How to Reduce Energy Bills This Winter

How to Reduce Energy Bills This Winter. coins

Everyone wants to know what the average cost of energy bills is, to find ways to lower it. Who wants to pay more for energy when you can spend the money for other purposes?

In 2018, the average bill for fuel was £1,138 a year or £93.83 a month. The conclusion is the average tax payer spends £3 on energy daily. However, various factors like the number of residents, the type of property and the location of the home, influence the final bill. In 2018, the cheapest bill was £788 a year, or just £65 a month.

Whatever the size of your house is, you can reduce the energy bills in the winter if you check out some tips.

Check for Air Leakage

Air leakage increases your energy bill with over 30%. If you stay in an older house check for gaps around the windows and doors because these buildings often experience leaks. The best way to identify where the gaps are is to turn on the bathroom and kitchen fans.

Once you power on the fans, hold a lit incense stick near the windows and doors’ edges and check if the smoke from the lit incense stick moves towards a certain point. An air leak would draw the smoke towards it because the outside air would try to enter the house. If there’s no change in the smoke then air leakage isn’t a problem.

Chose Wisely Your Christmas Lights

The festive season is close, and the kids are already thrilled to pick and install Christmas lights. If you have already started to look for holiday decorations, you probably noticed that most of them require a lot of energy to adorn your house. The shinier they are, the more it costs to power them. But this doesn’t mean you’ll be Grinch, you can still decorate your house with Christmas lights, only that you need to check some energy-efficient solutions. LED light strings are budget-friendly in comparison to incandescent bulbs.

How to Reduce Energy Bills This Winter. winter lights

For example, when you use incandescent C-9 lights to light up a Christmas tree 12 hours a day for a month, it costs you around £10. But if you replace them with LED strings, you’ll spend only £0.30.

LED lights are also safer for a house full of kids, so you should also consider this benefit.

Use the Heat You Already Pay for

Your oven, dishwasher, and clothes dryer all need energy to function. You pay for the heat they produce so you should use it to warm up your house. How? Leave the appliances’ doors open after using them to allow the heat to enter the house. After using the oven, your kitchen will be the cosiest room of the house even during cold winter nights. And if you cook apple strudels the smell will bring a winter vibe in the entire house.

Don’t forget about the heat the hot tubs and showers produce because they can warm your house right before you go to bed. During winter, indoor air is dry and you may be tempted to use an air humidifier to improve its quality, but instead of spending money on a new device, you can open the bathroom door and let the steams improve the air humidity.

Maintain the Boiler

It’s common to forget about the boiler until you have to use it, but maintaining it properly will lengthen its lifespan and boost its efficiency. The boiler has many pieces you should check to see if they function properly and if you should change some of them, so you should start the process a month or two before the winter comes.

How to Reduce Energy Bills This Winter. boiler

You can check and maintain the boiler on your own if you have the needed skills or you can hire an expert to do it. If you have an older boiler, it’s advisable to hire a technician to check it annually because they ensure it works correctly.

Corgi HomePlan recommends getting boiler insurance if you purchase a new device to make sure you are covered if it breaks during winter. A comprehensible boiler cover will bring you peace of mind because it’s one of the house appliances that directly influence your comfort during winter.

Let the Sun Inside the House

If during summer you keep the curtains closed to prevent heat entering the house, during winter you should open them to allow the sun in. Winter sunlight can help you save money on your energy bills because it provides extra heat alongside the one your main heating systems produce.

To make the most out of the heat the sun produces, you should open the curtains during the day and close them when the light comes. It’s a simple but highly effective method, and if you have cats, you’ll notice they’ll follow the sunrays everywhere in the house. Open the window curtains by 9 am, and close them by 4 pm to keep the heat indoors.

How to Reduce Energy Bills This Winter. a cat

Re-arrange the Furniture

Don’t be surprised to find out that the way you decorate your interiors can impact the level of comfort you feel. If you have a favourite sofa or chair you should move them away from windows and doors to protect yourself from the chills you can feel when you stay close to the window. Bring them closer to the fireplace, and you’ll no longer feel the need to crank up the thermostat.

Add cosy throw blankets on sofas and chairs, your family can use when they want to snuggle up. Don’t neglect the floor. Lay down a thick rug that’ll keep your feet warm and comfortable during chilly nights. When you re-arrange the furniture, you should make sure you don’t block the air vents because you block heat and you cause a burden on your heating system.

If you know where your money goes, you’ll find easier to save on energy bills during winter. So, before the winter comes conduct an energy audit to identify what factors cause high bills. It’s important to make the audit yearly because every single variable can influence the result.

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