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When a couple decides to be parents and hold their newborn baby for the first time in their arms, they are likely to have the best feeling they can feel in their entire lives. But there are some things that not everyone must know or thinks about newborns and it never hurts to know. These are things that perhaps nobody tells you about newborns when you are pregnant but that you will realize nothing more than your child are born.

The arrival of the newborn is a joy and also a great responsibility. Issues such as breastfeeding, co-sleeping or early stimulation will affect the development of your baby, so we offer our advice.

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 The First Hours Of The Baby

When the baby is “newly born” your body can be curious: your head has a “weird” shape due to delivery and having passed through the mother’s canal. In addition, it will be covered with a kind of “fluff” that is not exactly hair. It is common that they cannot open their eyes well, and that in fact, they are “sticky”. Quiet, in a short time will be a “normal” baby.

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 Do Not Expect Smiles

When we have a child, we want it to be happy, but do not rush it: do not expect your baby to smile until about six weeks. Of course, continue giving him as many cuddles as you like, because he also enjoys them, although he does not express it yet.

 Umbilical Cord

You can bathe with the baby sponge so that the umbilical cord falls off. Of course, it is good to keep it dry, because it falls faster, so dry it well after the shower. If you see that it bleeds a little when falling, quiet, it’s like a normal wound and nothing happens unless the amount of blood is important.

 Name Of Baby

If you are looking for the perfect name for your baby you can find the best one by searching on the internet. There is a large number of sites which provides baby name option with their meaning. Also if you like to have your baby name in Sanskrit you can get them from Google.

Interesting Things That New Indian Parents Want To Look Online. a mom with a baby

In my case, I especially loved these sweet new baby names, never heard before in Sanskrit. Reference: here.

  • Aadyot – Praise
  • Ahim – Cloud, Water, Traveller
  • Ayan – Lord Shiva
  • Archith – Worship
  • Aatherv – First Veda
  • Ashvath – Strong
  • Ahan – First Ray Of Sun
  • Brihat – Massive
  • Bidyut – Full of knowledge

5 Dry Skin

Imagine being nine months under water and suddenly going on the air. It is normal for the skin to dry, and so it happens to the baby. It will also be common on the skin of the baby small occurrences of chafing or diaper rash, and even acne in babies. For this, the best thing is a lotion for babies that are hypoallergenic and free of fragrances.

6 Tips To Go Out

Just follow common sense: avoid giving the newborn baby the sun and places with too many people (like a shopping mall on sale, to give an example). Also, it is recommended to ask others to touch the baby on the feet instead of on the hands and face, as this will prevent infections. Of course, to touch the baby it is always necessary to wash your hands beforehand.

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7 The Children Cry

We have not discovered America with this statement but we must remember: children cry and this is their way of communicating their needs (hunger, peeing in the diaper or discomfort, for example). So if you see that your baby cries, do not get overwhelmed and try to understand what it is that you want to say.

8 The Babies Sleep

Another simple but important statement: babies need a lot of sleep, and that in principle is not worrying, especially because they do not sleep often: they wake up every two or three hours to eat. The important thing is, from the beginning, to try to accustom the baby to sleep “long and hard” at night and, during the day, to take small “naps”.

9 If He Is Hungry, He Will Let You Know

Crying is the way a baby communicates, so you should begin to be familiar with their cries and know why they cry at all times. Newborn babies need to eat every two or three hours, and if you are breastfeeding you may have doubts about whether your baby eats enough or does not.

Interesting Things That New Indian Parents Want To Look Online. an indian woman with a baby

The weight of the baby is the best indicator during the first days to know if it is really well fed or not. Your pediatrician should check your baby’s health after you have left the hospital. A newborn loses 5 to 8% of its weight during the first week of life but will recover it during the second week.

Diapers will also tell you if you are well fed. Your baby will have to wet and fill five to six diapers a day for the first weeks and make between one and two bowel movements a day.


A very recurrent question in mothers is to know if the baby is drinking enough milk. As explained from the North American magazine ‘Parents’, the baby has its own mechanisms to tell if it is eating enough: the weight that is caught as the days pass, for example, is one of the main indicators. If he takes a lot, he is eating too much; if you catch little, you need more food

Hope this guide will help you to choose the name for your newborn. And also above tips about the newborn baby help you lot so that you can care him better.

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