Is Tummy Time Essential To Baby’s Development?

Is Tummy Time Essential To Baby's Development? a baby

As a parent, it’s more than normal for you to be extremely concerned about the development of your baby. Every parent always wants the best for their children.

Having the best of their development means tracking it early on, and working for it early on. Even in simple activities that you can do with your baby daily, these can already have an immense impact on their growth and development. One of these exercises is tummy time.

For moms, both new and old, there’s always a conflicting opinion as to whether or not tummy time is essential. But, here’s the verdict for you. Yes, tummy time can help in the baby’s development. Read more below to find out its benefits.

The Basics Of Tummy Tim

Especially if you’re a first-time mom, it’s vital to first start on the basics. Learn more first about what tummy time is all about before you dig deeper on its benefits.

Essentially, tummy time refers to that time in the day when you let your baby lay on his stomach. But, you have to do this when your baby is fully awake. And, when there’s also adult supervision. Never leave your baby unsupervised during tummy time, especially when they haven’t quite discovered how to roll over, yet.

Learn more about tummy time through this video:

The Benefits Of Tummy Time

Tummy time didn’t exist for no reason at all. In fact, especially for younger infants, this is going to be a challenging exercise for your baby. But it’s something that you have to go through. When done regularly, soon enough, your baby will start getting used to it; it’s already a part of your daily routine.

Tummy time is essential for many benefits, which is also a part of the developmental milestones of your child. Some of these include:

  • Preventing flatness in your baby’s head. When your baby lays on his back the whole time, this can affect the shape of your baby’s head. Hence, the coining of the term “flat head syndrome.” When you spend a few minutes in a day to put your baby on their tummy, this lessens the time of merely staying flat on their heads.
  • Forming the foundation for developmental milestones. Tummy time usually starts to be encouraged during the fourth month of your baby’s life. For many mothers, this makes that mark as to when to start tummy time.

It’s in this period that your baby will begin to create more physical movement, which is an essential part of their developmental milestones. Some of these include rolling over, crawling and sitting upright. When you place your baby on their tummy, they tend to be more mobile. Hence, you’re also providing a more active form of exercise for your child.

  • It allows your baby to see more things. The perception of sight is also beneficial for the development of your baby. When your baby is always on their backs, they see nothing but what’s above them. Hence, what they see is very limited only to the ceiling. You’re limiting the visual perception of your baby.

Is Tummy Time Essential To Baby's Development? a baby

When you put your child on tummy time, your baby gets to see what’s directly in front of him. This allows your baby to see more things, and to discover more of the world around him.

  • It strengthens the muscles and neck of your baby. When your baby is born, you’d know that one of the body parts that you have to provide the most support is the neck of your baby. This is a very fragile part because they don’t have much strength. In short, they need assistance coming from you.

But, as your baby starts to grow, they need to be able to support their necks and heads by themselves. They need this so that they can begin to sit upright, eat solids, and do other movements, such as crawling. A simple exercise such as a tummy time is already more than enough for you to encourage more muscle movement and strength for your baby.

How Often Should Tummy Time Be Done?

Tummy time is not an exercise that you have to do for an extended period. You can break it down into a few minutes, but done regularly in a day. When your baby is awake, you can insert a few minutes for tummy time, so that you can meet the requirement of having at least two to three sessions of tummy time in a day. Each session may last only around three to five minutes.

Is Tummy Time Essential To Baby's Development? tummy time


Tummy time refers to that time in the day when you let your baby roll over on his tummy. You don’t have to do this for too long. A short, but frequent, time is enough to set the mood for your baby to be comfortable with tummy time.

While it’s going to be difficult at first, the benefits that you’re to gain from doing so will encourage you even further to push through with tummy time. More than just preventing flat spots on your baby’s head, tummy time serves as an exercise for your baby, which is beneficial for his growth and development.

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