condition worse. Seek professional help if addicted to drugs.

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