Navigating Breast Pump Reviews Online – How to Find a Breast Pump

Navigating Breast Pump Reviews Online - How to Find a Breast Pump. a mom bottlefeeding the baby

Welcoming a baby in your life is one of the most enthralling experiences. However, at the same time getting equipped with every baby essentiality also becomes important. No matter how fascinating it is to have a baby, if you are not responsible enough to take good care, your baby could suffer.

A breast pump is one of those essential baby supplies which you must accustom yourself before the baby’s arrival. There could be different occasions when a breast pump could come in handy like:

  • When the baby arrives much before the due date and expressing the milk to meet the needs becomes troublesome.
  • When you need to rejoin your office and had to freeze the milk for the baby at home.
  • When latching becomes a problem, and you and your baby are having a hard time with breastfeeding.
  • When you want little relief from the engorged breasts.

Other than these, there other physical or medical reasons that make a breast pump a must-have accessory for every mother.

Navigating Breast Pump Reviews Online - How to Find a Breast Pump. breast pump

Now the question is how to find a breast pump. Although the market is flooded with different brands that claim to endow the best products in the category, it is essential to get an insight into the subject so that you make the best purchase.

So here we have provided an outline as for what to seek in a breast pump and what criterions should be kept in mind.

 Types Of Breast Pumps

The breast pumps are divided majorly into two categories- manual breast pumps and single or double electric breast pumps. As per the name, in the manual pump, you will express the milk manually by pumping it. On the other hand, an electric pump will do the needful by itself and save your time. Electric pumps, due to their functionality are relatively expensive. Get more types and information at Your Breast Pump Reviews.

 Quality of Product

No matter whether you are picking a manual breast pump or the electric one, make sure it is made up of high-grade materials and is free from BPA. Since BPA is reported to have adverse effects on the health of children, it should be a big NO. Therefore a quality checkup is a must.

Navigating Breast Pump Reviews Online - How to Find a Breast Pump. medela breast pump

 Suction Settings

Most of the times a breast pump is used to mimic the suckling process so that the flow of milk retains. Therefore, make sure to get the product which sucks with perfection and imitate the baby’s sucking- starting with rapid and high-frequency suction followed to a slower and suck-swallow pattern.

 Weight of The Pump

It is important that your pump is light in weight so that pumping does not become a matter of concern. Since pumping the milk is a recurring process and you had to perform it many times in a day, make sure you get the pump which is comfortable to use and easy to access. Also, breast pumps are great to use while traveling. This is another reason why a lightweight product should be considered a priority.

5 Essential Features

These days electric breast pumps come equipped with LCD and memory indicator. Both these features help you in recording your preferred pumping pattern. When you don’t have to reset your pump every time before the use, things become a lot easier. Isn’t it?

Navigating Breast Pump Reviews Online - How to Find a Breast Pump. SmartPump

6 Accessories

One of the essential accessories you could get with a breast pump is its carrying case. From storing it properly to using it while traveling, a carrying case will safeguard your device perfectly.  Therefore always look for the carrying case while making the purchase. Besides, if you are getting additional batteries or adapter- consider it as a plus point.

So these are some of the basic points which need to be kept in mind before buying a breast pump. However, to get a more unobstructed view of any breast pump taking a sneak peek into their reviews online would help manifolds. People post their experiences with the product in websites and forums. So getting an idea from there can help you fetch the aptest breast pump.

When it is about your baby, nothing should be compromised. So, find a breast pump which is perfect for you and doesn’t affect the milk supply.

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