Man Sues Wife for Ugly Baby: A Real Story or Fiction?

Man Sues Wife for Ugly Baby. court

Have you ever heard this shocking news – Man sues wife for ugly baby? Sounds unbelievable, isn’t it? Has this story indeed taken place or is it just fiction? Read on to find out.

A couple of years ago foreign media were actively discussing the story of a Chinese man – Jiang Feng. He found himself in the epicenter of the scandal when he got divorced from his beautiful wife and sued her for giving birth to too ugly children. Feng, himself distinguished by his attractive appearance, accused the woman of treason, but a DNA test confirmed his paternity.

However, another fraud was revealed – the wife of Feng looked so pretty because she has undergone a couple of plastic surgeries and turned into a real doll. As a result, the court found the woman guilty and ordered her to pay the former husband 120 thousand dollars of moral compensation.

The Story In Details

The story began a couple of years ago, when a young Chinese couple, Feng, had a first baby. The father of the child, Jiang Feng, immediately noticed that the girl is not particularly attractive, although he and his spouse are very beautiful people. The man suspected his wife of treason, but the paternity test refuted his suspicions. At this time, the wife confessed to her husband that before marriage she had done a serious plastic surgery and therefore the child could resemble her in the “past”.

Man Sues Wife for Ugly Baby. Feng family

The man immediately filed for divorce, as well as a court, explaining his claim that his wife did not inform him that her beauty was the result of the skillful work of plastic surgeons. The court agreed with the arguments of Jiang Feng. “I was incredibly in love with her when we got married. But with the birth of the first child, we started having serious problems. Our daughter is incredibly ugly, to such an extent that it frightened me, ” told Jiang Feng  to reporters.

However, as noted by the Huffington Post, there is no official confirmation of this story, and Rocket News 24 published a snapshot of the family last year, claiming that all this is a rather cruel advertisement for the Taiwanese plastic surgery clinic.

Man Sues Wife for Ugly Baby: A Terrible Reality or a Creative Advertisement?

This story appeared on the Internet a few years ago.  According to legend, Jiang Feng married a beautiful girl and, after she gave birth to their children, suspected that she was cheating on him, since their sons and daughter were absolutely different from him and his wife. After making a DNA test for paternity, Feng made sure that the children were born from him, after which his wife admitted that she had performed a series of plastic surgeries on the face long before they met. The couple got divorced. Later Jiang Feng sued his ex-wife. According to the print media, he won a payout around 120 thousand dollars.

Man Sues Wife for Ugly Baby. court

Only recently, the heroine – “abandoned wife (Heidi Yeh)” – spoke to the press and told the whole world that the story of divorce and plastic surgery is just a lie. Taiwan model Heidi Yeh has never done any plastic surgeries and she does not have three children. Ye was a successful model, until in 2012 she was asked to star in an advertisement for a plastic surgery clinic. The idea of ​​the poster was to show beautiful parents with big eyes and a refined nose, changed with the help of plastic surgery, who hold in their hands children who are not very attractive and not similar to them. The slogan read: “The only thing you have to worry about is how to explain this to your children.” According to Ye, the faces of the children have been changed greatly in Photoshop, making their eyes too narrow.

The Consequences of the Creative Advertisement

Ye signed a contact with the advertising agency J Walter Thompson (JWT) upon condition that the advertisement is intended only for one clinic and is published exclusively in print media. But after some time, it was found that the photo was used by another clinic Simple Beauty and was distributed online.

When friends told Heidi that they saw her picture in the news with a story about a divorce and children, she did not believe it. But then the news spread it all over the world. Ye became an Internet meme, and it ruined her life, because people did not believe that she did not do plastic surgeries. The career of a young model failed and she had to break up with her boyfriend. Recently Ye got engaged to another man, but relatives of the current groom are also interested in whether this story is true.

Man Sues Wife for Ugly Baby. Heidi Yeh

Heidi repeatedly asked the agency to remove the photos from the sites, but they only shrug their shoulders: “No one can control the Internet.” According to them, the poster should promote the services of plastic surgery in a humorous manner, and they can use the image at their discretion. Heidi Yeh’s lawyer believes that the agency is responsible for the distribution of the photo and that the model did not consent to the use of the poster by another clinic and its placement online.

Now Heidi is trying to restore justice, so she gathered a press conference, gave an interview to the BBC channel and told her story. She sued the advertising agency and the plastic surgery clinic and demanded 150,000 dollars from them in compensation. The agency and the clinic filed a response lawsuit – for damage to their reputation.

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