Is a Baby Monitor Necessary to Help My Kids Sleep Better?

Is a Baby Monitor Necessary to Help My Kids Sleep Better? Baby-Monitor

It’s completely okay to be paranoid when you are about to have a baby. Which gears to buy, which to skip- there’s a lot to plan. I live in a 2000 sq.ft apartment which has two floors. My kids’ rooms are quite far away from my bedroom.

And you know what the funniest part is? I sleep like a baby whereas the actual babies in my house don’t! It would be harder for me to know if they suddenly wake up hungry, hurt or scared in the middle of the night. So for me, a baby monitor was a “baby must-have”.

But this was my situation. Everyone’s can’t be the same as mine. You actually don’t need a baby monitor if your baby’s bassinet is next to your bed. In a small apartment (of about 500 sq.ft), you will be able to hear your baby’s cry easily. Finally, if the baby is grown-up enough to go to your room when he needs you, why even bother using a monitor?

Is a Baby Monitor Necessary to Help My Kids Sleep Better? hellobaby monitor

However, if any of the situation mentioned below rings true to you, a baby monitor is essential for you:

  1. Where is the baby going to sleep? Suppose you live in a house that has two floors. You will need a monitor to keep an eye on babies if they are upstairs and you are doing chores, running an errand or talking to your friends downstairs.
  2. If you have twins or more than one baby of different ages to take care of, a monitor will make your life easier. If the twins sleep in separate rooms, buying a two room monitor that comes with two cameras will be the smartest choice. Devices like this allow you to view footages from both cameras simultaneously on your display. You can also keep tabs on one baby while you are in the room of another, feeding or changing the diaper of another.
  3. Using a baby monitor is a great way to sleep train your kids. It is not always the best idea to visit their rooms every time you hear them making a sound. It would further disturb their sleep. As you might already know, not all baby sound is a cry for help. He could be sneezing, could have a hiccup or maybe groan for no reason.

Is a Baby Monitor Necessary to Help My Kids Sleep Better? motorola-babymonitor

God forbid, he could be crying in his sleep because of a nightmare, especially if he’s a toddler. You know, kids start having nightmares since the age of 2. This is the reason why I always insist on keeping a soothing nightlight in a toddler’s room. In case you are interested in buying one, has some amazing recommendations.

The bottom line is- a baby monitor will make it much easier for you to observe your little one’s sleep pattern, distinguish between the sound of genuine cry and a harmless moan.

  1. A baby monitor is useful in more than one way. Some of the advanced models manufactured today have features like movement sensor, lullaby, nightlight, and even intercom system! Suppose you are busy in your kitchen and your baby suddenly starts crying, you can soothe him if reaching up to him immediately is not possible. Another feature I absolutely adore is the temperature sensor.

Is a Baby Monitor Necessary to Help My Kids Sleep Better? baby monitor

You see, I live in Louisiana. It can get insanely hot and humid here during summer. I read in a journal that poorly ventilated, overheated rooms are one of the leading causes of SIDs (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). The temperature monitor helped me maintain an ideal temperature. I even bought a cooling fan to improve the ventilation. I’ve to say since then, my kids have never cried or woken up midnight bathed in sweat.

Wrap up

Before I end the article, I just want to let you know that baby monitors can’t be a substitute for actual parental supervision. So even if you are setting up a monitor, make sure to physically check on your baby time and again, because he needs you more than a monitor. Happy parenting!

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