Irregular Periods and Pregnancy: What Are the Chances of Conception?

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Many women face the problem of menstrual cycle disorders. However, this is unlikely to upset a normal life, at least until you are trying to get pregnant. Irregular or abnormal ovulation becomes the source of up to 40% of cases of infertility. So, once you decide that you want to have a baby, take steps to adjust the menstrual cycle. Keep in mind that irregular periods and pregnancy is a serious issue.

It is best to visit a gynecologist for a thorough examination and appointment of various necessary examinations. If after the examinations, other medical pathologies are excluded, the only cause of concern may be irregular periods.

Irregularity of the Cycle

Almost every woman experiences irregular periods at least once. In some women, the cycle does not return to a normal state throughout the whole life. Usually, in this case, doctors suggest changing the way of life, getting rid of stressful situations and even changing the job if it provokes depression, nervous breakdowns, intense emotional state, etc. Those who can’t get rid of the problem with the help of the first option are prescribed special hormonal drugs that are generally able to adjust the cycle. At the same time, this method does not work in all cases.

Causes of Malfunction of the Menstrual Cycle

Such problems often arise during puberty and are temporary. It can take about a year for the menstrual cycle to be fully established. During pregnancy, breastfeeding and menopause, menstruation is absent in general.

The delay or too fast onset of menstruation can be caused by external causes: stress, severe physical exertion, depression, and hormonal therapy. To eliminate the violations caused by these reasons, it is usually enough to follow a healthy lifestyle.

Irregular periods and pregnancy. polycystic ovaryPolycystosis is one of the diseases that leads to a disruption of the menstrual cycle, associated with the formation of a number of cysts on the ovaries. Benign tumor in the uterus and hormonal imbalance, diabetes and endocrine diseases, inflammatory processes in the genitals – this is not the whole list of diseases that can deprive you of the joy of motherhood. Consequently, the irregular cycle is not an independent disease, but a manifestation of a disturbance in the body. That’s why women who have prolonged frequent delays in menstruation, have to address this problem to the doctor.


Unfortunately, painful, meager and very short menstruation and other reproductive cycle disorders can be caused by serious internal diseases. For example, a pathological condition such as endometriosis, in which the inner shell of the uterus expands into the vagina and other organs of the reproductive system, leads to irregular or complete absence of menstruation.

Irregular Periods and Pregnancy: How Does It Affect the Conception?

We all know that ovulation is the most important moment in the menstrual cycle. During this period of the month conception is possible. So, any failure in the periodicity of menstruation complicates the onset of pregnancy. According to statistics, irregular cycle is the main cause of infertility in 40% of all cases. But this does not mean that with such a pathology you can never become pregnant. It turns out that in about 5% of women the irregular cycle is the norm that does not violate the childbearing function. But to find out if you are among such “lucky ones”, you need to be examined by a doctor.

As a rule, irregular periods occur against the background of pathology in the ovaries. Therefore ovulation does not occur. In this case, the solution of the problem will be observance of the correct mode of work and rest, taking multivitamin preparations, and hormonal means. Medicine knows for sure that the use of vitamins C, E and folic acid on certain days of the cycle for three months can stimulate ovulation.

Irregular periods and pregnancy. woman looking at the calendar

Also, women who have faced the problem of an irregular cycle need to make hormones tests. The results of such studies will help to identify or eliminate problems in the functioning of the reproductive system of the body. In addition, do not give up, even if you are diagnosed with infertility. There are many cases when women with such a diagnosis and an irregular period have become mothers more than once. So believe in yourself, take care of your health and patiently wait.

Irregular Periods and Pregnancy

According to statistical data, about 5% of the female population has irregular menstrual cycle. In this situation doctors advise to lead an active lifestyle, reduce stress, take special contraceptives or hormones that regulate the period.

Irregular periods and pregnancy is a delicate matter with a possible favorable resolution of no more than 20%. The main difficulty in planning conception is the inability to predict ovulation due to the jumps in the cycle. According to doctors, with an increase in the age the chances are even lower. So in the interval 33-44 years the probability of fertilization does not exceed 13%.

What concerns the problem of irregular periods and pregnancy, it is interesting that some doctors recommend regular and frequent sex when planning pregnancy. At the same time, others suggest that with the increase in the intensity of sexual activity, the activity of spermatozoa decreases.

How to Deal with the Problem?

Just note that the regularity of the cycle directly depends on the work of the whole organism. Therefore, you should undergo a complete examination. It will not be superfluous to normalize the diet and the regime of work and rest.

In the presence of pathologies, it is necessary to eliminate them. This applies to both inflammatory processes and hormonal disorders. In addition, remember that the first signs of pregnancy with an irregular cycle may actually be symptoms of the disease. For example, the inflammatory process in the pelvic organs. Therefore it is necessary to make ultrasound and laboratory blood HCG test.

Irregular periods and pregnancy. blood-test

Be sure to visit the gynecologist and check the condition of the reproductive organs. During the consultation you can specify when to do the pregnancy test if you have an irregular cycle.

Problems with ovulation can arise even against the background of complete well-being. Thus, you need to help your body prepare for pregnancy. For this purpose, you can use vitamins and microelements. Only after the normalization of the menstrual cycle you will be able to increase the likelihood of conception.

Calculation of Ovulation with Irregular Periods

The surest way to calculate ovulation is to contact a competent gynecologist whom you trust and strictly follow his instructions. Most likely, you will have to see a doctor for several months. You can identify ovulation by the specific size of the follicle, which can be clearly seen on ultrasound.

If you decide to calculate ovulation yourself, follow these simple instructions:

  • You need a thermometer with the ability to measure the basal temperature.
  • At the beginning of menstruation, the overall body temperature decreases. By the time of ovulation it exceeds the standard 36.6 of the human body. Therefore, the temperature of about 37 degrees indicates that the ovum has descended into the uterus and is ready for fertilization.

Irregular periods and pregnancy. basal temperature chart

  • Try to keep yourself out of possible stressful situations. Nervousness can affect body temperature and give incorrect measurements.
  • Be patient. With an irregular cycle, as we have already noted, the chances of success are not that great. But they might be higher the next month.

Irregular Periods and Pregnancy Planning Algorithm

In general, there are several effective tips for women with irregular menstrual cycle:

  • Conduct a general examination. Go to the gynecologist, take hormones tests and go through ultrasound. Perhaps the irregularity of the cycle can be balanced by medication and this will be enough for a successful pregnancy.
  • Find out when ovulation takes place.
  • The weight. Sometimes excessive leanness or, conversely, excess weight, can lead to malfunctions of the menstrual cycle. To identify the problem, again – it is necessary to consult a gynecologist.
  • Regular sex. This will not only increase the chances of becoming pregnant, but also help to normalize the cycle.
  • Keep calm. Try to avoid stressful situations.

Irregular periods and pregnancy. An image of a menstrual cycle chart.

Finally, probably, it is necessary to add that it is also not very healthy to have sex exclusively for the sake of pregnancy. This can adversely affect the psychoemotional state of both partners.

Irregular Periods and Pregnancy Chances

About 40% of all cases of female infertility are associated with irregular menstruation, its absence or pathological bleeding. With these problems, ovulation does not occur. Similar anomalies are called anovulation and are treated with drugs from infertility. As practice shows, these pathologies of the menstrual cycle cannot be solved without checking the functions of the thyroid gland, adrenal gland and pituitary gland.

With an irregular cycle, one can know about the onset of ovulation by measuring the basal temperature. Ovulation is indicated by an increase of the rectal temperature. So, schedule the same test on the same day next month for the detection of ovulation. A more reliable method for determining ovulation is ultrasound. It is used to monitor the growth and rupture of the follicle. Sometimes this is the only way which can help you to conceive.

Irregular periods and pregnancy. woman looking at the test

Pregnancy and menstruation are inseparable processes. The beginning of menstruation informs about the readiness of the female organism to conceive and give birth. The irregularity of the cycle complicates and pushes the joy of motherhood away. Problems with menstruation are associated with polycystic ovary syndrome. It occurs as a result of hormonal imbalance. In this case, there is an increase in the presence of cysts on the ovaries. An important factor is the presence of stress in the life of a woman.

Irregular periods and pregnancy is a problem for gynecologist and endocrinologist doctors. If the desire to become a mother is great, then the simple way – regular sex life and staying away from fear, nervousness and doubt – can help.

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