How to Weigh a Baby Using Baby Scale to Monitor Weight Gain?

How to Weigh a Baby Using Baby Scale to Monitor Weight Gain? baby scale

When it comes to monitoring the growth of newborn, many parents out there couldn’t help going to the pediatrician. However, that’s not the only way if you are eager enough to weigh your baby at home as well as keep records of its growth and development. Yes, you read it right!

Thanks to pediatric scale, also known as baby scale, that it happened finally and you can weigh your baby at home effortlessly without paying a visit to the pediatricians. Here is how to do the hack using a baby scale and track your baby’s growth. Let’s jump right in!

How to Weigh a Baby?

Well, a variety of ways out there that you can follow to measure the weight of your baby at home. One of the easiest ways is to use the best baby scale for breastfeeding to do the job ensuring the most accurate measure.

These scales may seem a bit pricey at the very first look but the most important thing is- they can measure down to the ounce. So, you can expect to have a more accurate result than the regular household or home bathroom scale. Now, let’s see how you can measure your baby’s weight using a pediatric scale.

Using a Pediatric / Baby Scale:

When you have the baby scale next to hand, make sure to calibrate the scale before you lay your baby on. Also, ensure that you have placed the tray correctly and there’s no rough or sharp object on the tray. Set the scale to 0 (zero) no matter whether you are using an analog scale or the digital one.

How to Weigh a Baby Using Baby Scale to Monitor Weight Gain? weighting a baby

FYI, you can place a soft towel on the tray to make the weighing process more comfortable for the baby. In that case, make sure to set the scale to ZERO again to void the weight of the towel/blanket.

Now, carefully lay your baby naked on its back on the tray. Make sure to keep one of your hands hovering over the baby’s chest so that you can catch the baby, in case of emergency, if it slips.

Then, look at the reading that indicates your baby’s weight and keep the record in the baby weight notebook. Anyway, if it’s too cold to weigh your baby without clothes, make sure to weigh the clothes separately and subtract the weight.

Using Household/Home Bathroom Scale:

It can be another easy way to measure your baby’s weight. Though it might question the accuracy, still, can be your way out if you don’t want to visit the pediatric care provider once or twice a month. To do this, weigh yourself at first and write down the reading.

Now, take your child on your lap and step on the scale. To ensure a more accurate measurement, hold your child perfectly naked like the earlier one if you don’t want to measure the clothes separately.

How to Weigh a Baby Using Baby Scale to Monitor Weight Gain? scale legs

Now, look at the reading once again when the baby is with you, note it down, and subtract the previous reading while weighing alone. And, the result is how much your baby weighs. For your kind information, if you are using this particular method when weighing your baby, make sure to have a scale that can measure as low as 1/10 of a pound. Otherwise, you might mess with the actual weight of your baby which may result in frustration sometimes.

When we are about to conclude our post today, we expect that you read between the lines. If you did so, you probably came to know how to measure your baby’s weight at home with a baby scale. Now, it’s your turn to get started with your pediatric scale, if you have any, and weigh your baby at home.

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