Love Kids? Here are Some Great Career Options

Love Kids? Here are Some Great Career Options. work with kids

When you’re thinking about what you want to do for the rest of your life, people will often ask, “Well, what do you like to do?” It’s a lot easier to do something numerous times if you’re doing something you love doing.

While you may instantly answer binge Netflix or hang out with friends, those don’t usually make for the best career paths (but that would be awesome!).

If you’re browsing this website, you probably have a soft spot for kids. Not just your own precious little bundle of joy, but love working with all kids. You always look forward to spending time with your little nieces and nephews or being around your friends that have little ones running around.

What are some of the best career options for those that love the little ones? We’ve got a short list below to see if any sound great to you.


No surprise here, one of the top jobs for working with children is working as a teacher. Despite what you may hear, teachers earn a pretty decent salary according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics.

There are tons of options as a teacher, where you could work with the Pre-K or Kindergarten levels if you’d love to teach colors and numbers while listening to the same songs on repeat every day. One bonus is you will get a well-deserved break during nap time.

Love Kids? Here are Some Great Career Options. a teacher with a student

While not directly under the umbrella, social work is another option to work with children, albeit in more difficult settings than your typical classroom.

You can also work in special education, spending a bit more one-on-one time with certain children outside the classroom helping them with their homework or reading.

If your school has the option, you could serve as a youth sports coach as well.


Going to the doctor wasn’t all bad as a kid, you usually got a lollipop and cool sticker on your arm after you received a vaccine or shot.

Choosing a medical career is another great option for those looking to work with children. Being a pediatrician is the option that jumps out to many, but there are plenty of other options as well.

Love Kids? Here are Some Great Career Options. a pediatrician

There are plenty of children’s hospitals around the country that are always on the lookout for pediatric registered nurses. The career path is largely the same as a registered nurse, just with a focus on pediatrics.

In addition to nurses, there are plenty of openings for pediatric dentists and dental hygienists. Use your smile to disarm any child’s fear of hopping into the dental chair.


While kids can often say the darndest things, they also may need someone they can talk to on a regular basis. You can look into becoming a child therapist or psychologist, either working as part of a company or opening up your own private practice.

You may be surprised to know there are different types of therapy, such as art therapy that will help kids open up through the wonderful power of art.

If you’re looking to work with both adults and children, you can always focus on family therapy where you will often meet with multiple members at the same time and help mediate certain issues.

Love Kids? Here are Some Great Career Options. a therapist for children


There isn’t always the perfectly laid out plan to working with children and sometimes you have to go a bit outside of the box.

Opening your own business offers you limitless options when working with children. You could open up your own barbershop or hair salon to give children the best hairdos out there.

If you love planning, you could always open up a party planning service or special venue area that works with birthday parties. Many businesses of this nature often combine that aspect with something else, like a bakery. You can run a business while simultaneously working with tons of children.

If you’re looking to do something that is more part-time, you can always work throughout the summer helping run summer camps, either overnight or day camps.

Being a nanny is another great way to work with children on a full-time basis and you can often become part of another family as well.

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