Jumping on the Natural Remedies Train With an Amber Teething Necklace

amber teething necklace

I jumped on the natural remedies train. I admit it.

I saw my friend with the baby amber teething necklace around her little one’s neck and asked about it. She informed me that it was because she was teething, and the necklace helps.

I’ll be honest. I thought her daughter chewed it or something, which is what made her feel better. I had no idea that it had something inside of it that helped her. That is, until I asked Google.

The whole world opened when I did some research on it.

This Is What I Found Out

Amber has been used for centuries by people in the Middle East and Europe. They used it to help them recover from a cold or the flu. They also used it to treat their arthritis and inflammation. Some of them wore it just for the health benefits of it, which is boosting the immune system and metabolism.amber teething necklace - baby girl

Mothers decided to try it on their babies who were teething because they didn’t want to use over-the-counter medications. The Succinic Acid in the amber is natural. It’s found in many foods like bread, barley, cheese, and milk. The body uses it for healing and there are no side effects.

On some forums I was reading, parents reported that their baby’s fever went away, they didn’t have the inflammation from teething, and they slept much better. That was enough for me. I wanted to try it.

Since I had no idea where I would get the amber necklace from, I started researching sellers online. I found out that you must choose high-quality amber. Some sellers use low-quality amber beads to make the necklaces and that means that there isn’t as much Succinic Acid in it.

One website I found called Baltic Wonder sources their amber from Lithuania. This is a country in the Baltic area of the world, which is known to have high-quality amber. To ensure I received an amber necklace with a high potency of the treatment oil, they send a certificate of authenticity.baby boy wearing an amber teething necklace

The Results of the Amber Teething Necklace

When I received my necklace in the mail, I put it on my daughter immediately. I put it on her wrist because putting it around her neck freaked me out a little. I didn’t want her to choke. I read that this was okay because if the amber was next to the skin and it could warm the beads, the treatment oil would be released onto the skin, which would then absorb into the bloodstream.

It was about four or five days later that I realized Charlotte wasn’t suffering from teething anymore. At first, I was skeptical. I thought that maybe she had already cut the tooth and that’s why. I kept the necklace turned wristlet on her ever since then, and we haven’t had any issues with teething.baby teething

I’m glad I found the Baltic amber teething necklace. It really has made the teething experience so much better for me and my baby. I guess now you can call me a natural mama because I firmly believe this is so much better.

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