Is It Safe To Enjoy A Manicure Session During Pregnancy?

Is It Safe To Enjoy A Manicure Session During Pregnancy? manicure

It is a dream of a woman to become a mother. Thus, during pregnancy, all the women try to take some precautions to keep their baby safe. They make sure that their everyday activities and beauty treatments will not affect the baby in any way. We have found a common question among the pregnant woman – Is it safe for them to do manicure during their pregnancy? You can find various views on this question. Now, we are going to talk about this topic.

Maintenance of hygiene in the manicure tools

A full manicure session always makes you look refreshed. However, it is essential to stay cautious of the risk from the treatment. Most of the pregnant women believe that it is highly enjoying for them to have manicure service as it increases blood circulation and soothes their muscles. They are not much concerned about the risk to their pregnancy from this salon treatment. They think that it is better to invest in manicure during the last semester.

To have the safe manicure session, you must make sure that the manicurists have used the properly sterilized tools. The professional manicurists serve several clients. Thus, after treating a client with a tool, they must cleanse it thoroughly.

Is It Safe To Enjoy A Manicure Session During Pregnancy? Spa-signature-manicure

That is why some pregnant women carry their personal manicure accessories and tools to the salon. It helps in preventing any infection risk. For the manicure, the professionals soak the nails, cut them, do filing and buff or polish them. However, in that case, the nail products must have the safe components for the pregnant women. For instance, low quality nail is not always safe for you.

Are the nail care products safe?

You can find a vegan nail polish that does not have any harsh chemical to affect your pregnancy. However, some polishes contain phthalate that is not safe for you. Another important thing is that manicure session causes the formation of fumes, which may cause nausea and headache to the pregnant women. That is why the best salons have proper ventilation to prevent any effect from these fumes.

The nail treatment products may also have formaldehyde or toluene that may be risky to a pregnant woman. The manicurists have to know everything about the safety of the ingredients in the products, used for manicure.

Nowadays, lots of women try to do manicure at their home. Some women find brittle or weak nail during their pregnancy. They can trim their nails and use a strengthening polish. It is better to avoid using acrylic nails, while you are pregnant.

Precautions for avoiding any complication to pregnancy

  • While you have open wounds on the skin, it is best to avoid any salon treatment for preventing the infections.
  • The manicurists have to put on new gloves.
  • They must not cut the cuticles that prevent the effect of bacteria to nail bed.
  • Choose a licensed and certified salon for a manicure

Thus, these tips will help you to have a safe manicure during your pregnancy.

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