Make Your Ex Want You Back

Make Your Ex Want You Back. a couple near the water

You just broke up with your ex and you are desperately trying to fix things up. Read more about breakups in this link here. You believe that it was all a mistake and they are just confused. You might be thinking of sending her long text messages, chatting with her friends, leaving fifty missed calls on her phone or even planning to go to her house and talk to her personally.


You are making a huge mistake in trying those things mentioned above. The first thing that you need is space and time. You need to process what went wrong and you need to know why it ended that way. If you and your ex ended the relationship amicably, you might think that they have feelings for you. If things ended in a disaster, you might want to go back and fix things up. Never contact your ex when you are feeling upset and desperate.

What you need to do is to never force the issue of getting back together again. You just need to be your own person and do your own thing. If she is the real deal, she will do everything to reconnect with you and start the relationship anew. For more help on how to get her back you can visit this website here: Here are some things you can do for yourself to attract get back to your ex.

Things to Do After the Breakup

 Cut all Kinds of Communication

Do not call, text, chat, or email her. She might need time to process what had happened and that applies to you as well. Getting desperate might send her a message that no one wants you. Nobody cares enough and your ex is right to let you go. Instead, show her that you are strong by ignoring her. Show her that you can leave without her and she will start wondering about how you are doing.

Make Your Ex Want You Back. a man

 Do Not Insinuate or Post Negativity

If you are still friends on social media or if her mutual friends are still updated to your posts, then do not insinuate that you are not still over her. Do not post quotes about breakups and moving on. Negativity on social media will only make your friends and family pity you. A pity party might be good for a few days but it can be exasperating after a few months. If you are positive about the breakup, you might even get introduced to new people who will show that you can still attract someone other than your ex.

 Do Not Jump into another Relationship

A rebound relationship is never a good thing. If you aim to make her feel jealous, then you might not only hurt yourself, you are hurting your ex and the other person as well. Do the things that make you happy and not because you want to get your ex back. You might find it contradictory to make your ex go back to you by not trying her to get back to you. But when you are indifferent, they will realize that they want the things that they can’t get. Do not use a scapegoat just because you are hurting or to make your ex feel insecure because it will not help everyone.

 Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Make Your Ex Want You Back. a running man

When a relationship is over, it does not also mean that your life is over. Start taking care of yourself like you never did before. Eat fruits and vegetables to make your skin glow and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Exercise to develop muscles, sleep at least 8 hours a day and get enough rest. Get a new haircut and start a new skincare regime. But make sure that all of these are not because you want her to notice you. Start doing things that your future self will be thankful for.


If you improve yourself and you don’t show any obsessive tendency to get back to your ex, expect that they will contact you on the next few days. Do not force yourself on them as it will just make them run away in the opposite direction. Instead, focus to become the positive and the best version of yourself. Your ex will come back right away once she realizes that she is about to lose the most amazing person in the world that is you.

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