MiaMilly Baby Carrier Wraps Overview

MiaMilly Baby Carrier Wraps Overview

MiaMilly baby carriers are one of the leading and innovative brands offering baby carriers to parents around the world. This Swiss based brand is designed to address the common concerns and problems of parents who need smarter, safer and more comfortable ways to carry around their newborns, infants and even toddlers.

About Mia Milly Baby Carriers

MiaMilly’s innovative 3D hip seat baby carriers have a tested ergonomic design which will help prevent some of the most common problems that parents who use baby carriers are concerned with: sore backs, hip problems, and knee problems caused by carrying around their babies or infants.

In fact, the innovative 3D hip seat used by MiaMilly Baby Carrier allows both the carried infant and parent to have retain proper, healthy spinal posture thanks to the equal weight distribution throughout the baby carrier. With a MiaMilly Baby Carrier, parents will be able to carry their baby more comfortably and for longer periods of time than with traditional carriers.

In addition to preventing sore backs and back pain, MiaMilly Carriers are specifically designed to keep baby’s hips resting in a safe, healthy position which significantly reduces the risk of problems such as hip dysplasia, which is a common concern with the style of other types of baby carriers and wraps. In fact, the International Hip Dysplasia Institute (as well as the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance) have tested and approved the Mia Milly Baby Wrap and deemed it “hip healthy.”

MiaMilly’s unique baby carriers can be used in 6 different positions; in addition to their traditional use as a carrier, they double as safety restrains in shopping carts as well as full sized chairs.

MiaMilly Baby Carrier Wraps Overview. miamilly

Products Offered

MiaMilly offers a range of baby carriers at a variety of different price points. Their three most popular carriers are the Hipster Essential, the Hipster Smart, and the Hipster 3D Plus.

  • The Hipster Essential is a 3-in-1 hip seat carrier that provides comfortable, ergonomic support for an affordable price. Features: 3 different carry positions; large storage pocket underneath the seat; phone pocket on the side; foldable head support; adjustable shoulder straps; safety strap for baby; safety loop around waist.
  • The Hipster Smart is the newest offering from MiaMilly, and incorporates the unique 3D hip seat which makes carrying around infants comfortable and easy. Features: 6 ergonomic configurations; high waist belt provides lumbar support; storage pocket; external milk bottle pocket; changing pad included; pacifier clip loop; removable cool layer; crossable shoulder straps; credit card holder and key clip.
  • The Hipster Plus 3D is designed for infants who weight 4kg to 20.4kgs; newborns need to use the infant carrier insert. The Hipster Plus 3D can be used in 6 different configurations, has an ergonomic forward facing design; one size fits all; storage space; multiple color options.

The Hipster Essential RRP is $150 AUD;  Hipster Plus 3D RRP is $219.95 AUD; and Hipster Smart retails at $280 AUD.

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