Should You Use Mayonnaise During Pregnancy?

mayonnaise during pregnancy

Is it safe to use mayonnaise during pregnancy? Mayonnaise is a favorite spread for many people. But during pregnancy, most women have to reconsider the foods that once were among their favorites. Pregnancy is a demanding time because you have to worry about your own needs and those of your baby. You certainly don’t want to eat something that could potentially harm your child, which is why most expectant mothers opt to avoid certain foods altogether.

While your healthcare provider may not out rightly prohibit you from eating mayonnaise during pregnancy, they will certainly ask you to exercise caution with the kind of mayonnaise you eat. Mayonnaise is generally not dangerous to your unborn child, but you should avoid consuming homemade mayo as long as you are pregnant. Why, you ask? This is because more often than not, homemade mayonnaise is usually made from raw eggs, which often harbor dangerous bacteria such as listeria and salmonella. If you have to eat mayonnaise when pregnant, then be sure to eat store- bought mayo, as it is made from pasteurized eggs.mayonnaise during pregnancy - future mother eating burger

What Are the Benefits of Taking Mayonnaise When Pregnant?

header 1 Contains Vitamin K

Mayonnaise is known to contain healthy amounts of Vitamin K. A tablespoon of mayo contains up to 24 mg of this important vitamin. Vitamin K plays a significant role in blood clotting. This is especially important during child delivery as it prevents excessive loss of blood. The vitamin also plays a role in the development of your unborn baby.

header 2 Contains Vitamin E

Mayo also contains Vitamin E in small amounts. Besides the widely known benefits that vitamin E has for your skin, it is also essential during pregnancy. It lowers the risk of suffering from a miscarriage, which for most expectant women is a terrible nightmare. It also helps to regulate blood sugar levels which are prone to fluctuation during pregnancy. Additionally, it also helps protect you from respiratory issues. One tablespoon of mayonnaise contains 1.77 mg of this vitamin.

header 3 Contains Fat

Although fats are rarely ever associated with good health, they are actually quite important in the body. They form part of the three basic food groups for human beings, the other two being proteins and carbohydrates. Fats are an important source of energy, even though not the primary source.

What Are the Risks of Taking Mayonnaise When Pregnant?

header 1 Excess Calories

There is no denying the fact that mayonnaise is filled with calories. During pregnancy, you are advised to keep your calories in check. This is because if you are not careful, you may end up gaining a lot of weight. Although the temptation to consume mayonnaise may be overpowering, you have to battle it with all your might. You certainly don’t want to get weight management problems later on, especially after your pregnancy.What are the Risks of Taking Mayonnaise when Pregnant

header 2 High Sugar and Sodium Levels

Another reason why you should give mayonnaise a wide berth during pregnancy is that it contains high levels of sodium and sugar. While these two do serve their specific purposes in the body, they can wreak havoc to your system in high concentrations. Very high blood sugar levels often lead to diabetes, while too much sodium in your bloodstream is likely to cause problems with your blood pressure levels.

header 3 Too Much Fat Content

Another problem with taking mayo during pregnancy is the high amounts of saturated fats that it contains. Although fats are important to the body, they should not be consumed in very large quantities, especially not during pregnancy. High consumption of fats during pregnancy puts your baby’s immunity at risk. It has also been associated with higher risk for the baby later on in their lives. Seems like too heavy a price to pay for a spread, doesn’t it?

header 4 Artificial preservatives

Since during pregnancy you are strongly advised to take only store- bought mayo, there is a very high likelihood that it will contain preservatives. These are usually not a cause for concern to people who are not expectant, but the case is different for pregnant women. The preservatives could be a cause for nausea and unexplained stomach upsets.


Mayonnaise is in itself not dangerous for pregnant women, but only if it is made from pasteurized eggs. It contains some important nutrients but is obviously not the best source for such nutrients. In fact, it is nowhere near the best over the counter prenatal vitamin. It is alright to use it during pregnancy, but use it with caution.

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