8 Simple Ways of Losing Weight After Pregnancy Without Any Harm to Your Baby

losing weight after pregnancy

What is the most widespread reason for concern among new moms? Of course, the thoughts about their little ones’ health and comfort. But there is another common problem – losing weight after pregnancy. As a rule, an average woman gains about 22 pounds during a full-term pregnancy. After the baby is born, they want to get rid of the excess weight as soon as possible. 8 helpful tips on how to lose weight after pregnancy will assist you in this matter.

Let’s get motivated – motivation will help us achieve our goal: to lose weight in a fast and healthy way. So, ready! Set! Go!

Losing weight after pregnancy: motivation

The motivation to lose weight after pregnancy includes a few factors:

  • Dissatisfaction of the new mom with her own appearance. Sometimes, you don’t even want to be anywhere close to a mirror in order not to see your – seemingly huge – reflection;
  • Physical discomfort. The shortness of breath, fatigue even after a small exercise;
  • Returning to favorite clothes. It’s waiting for its owner to put it on again. Shopping is an expensive pastime, and it’s not bringing much pleasure when you are not able to get into the item you like;
  • Loss of sexual attractiveness. The new mom is afraid that her partner doesn’t find her sexy anymore;
  • Sometimes the new mother’s job requires her to look slim and fit.

8 ways of losing weight after pregnancy

It’s difficult to lose weight without strict diets, special medications, and surgical intervention. But after childbirth these methods are not an option: they can be dangerous for the baby during the breastfeeding period. So, here are 8 simple ways that will certainly help you lose excess pounds after giving birth:losing weight after pregnancy - motivation

header 1 Keep moving

During pregnancy, especially its last months, you had to move slowly and carefully. It’s time to change your pace! Be more active.

Morning exercises, the moderate physical load on every group of muscle will get you in shape in no time! Remember: the load shouldn’t be too intense. For example, stretching or fitness ball will be suitable.

Walking with a stroller brings benefits for you and your little one. Get more fresh air and be fit! To achieve the best possible effect, you should walk rapidly with your back straight. 1 hour of fast walking burns as many calories as 3 hours in the gym. It’s also beneficial to walk carrying your baby in a sling.

header 2 Healthy diet

Ideally, healthy eating should become your credo. It’s especially important during the breastfeeding period because any unhealthy substance that gets into your body will be received by your baby with the breast milk.

Eat often and in small portions, about 5-6 times per day. Limit sweet things, even if you’re very fond of them. Fruit and vegetables are much better than pastries. Cereals, soups, lean meat and fish will do you good. And no fast food and roasted dishes! The most important meal is breakfast – you can allow yourself to eat more in the morning in order to be active and cheerful during the whole day.

Such a diet will not only make you slender but also have a positive influence on the baby’s digestive system. “Eating for two” is a myth. On the contrary, overeating causes bloating and allergic reactions in the baby. You’d better choose products rich in vitamins and trace elements.

The main nutrients which you need after pregnancy (especially if you are breastfeeding) are iron, calcium, and protein. That’s why you should consume enough milk, cottage cheese, lean meat, beef liver, fish, and cereals. Drink a lot of fluid, but not coffee and tea!losing weight after pregnancy - mom does exercises

If you give your baby formula, you can count calories. Download an app on any of your gadgets – it’ll help you calculate how many calories a day you need: just choose the correct parameters – current weight, desired weight, height, and age.

header 3 Breastfeeding

There are cases when formula feeding is a necessity. For example, sometimes the new mother can’t breastfeed because of health problems, such as various diseases or the absence of mother’s milk, allergies of the baby.

If the reason why the new mom refuses to breastfeed is her desire to “keep in shape” – it’s not a right decision. Care for the baby should be your priority, and the benefit of breast milk for the baby is a well-known fact. Besides, the uterine contractions during breastfeeding sessions will help you lose weight after pregnancy.

header 4 Hormonal disorders

After pregnancy and childbirth, the various processes in the female organism can be interrupted. The birth of the baby is a good jolt for the female body.

The restoration of the female hormonal background is a slow process. So, don’t be surprised to find out that your excess weight is decreasing gradually, sluggishly. Give your body the opportunity to adapt, don’t give in to desperation. You’ll see: soon the figures on scales will become much more satisfactory.

header 5 Avoid stressful situations

You haven’t still recovered from giving birth to your little one, and now you have to take care of much more troubles than before: feeding your baby, getting up in the middle of the night, the lack of sleep, laundry. At the same time, your usual house chores are also still there: cooking, keeping the house.

Don’t wear yourself out! That’s how postpartum depression begins. And depressive disorders lead to unhealthy eating habits. Ask your family for help: your mom, husband, grandma, mother-in-law.losing weight after pregnancy - exercises with a baby

If your relatives, for some reason, can’t help, put off the house chores in order to get enough rest. Even a small pause from everyday duties will bring positivity into your life. Besides, now you have the greatest source of joy and happiness – your dear little one.

header 6 Exercises with your baby

You can do exercises at home, there is no need to go to the gym. You can put your baby in a sling and go for a walk or do your usual house chores, you can put your baby on your chest and try to develop your abs from that position, you can… you can think of a large number of various exercises with the baby which bring you and your little one a lot of joy. What’s important: the physical load will be gradually increasing because of your baby growing up!

header 7 Returning to the joys of sex life

The first months after pregnancy, when the labor pains and their consequences are still a fresh memory, you can’t even think about sex. However, after the period of time needed for recovery, return to this source of life-energy. Being intimate with your partner will not only burn calories and help you get rid of excess pounds but also bring you pleasure and psychological comfort, raise your self-esteem, and improve your state of health.

As a rule, women become more sensual after childbirth. That’s why you should get as many benefits as possible from having sex with your partner – losing weight after pregnancy is just one of them!

header 8 Positive mindset

We are now returning to the beginning: remember about the motivation.losing weight after pregnancy - positive mindset

Start to use the methods of losing weight after pregnancy immediately – don’t put them off. Tomorrow will be too late! The sooner you’ll start, the sooner you’ll see the results!

If you’ve failed to follow a healthy diet – don’t give up! Try again and again, and eventually, you’ll achieve your goals.

Your slim and healthy friends and relatives who have recently given birth shouldn’t arouse jealousness – use them as an example of success instead.

And the last but not the least: one of the main rules of losing weight after pregnancy is positive mindset! No verbal abuse to your reflection in the mirror!

Every lost pound is a result of your hard work. You are strong, so eventually you’ll have done it! Become beautiful, healthy, and attractive – you’re not only a wonderful mother but also a pretty woman!

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    Easy way for losing fat is eating healthy, but eating enough food! If you don’t eat enough, your body goes into starvation mode and your body holds onto as much fat as it can especially when you’re breastfeeding your LO. So if your’e hungry, eat!!! Mummy magic weight loss tea is great supplement that is safe for breastfeeding mothers for weight loss.

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