How to Increase Your Chances of Getting Pregnant

increase your chances of getting pregnant

It’s quite a mystery, even for experts, why some women effortlessly get pregnant and other women go on lengths to conceive. Trying to get pregnant may sound like an easy task but for some, it may be a little harder than they thought it would be.

A lot of factors definitely come to mind as to why this is the case. However, one thing is for sure, there are ways to increase your chances of getting pregnant. Here are a few factors that you should look into if you’re trying to get pregnant.

Work on Your Timing

Before anything else, you need to be in tune with your own menstrual cycle. It’s easier if you know when you’re most fertile and therefore have better chances of conceiving.

There are different tools, like a fertility calendar or a menstrual tracker app that can be a good guide for you and your partner.  This way, you and your partner will be able to identify and work on when is the best time to have sex.

What helps?

  • Keep a Fertility Calendar
  • Fertility Apps are also helpful if you’re the techy type
  • Educate yourself about fertility

Women, however, should be mindful that certain factors like being overweight or underweight could affect one’s fertility. There is lesser regularity in a woman’s ovulation cycle if they are having weight issues, high levels of stress, and excessive exercises. If that’s the case, then it is wise to consider some changes in your lifestyle.increase your chances of getting pregnant - young woman checks a pregnancy test

Do Relevant Lifestyle Changes

As mentioned, there some factors that hinder you from getting pregnant. However, hope is not entirely lost. If you commit to making relevant lifestyle changes, your odds of conceiving will turn for the better.

What helps?

  • Improve eating habits
  • Avoid soda and junk foods
  • Lesser caffeine intake
  • Balanced diet and exercise
  • Cut vices like drinking and smoking

Always remember that every situation differs from the other. It depends on the needs of your body in order to prepare it for pregnancy. When in doubt, you can always ask for professional advice on what to do or prepare.

Seek Help from Experts

OB-GYNs, Fertility Specialists, and Family Doctors are your best bets for getting the best and reliable medical advice on how to increase your odds of getting pregnant or conceiving. They’re also the best people to turn to especially when you have been trying to conceive but still to no avail.increase your chances of getting pregnant - young woman at the doctor's

What helps?

  • Ask about vitamins or medications that may help you conceive
  • Find out different practices and techniques
  • They can also tell you if you’re capable enough to carry
  • Consult of possible tests that may be needed

Taking prenatal vitamins with folic acid is also a good strategy to take as soon as you and your partner are trying to conceive. While it may not necessarily mean that it increases your chance of getting pregnant, it does lessen the risk of your future baby from certain dangers and birth defects.

Don’t Try Too Hard

It should also be important to stress out that when you and your partner are trying to get pregnant, patience is still key. It may sometimes become frustrating in the long run but just because you’re not pregnant doesn’t mean that you will never be.

What helps?

  • Don’t stress yourself and each other out
  • Relax
  • Make baby-making fun and adventurous

There are tendencies that sometimes, in an effort to conceive, having sex will become something like a chore. Make it a point to never forget that making a baby is something that should be enjoyed.increase your chances of getting pregnant - happy couple

It Takes a Village

In the end, it takes two to tango. You and your partner should work together to help increase the chances of you getting pregnant.

What helps?

  • Learn about different products that may affect sperm motility and avoid them entirely
  • Encourage each other to change certain lifestyle habits for the better

All in all, always remember that patience is key and that you and your partner should both take it easy.

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