How to Stop Snoring During Pregnancy – 5 Proven Methods

How to Stop Snoring During Pregnancy - 5 Proven Methods. a pregnant woman

Snoring is a symptom that doesn’t usually kick in during the first months of the pregnancy. It is most noticeable during the last weeks before they will deliver their precious angels.

Although one can safely say that this sleeping mannerism is usual, some still find it as a problem. If you don’t want to experience such nocturnal inconvenience, you should learn how to stop snoring during pregnancy.

Use A Supportive Mattress

How to Stop Snoring During Pregnancy - 5 Proven Methods. a mattress

Some mattresses can provide supportive and therapeutic effects on the body. They are your very key to decrease your tendencies to feel agitated and uncomfortable while you are sleeping. Pregnant women would undoubtedly need such kind of service from these mattresses.

One option support for snoring is an essential feature that you should be wary about. It would be great if you can invest in this for yourself or your wife. It is a sleeping amenity that can solve almost all of your sleeping problems–and that should include snoring.

Utilize Your Pillows

How to Stop Snoring During Pregnancy - 5 Proven Methods. pregnant woman on a pillow

One of my secret tips in reducing my snoring tendencies is elevating my head. If my head is raised, I always feel that my airflow is optimized. I also do this technique whenever I have a runny nose. It is very effective.

Of course, you can’t do this without the help of an assistive tool. For this case, you will need the help of your pillows. You can stack them together so that you can create an elevated platform where your head can lie on.

Pillows that have proper designs and features should be your priority for this. Since you are going to use them for your head, make sure that they have a moderate level of firmness. Otherwise, they will sink your head.

Furthermore, the pillows should not be too thick or too thin. The appropriate thickness will prevent your neck from getting sore and stiff. You will also benefit if the item has ventilation for a more cool sleeping experience.

Use Nasal Strips and Nasal Sprays

How to Stop Snoring During Pregnancy - 5 Proven Methods. nasal spray

When the snoring is already there, taking treatments and medications is already an acceptable solution. However, the remedies that I am referring are not those that you have to take. Whether you like it or not, these over-the-counter drugs (OTC) are not really suitable for pregnant women.

The best remedy that I can offer you is a nasal strip. This one doesn’t have any substances that can harm your body. Furthermore, they are very easy to use. You have to place them on your nose so that your airway is clear before you sleep.

Nasal sprays are also a great alternative if your local pharmacies don’t have the strips. You have to spray the concoction into your nose before you are going to your bed. Of course, these sprays don’t contain any ingredients that can harm your baby!

Side Sleeping

How to Stop Snoring During Pregnancy - 5 Proven Methods. side sleeping

If possible, it would be great if you can sleep on your side if you are pregnant. For those that have large baby bumps already, doing this sleeping position is quite difficult already. It might feel uncomfortable and worrisome.

However, sleeping on your side can help cure the sleeping problem. It has been noted that air circulation is optimal while you are in this posture. Once your air passages are not inhibited anymore, the ugly snoring would be vanquished.

Establish a Healthy Diet

How to Stop Snoring During Pregnancy - 5 Proven Methods. healthy pregnancy diet

Pregnancy doesn’t mean that you have to be fat. Your increased mass should only be due to the bodily adjustments because of your infant. It should not be the other way around.

Food craving is a part of pregnancy symptoms, and it will persist throughout the process. If you can’t control your appetite, you’ll get fat. Moreover, once you become fat, you are more susceptible to snoring. Even people that are not also fat do snore because of this particular reason.

It is necessary that you can moderate your diet while you are pregnant. Eat, but only those that are deemed healthy. Avoid fatty food as well because your body can quickly absorb them. Stay healthy so that your delivery will happen without any fuss.

Final Thoughts

Snoring is a manageable condition. It is something that you can cure or prevent. Even if you are pregnant, is not an excuse that you will just let it wake you up and the rest of the people around you.

If the snoring persists, even doing all these methods that I have taught you, a trip to your doctor is necessary. There’s a chance that it caused by underlying conditions such as gestational diabetes. A glucose test might be needed to confirm this suspicion. Other risky conditions like intrauterine growth restriction are also associated with snoring.

Lastly, don’t shrug off any unusual sensations that you are experiencing. If you are pregnant, you have to make sure that you can get a proper diagnosis. You have to make sure that your baby won’t experience any complications.

That’s it for now. For your questions or suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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