How to Save Money on Pregnancy Medical Bills

How to Save Money on Pregnancy Medical Bills. pregnant tummy

Having a baby can be a costly endeavor. From the time leading up to conception, all the way through delivery, and postpartum care, parents can amass bills of upwards of $8,802. You don’t have to be left with hefty medical bills simply for deciding to have a child–it is possible to slash costs and save yourself money and aggravation. Arm yourself with information and be prepared to save on pregnancy-related medical bills when they start coming in.

 Check your insurance coverage before you get pregnant

Make sure that your policy provides pregnancy coverage. While it may offer pregnancy benefits, your doctor may not be in-network, or it may be subject to your deductible, or high copays. Call your insurance company right away to understand your coverage so there are no surprises.

 Compare rates

Because rates can vary significantly between providers, you may find that one hospital close to home charges thousands of dollars more for delivery than another across town. Do your research before you decide on a particular facility or doctor. Call around and ask questions before you make your choice.

How to Save Money on Pregnancy Medical Bills. pregnant woman talking on the phone

 Review bills as they come in

Improper coding or billing errors can result in you getting a surprise in the mail. Medical billing services can reduce the risk of costly insurance errors that can lead to you receiving incorrect bills. If you do receive a bill that looks to be wrong, call your doctor or insurance company. They will work to correct the error.

 Skip unnecessary procedures

There are tests and procedures that every pregnant woman needs to undergo. However, many doctors tend to take a cookie-cutter approach and suggest tests that you personally may not need. Talk to your doctor and identify what is actually necessary and what isn’t, and don’t be afraid to decline any services you don’t feel comfortable with having.

How to Save Money on Pregnancy Medical Bills. a pregnant woman talking to a doctor

5 If possible, time your pregnancy

If you happen to time things right, and get pregnant between November, and March, you can keep all of your pregnancy-related expenses within a single calendar year.

6 Open a Flexible Spending Account

You can direct a certain dollar amount from your paycheck to this account on payday and use it to fund covered medical expenses. You’ll never see the money, so you won’t miss it. Most accounts provide a debit card that you can use at the point of transaction, making it quick and easy.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Your Doctor for More Tailored Care

No two patients are alike, and neither are pregnancies. While you have a difficult pregnancy, your sister might have an easy one. Don’t be afraid to ask for more individualized care from your doctor. Be open, ask questions and request information. Your doctor will more than likely be willing to create a plan of care that takes your needs into account. Having a baby doesn’t have to bankrupt you. Save on maternity care now and have peace of mind throughout your whole pregnancy.

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