Important Tips to Prevent Edmonton Windows from Condensation

Important Tips to Prevent Edmonton Windows from Condensation. a house

During winter, it’s quite common to see moisture built-up near or on the glass panes in Edmonton. Living with older homes means that they are prone to having frozen solid. Ever thought why these problems arise? What is the cause behind them? To be precise, condensation in windows is the trouble-causing factor that needs immediate attention.

But, the point is- how to find out when condensation is acceptable or bad? How to prevent it? What would happen if homeowners do not treat them efficiently? Let’s answer these questions:

Normally, homeowners think that condensation is the resultant of surface problems (wall, window etc) exposed to moisture for a long time period. Cold air is one of the obvious causes of condensation that starts by attacking Edmonton windows. As it warms, there is more room for moisture to take up the place while when it cools down, it contracts.

Even though they are most noticeable, homeowners should understand that other parts, except Edmonton windows, may have condensation. Cracks in the home vapor barrier usually allow moisture to seep into wall cavities and condense over time. Since inhabitants cannot see this happening from their eyes, the problem remains untreated until it causes rotting or mold growth.

Important Tips to Prevent Edmonton Windows from Condensation. Windows-Edmonton

Condensation on Edmonton windows becomes visible when it is cold outside because it is the difference between internal and external air. Even, it becomes noticeable as fall approaches. For window replacement Edmonton, homeowners have to be extra careful during humid summers because the home’s structure absorbs more moisture than usual. When temperature changes and gets colder, this moisture is trapped inside the structure and rises humidity level to form condensation on the glass panes.

Tips to Prevent Condensation

The idea to fight condensation begins with the analysis that what is the condition of Edmonton windows, vents, doors etc. In other words, homeowners have to create a balance in the airflow system. They just have to make small fixes to circulate air and lower humidity level:

  • Install a hygrometer: It is a cheap device to measure humidity level in the home. It does not only specify the humidity level but also provides details about the effectiveness of different methods to control condensation.
  • Control the thermostat: As a matter of fact, warm air has more moisture and therefore, experts suggest to keep the thermostat low so that there is less humidity in the home.

Important Tips to Prevent Edmonton Windows from Condensation. thermostat

  • Work on venting: Home appliances, like dryer and stove, can increase humidity in the home. So, what homeowners should do is to vent them outside so that hot air goes into the environment instead of affecting home’s interior.
  • Ensure proper air circulation: As mentioned above, colder air minimizes humidity. Homeowners have to keep their doors and Edmonton windows open for better air circulation. However, they must consider temperature changes.
  • Use a dehumidifier: One of the best and most effective solutions to avoid condensation is to employ dehumidifiers. Apart from being cheap, the devices are capable to reduce moisture inside the home. They have the ability to keep everything in good condition no matter what are the outside conditions.

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