Indigestion During Pregnancy: Symptoms, Causes & Preventive Measures

indigestion during pregnancy

As everyone knows, pregnancy is a huge stress for the body, and the body’s reactions to this stress can be very diverse and unexpected. One of these “strange” reactions of the organism is indigestion during pregnancy. Why does this happen and how to help your body cope with the stress of pregnancy?

During pregnancy, many women face pain in the stomach. This pain is not groundless, as the future mother is especially vulnerable to diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. These problems can be associated with a number of different causes: malnutrition, increased acidity, chronic diseases of the stomach and intestines, as well as infectious diseases. Like any other disease, problems with the stomach harm the whole body, including the future child. Therefore, if you feel discomfort in the stomach, suffer from epigastric burning and sour taste in your mouth – you need a doctor’s consultation to identify the causes of the disease and to start treatment on time.

What Causes Indigestion during Pregnancy?

The causes of indigestion, both during pregnancy and in general, can be very different:

  • gastritis and stomach ulcers,
  • inflammation of the pancreas,
  • a dysbacteriosis,
  • nervous overstrain, etc.

Indigestion can be a sign of any disease. Therefore, do not engage in self-medication, especially during pregnancy.

The main reason for the occurrence of an intestinal disorder, according to doctors, is malnutrition. Especially during pregnancy, when the body requires new gastronomic innovations or vice versa, arranges a strike against the reception of seemingly familiar food. Therefore, very often after a sudden (unusual for a previously normal diet) attack of hunger for fast food or exotic fruits, there is an intestinal disorder.

indigestion during pregnancy - woman in pain

It’s not a secret that during pregnancy, many women often complain of pain in the stomach. This is due to the fact that during the gestation period the mother’s body is especially vulnerable to numerous diseases of the gastrointestinal system. A future mother should carefully monitor her health and immediately respond to any painful feelings that accompany pregnancy. The stomach can disturb a woman for a variety of reasons. Most often, pain occurs due to improper, untimely nutrition, exacerbated chronic diseases, infections and increased acidity.

Indigestion during pregnancy should be treated with all possible seriousness. It’s clear that if the mother suffers, then the child begins to suffer as well. This is fraught with premature birth, the threat of miscarriage and other dangerous consequences. Sour taste in the mouth, belching, indigestion, heartburn – all these symptoms are the reason for contacting a doctor, who will reveal the causes and nature of the diseases, and prescribe the mother medicines that are safe for the baby’s body.

Indigestion During Pregnancy Symptoms

The main symptoms of an intestinal disorder are:

  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • bloating
  • sharp cutting pains in the lower abdomen
  • pain in the stomach.

In addition, you should know that indigestion during pregnancy can be caused by an infection that has entered the body. The infection may get into the intestine after eating poor-quality foods or fast food. Is it worth reminding that food poisoning is very dangerous for the health of the child and the future mother? That’s why, if you feel signs of food poisoning – immediately go to the doctor. Before the arrival of the doctor, drink as much warm liquid as possible. Naturally, there is no need to panic if you have pain in the intestine. Still, it is worth taking an absorbent just to be on the safe side. If the pain doesn’t disappear, immediately call the doctor.

indigestion during pregnancy. Constipation during pregnancy

If the indigestion during pregnancy is manifested by bloating, without pain and nausea, then in this case, you just need to take a medicine for bloating and limit your diet with light soups.

Vomiting, diarrhea and pain in the stomach are usually caused by food poisoning or an infection. Do not risk self-medicating. You should immediately call a doctor. The only thing you can do is to take an antispasmodic before the doctor arrives in order to ease the pain a little.

Heartburn during Pregnancy

If a woman feels warmth and burning sensation in the lower part of the epigastric region, this is a sure sign of heartburn. It is caused by increased secretion of gastric acid, which gets into the lower esophagus and, as a result, irritates the mucous membrane of the esophagus. Note that, contrary to popular belief, heartburn is not an independent disease, but the main symptom of another common disease called reflux esophagitis.

It is known that heartburn during pregnancy occurs in more than 80% of women. This is due to the fact that during the gestation period a mother’s body undergoes truly crucial changes, both physiologically and psychologically. Pregnant women have significantly reduced tone of the abdominal muscles, which is explained by the release of the hormone progesterone. What’s more, the uterus becomes bigger in size, which prevents the tight closure of the sphincter. In addition, many mothers break the diet and consume “wrong” foods that promote increased secretion of gastric acid. Its surplus gets into the lower parts of the esophagus and causes heartburn.

indigestion during pregnancy. sick woman

Is heartburn during pregnancy dangerous? Almost always, it is accompanied by a feeling of anguish and psychological depression. Pain in the sternum and a painful belch is also quite possible. What’s more, heartburn provokes the development of other diseases of the gastrointestinal system, many of which are dangerous for the fetus. That’s why, we advise a young mother to see a doctor right after the appearance of unpleasant symptoms. It will save you and your child from possible complications in the future.

Diarrhea and Other Disorders of the Stomach During Pregnancy

Most often, disorders of the gastrointestinal system and indigestion during pregnancy is the result of improper or untimely diet, which has a huge impact on pregnancy. The woman’s stomach starts to ache constantly, she suffers from heartburn and eructation, heaviness in the abdomen, nausea and vomiting. It is usually not a big problem if such symptoms are caused by the use of poor-quality food, from the purchase of which no one is insured. But it’s a serious issue if indigestion during pregnancy is systematic. In this case, you have no other choice but to go to the doctor and follow all the recommendations. It is important to understand that diarrhea, constipation and other disorders of the stomach drain the body’s resources and affect the baby whose health is completely dependent on the health of the mother.

indigestion during pregnancy - expectant mom holding her belly

During pregnancy, the causes of diarrhea can be very different, the main are the following:

  • helminthism,
  • diseases of the stomach,
  • diseases of the intestine,
  • food poisoning,
  • psychogenic factor.

Diagnosis of Indigestion During Pregnancy

The main sign of the disorder is a loose stool with frequent and painful urges, as well as a sour smell of stool. It’s not difficult to understand that you have the disorder. At the same time, you will have to pass additional tests, such as blood, urine and feces analysis, as well as ultrasound to get the right treatment.

Indigestion, depending on the causes, can be chronic or acute. In the first case, the cause is chronic diseases, which are periodically exacerbated. In the second it is a one-time factor, which became the cause in this particular period of time.

Prevention of gastric disorders is a healthy diet and timely treatment of diseases of the body. If you still faced this problem, consult the doctor to find the reasons out. Only after this it is possible to begin treatment.

How to Deal with Stomach Disorders During Pregnancy?

Most likely, you will not be able to completely get rid of digestive disorders (the body of a pregnant woman is too specific). Nevertheless, heartburn during pregnancy and other unpleasant illnesses will bother much less if you follow these simple but effective recommendations:

  • Don’t eat too much at once. It is better to eat less, but more often;
  • Thoroughly chew the food;
  • Do not wear clothes that tighten the abdomen and waist;
  • Exclude from your diet all foods that cause discomfort. These include smoked sausages, fast food products, coffee, alcohol, fried foods;
  • You must stop smoking during pregnancy;
  • Avoid physical and psychological stress.

Note that you should follow a strict diet during a disorder of the intestine in order not to provoke deterioration.

indigestion during pregnancy. pregnant woman put a toy heart to her stomach

What concerns prevention of indigestion during pregnancy, it is rather simple: keep track of the quality of foods you eat; study the label, carefully watch the expiration date. Do not eat greenhouse vegetables and fruits, carefully wash all the foods. In addition, try to stay away from exotic dishes.

Thus, if you take care of your diet and follow the mentioned above recommendations, you will not face the trouble of indigestion during pregnancy. Take care of yourself and your future baby and stay healthy!

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