How To Design The Perfect Family Garden

family garden

Want to design your garden into a functional oasis for the entire family? When it comes to landscaping your home, it all comes down to smart planning, safe materials, and an efficient layout. Studies from Preventive Medicine Reports suggest that providing children with the opportunity to get up close and personal with dirt and gardens can improve mental and physical health.

Most of us may already know that being outside has plenty of health benefits for children and families alike. Not to mention, planting flowers and trees can also be therapeutic for those who are showing early signs of depression. But did you know that gardens could provide more than just fresh air and relaxation? Family gardens offer an amazing variety of options for having fun outside, even when you are not able to take a family trip elsewhere.

Here’s how to design the perfect family garden.

Create The Perfect Design Strategy

The main aspect to consider is the age of the family members. This will affect the design of the family garden and the space you plan to include. Younger children need constant supervision, so it is best if they can be in clear full and close to the home at all times. This will allow adults to stop worrying about having to check on the kids and less stress on playtime.a little girl in a family garden

Skip the Crisp-Cut Lawns

Most family gardens opt for buffalo-type grass due to its cost-friendly availability and versatility in the home. It is also soft yet strong enough to handle the daily wear and tear. If your garden will be facing the full sun, another alternative is to use Kikuyu. This option provides an attractive texture. However, it does require a decent amount of maintenance to stay looking fresh.

Add A Water Feature

Water is a fun sensory experience for children of all ages, especially when you live in a hot climate location. You can create a kiddie pool, space for water games, and even add a water foundation to your garden. Children will enjoy watching the fish in the koi ponds swim just as much as they would with a DIY water wall.

Encourage Nature

Set a space in the garden where local wildlife can thrive and find shelter. Include an attractive planter that will bring in butterflies, bees, frogs, and birds. This will encourage children to get up close and watch live insects and animals in their natural garden - butterflies

Build Safe Pathways

Allow space for paved areas in your garden for scooters and walkers. Be sure to also include soft surfaces for children to run around and play. Having a soft lawn is ideal for children to play ball games, tag, and simply chase the dog. It is also a great place for the family to have a comfortable picnic.

When designing your family garden, it is important to consider the location of your home in terms of weather, wildlife, and even allergies. Be sure to include a sheltered area for the children when the climate runs harsh and only provide plants that are safe for them. Once you figure out these vital steps to design your home, you can create the perfect family garden.

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