How to Tell Your Parents You’re Pregnant?

how to tell your parents you're pregnant

A lot of women who have recently found out about their pregnancy have a hard time figuring how to tell the happy news even the people closest to them. How to tell your parents you’re pregnant? Their reaction can be not so pleasant, after all. Though in most cases pregnancy is a joyful event in future parents’ life (and future grandparents’ too!), sometimes things pass not as successfully as we want them to. The response of your parents to the happy announcement can be not the one you’ve been anticipating. There are quite a number of ways to tell your parents you’re pregnant: the main thing is to take into consideration their personal traits and to imagine and get ready for every possible outcome. It is also necessary to take into account the life circumstances preceding the conception.

How to tell your parents you’re pregnant?

Traditional ways

how to tell your parents you're pregnant - a hintTelling your family you are going to be a mother soon is quite simple when you have been trying to conceive for some time and you are sure – everyone will be delighted by the news. In this case, there is no need to stress yourself out about it – stand proud and tell your mom and dad clearly that soon they are meeting their grandchild.

Choose the time and place you’re comfortable with. You can do it at home in the family circle. Or you can throw a party and invite all your loved ones, and then make a declaration over dinner. And, of course, offer everyone to celebrate such a remarkable event!

Traditional ways to tell you are expecting always work. But if you don’t like being ordinary, boring – it’s time to use your imagination! The spectacularly presented news will make a great impression on the future grandparents, that’s for sure.

Original ways

A theme dinner party

how to tell your parents you're pregnant - cakeCook a delicious dinner for your friends and family. Send the guests invitations in advance so that everyone could attend. Make an implication that will become a telling sign for your family: a theme cake, various “telling” dishes and cutlery – baby fruit and vegetable purees, tiny bright spoons and forks, baby plates. Pay attention to the guests’ reaction: have they understood?


If you’ve already got your first ultrasound scan, you can place it in a beautifully designed frame and write a side-note: “We’re expecting!” Give your parents this collage as a present during your next visit for a cup of tea.

You can also announce your news during any other family event, everyone’s presence is what matters the most. Offer your family members to take their group photo. And when you’re taking it, tell them “I’m pregnant!” instead of “Cheese!” The most wonderful thing about this method will be various emotions of your close ones captured forever. They are priceless!

T-shirts with prints

You can order T-shirts with individual design via the Internet. Order two such shirts – for you and for your partner. You can, for example, choose a print with a little one and inscriptions “mother-to-be” and “father-to-be”. Put the shirts on before going to your parents’ place – such a hint is hard to to tell your parents you're pregnant - gift-wrapped belly

A family party

If your mother or your father is going to celebrate their birthday soon, you can give them a hint that you are pregnant with the help of congratulations. For instance, bring a greeting card saying: “Congratulations, future grandpa!” or “You can see your present in nine months!”

A letter

Take a copy of your ultrasound scan and put it into a decorated envelope. You can write a message from a future grandson or granddaughter and add it to the scan.

Psychologists’ advice

Unfortunately, pregnancy is not always happy and long-awaited news. Sometimes it’s not planned and interferes with the future mother’s (or the whole family’s) life. What can you do in such a case?

There are no certain techniques and patterns you can use. But psychologists recommend that you take into consideration a few tips. They’ll help to tell your news calmly and surely, without causing a storm of emotions in your opponent.

Pregnancy is not a universal scale life-drama, but one of the main events in the life of any woman. Even if you were not trying to conceive, don’t make such hasty decisions as abandoning the baby. Remember: life passes quickly, and the closest and loved one will always be with you.

It’s not so scary to let your parents know about your pregnancy. But it’s important that they feel your sincerity. Don’t be afraid to trust them. Their support and advice are very important for you right now. So, how to tell your parents you’re pregnant? Here are some tips which you should follow during the “big conversation”:how to tell your parents you're pregnant - support of the siblings

  • First of all, you have to be sure about wanting this child – only then your parents will believe you;
  • Choose an appropriate time for the talk. Such news can’t be told in a hurry;
  • Be sincere, don’t withhold any information from your parents;
  • It is necessary to prepare for the conversation in advance, to think through any possible detail;
  • Don’t show fear, try to think positively;
  • Parents are your closest people, that’s why it’s good to ask them for advice;
  • You need to make adult decisions in such a situation, be sure of yourself. Your parents need to see you as an adult, confident, and responsible person, not “their little girl”;
  • You shouldn’t show negative emotions – burst into tears, yell, slip into hysterics, or blame your family for things they’ve done in the past. These patterns will only make the situation worse. The conversation should go on calmly, your speech needs to be confident;
  • If you think you need some support, ask someone to play a figure of authority. It can be your partner, or your mother-in-law, or one of your other relatives (your grandma, aunt, sister). They’ll help to smooth out conflicts if some arise.

How to tell your parents you’re pregnant if you are a teenager?

how to tell your parents you're pregnant when you're a teenagerA teenage girl, of course, will have a hard time explaining the fact of her pregnancy to her parents. But this is not as terrifying as one can think.

Surely, the most important thing here is how good the relationship with your mom and dad is. Don’t waste time imagining how angry they will be with you and how little understanding they will show. You can’t hide the fact you’re pregnant for long.

Remember: your parents love you. This should become a starting point.

If you have a better relationship with your father, tell him first (and vice versa). Your mom and dad will always be with you, under any circumstances, and they’ll help you with any challenges life poses.

A serious conversation with your parents

Keep calm! Don’t give in to emotions, be as reserved as possible – you need to show how serious your decisions are, after all. You have to be a responsible person who is able to take any reaction of your family whatever it must be. After telling “I’m pregnant!” give your parents a few minutes to recover from the shock. Any parent wants to become a grandparent one day. Your mother and father just need to get used to the news.

Ask your brother or sister for help

If your relationship with a brother or sister is warm and trusting, tell them first. Ask them to support you during the “big talk” with your to tell your parents you're pregnant - shocked teenage girl

Throw in some hints

If you don’t have enough courage to outright tell your parents about pregnancy, try to hint at the complicated situation you’ve got yourself into. Spend more time in your room alone, your behavior should be a sign for everyone – something’s bothering you. And when they pay attention to your strange demeanor, it will be time to tell them you’re going to have a baby.

Write a note

When it’s hard for you to speak with your parents, you can confess in written form. The key message of the letter should be your complicated feelings and your plan of action. The conversation between you and your parents should go more smoothly after they read the note and go through the initial shock.

Bring your boyfriend with you

If your boyfriend gives you support and thinks you should keep the baby, it will be logical to bring him with you to talk with your parents. You’ll feel much more confident when he’s around.

In conclusion

how to tell your parents you're pregnant - a coupleIt doesn’t matter if you are married or single, a middle-aged woman or a teenager, any parent is happy to have grandchildren eventually. Some parent just need more time to feel this joy. So, let them take their time – there is no need to worry, especially since it’s not good for pregnant women. Everything will be alright. The most important thing is the fact that you love your little one, and you’ll love them even more when you give birth!

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