How to Get Pregnant with Twins? Useful Tips for Increasing the Chances

how to get pregnant with twins. multiple pregnancy

To answer the question how to get pregnant with twins, one must understand the mechanism of this phenomenon. Identical twins, similar to each other, like two drops of water, are children born from one fertilized egg, which is divided into two after fertilization. It should be noted that the Nature itself is a mechanism that neutralizes the birth of twins, as it is more difficult to bear and grow them. But there are various factors that contribute to the simultaneous maturation of two eggs, thanks to which the conception of twins takes place. It is impossible to plan the pregnancy of identical twins. And it is impossible to give a one hundred percent guarantee of conception of twins. But it is quite realistic to provoke the simultaneous maturation of two eggs.

The Mechanism of a Multiple Pregnancy

To find out how to get pregnant with twins, you should get acquainted with the process of the appearance of a multiple pregnancy. Once a month in the female body, an egg ripens. It comes out of the ovary and travels to the uterus. This happens approximately in the middle of the menstruation cycle. If the egg meets a sperm on its way, fertilization takes place. In the womb it gets ready for active development (or scientifically, to division).

On average, once per 200 menstrual cycles, one egg starts not only to grow, but also divides into 2 independent cells. Thus, a pregnancy with identical twins may take place. Such babies are unique. They have an absolutely identical set of genes and an impressive similarity of appearance. The probability of the birth of identical twins is only 25% of the total number of multiple pregnancies.

how to get pregnant with twins. mother with twins

75% of twins are of a dizygotic nature. This means that 2 eggs miraculously matured in the female body at once. They met two spermatozoa and together reached the uterus. Such babies have different sets of genes and may not look very similar. The likelihood of conceiving twins in this way is also not high – just one pregnancy per 100 possible.

Factors Affecting the Possibility of Getting Pregnant with Twins:

  • Heredity : a possibility to conceive twins is higher in those women who have already had multiple pregnancies;
  • Excess weight: it is noted that overweight women give birth to twins more often;
  • Age over 30 years: the body can provoke the maturation of several follicles at once to increase the probability of conception. At 20-30 years the future mother has a 3% chance to conceive twins in a natural way. And at the age of 30-40 years, these chances increase to 6%.
  • Genetics: if there were twins in your family, your chances are higher.
  • The onset of pregnancy during lactation increases the possibility of conception of twins;
  • With each subsequent pregnancy, the chances for the appearance of twins increase as well;
  • The ethnicity of the mother: African women give birth to several children at once more often than all the others. Asian women, vice versa, give birth to twins less than the rest.

How to Get Pregnant with Twins? Ways of Conception

  • A few months before conception, start taking folic acid. Do this every day. At the same time, immediately stop smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages. At the same time, it is better to add more dairy products to your daily diet.
  • In addition to dairy products, eat yam. It will stimulate the ovaries. Subsequently, they will be able to release more than one egg during ovulation. Also, try to eat more walnuts, whole grains and chicken eggs.
  • Include sweet potatoes in your diet. The study of tribes eating yam gave rise to such an assumption. In their families there were many twins.
  • Self-hypnosis is also considered to be an effective way.

how to get pregnant with twins. pregnant woman holding 2 pairs of shoes

  • By the way, the chances of conceiving twins are significantly increased, in case you already have children. Some argue that this is due to some excess in weight, which appears after the birth of the child.
  • It is easier to become pregnant with twins for those women who are breastfeeding and don’t use contraception after the previous pregnancy.
  • If you take hormonal or contraceptive medications, then try to get pregnant immediately after stopping their intake. There is evidence that as a result of such actions the ovaries begin to release more eggs.
  • If you are obsessed with the idea of giving birth to two babies at once, and your genetics does not help, then find yourself a partner who has twins in the family.

How to Increase the Chances of Conceiving Twins Naturally?

First of all, it is worth consulting your doctor. Perhaps he will advise what to do in order to conceive twins. It is better to prepare for this conversation: to bring medical cards (yours and your partner’s), to find out in advance what diseases the relatives on both sides suffer from and whether there were multiple pregnancies in the genus of the female line.

Perhaps you are lucky, and your doctor will be able to give you a table about how to get pregnant with twins, or teach how to conceive twins according to ovulation method.

Among the medicamental ways, which the doctor can also advise, is the treatment with drugs that contain follicle-stimulating hormone. Thus, two eggs can mature at the same time. Moreover, after the abolition of hormonal contraceptives, a so-called rebound effect is observed, when both ovaries start function immediately. As a result, one can conceive twins.

how to get pregnant with twins. hugging twins

Also, do not forget about artificial insemination, when two or three fertilized eggs are implanted.

Reasons for the Formation of Several Eggs

Female cycle in the norm provides the appearance of only one egg. It appears and turns the mechanism of the second phase of the menstrual cycle on. This happens during the woman’s childbearing age. The larger the supply of follicles is, the longer the period of menstruation will last.

Hormonal changes that promote the formation of several oocytes:

  • taking hormonal contraceptives for three months with the subsequent cancellation;
  • medicamental stimulation of ovulation;
  • heredity;
  • didelphia in the fetal life.

Rebound Effect

This is the formation of the oocyte after the hormone drug has been withdrawn. When taking hormonal contraceptives, within three months the ovaries “rest”. The hormonal cycle is maintained artificially.

The ovaries function in turns (one after another). In one month, ovulation occurs in the left ovary, in the other month – in the right. After the break, both ovaries start functioning. Simultaneously, two full eggs are produced.

Rebound effect is a though planned, but uncontrolled phenomenon. Its appearance is spontaneous.

how to get pregnant with twins. twin babies

Stimulation of Ovulation

Medication stimulation leads to the maturation of several follicles simultaneously. During ovulation there appear two or three eggs. One egg or all at once can be fertilized.

Anomalies of Development of the Uterus

Full doubling or the presence of a septum in the organ leads to an increase in the production of oocytes. They are formed on demand. In general, one uterus requires one egg.

ECO as a Family Planning Tool

During in vitro fertilization, after carrying out stimulation of the ovaries, several eggs are formed. Four or six of them are fertilized. In different countries it is made in different ways.

Either all or two embryos survive. Under any conditions, doctors preserve only two fertilized eggs.

Therefore, IVF can guarantee the birth of fraternal twins, or can guarantee nothing. There is no certainty that the fertilized eggs will stay in the uterus after artificial implantation.

how to get pregnant with twins. pretty twins

How to Get Pregnant with Twins? Can There Be a 100% Probability?

Unfortunately, even following all of the mentioned above ways, you will not be able to conceive twins with a 100% probability. But do not give up: ​​go straight to the goal without looking back at the doubt.

Yes, perhaps, after that you will not get pregnant with twins, but you will conceive a healthy baby! After all, the happiness of being a real parent isn’t counted by the number of children. The most important is how you managed to cope with such responsibility.


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