Newborn Diapers: How to Choose the Right One for the Baby?

newborn diapers. sleeping babies

Isn’t it interesting that nowadays, at the age of information, parents still ask the question – How to choose newborn diapers? It may indeed seem so. But everything is explained simply: there is a huge variety of diapers on the market, a wide range of materials, manufacturers, additional conveniences and of course, the price.

Characteristics of Diapers: Composition, Layers, Properties

The principle of action for all diapers is the same: to retain moisture and not to let it out, thereby protecting the delicate skin of the baby from irritation when in contact with secretions and preventing the clothes from getting dirty.

All diapers, regardless of the manufacturer and brand, consist of three layers:

  • The top layer is designed to easily pass moisture;
  • The middle layer is designed to retain this moisture;
  • The outer layer protects the diaper from leaking.

Typically, cellulose is used in the middle layer to absorb and retain moisture. However, some manufacturers (Pampers, Goon) use a more effective synthetic layer that converts moisture into a gel. In the diaper with such protection the baby can stay longer, while the baby’s skin will remain dry. It means that the baby will stay warm and the skin will not be irritated.

The inner layer of different products may differ by the presence of a pocket for liquid stool. This feature of the back of the diaper does not let the baby’s back get wet. This is important while sleeping and lying. So, most often the pocket is used in diapers for newborns.

newborn diapers. a baby in a diaper

The inner and outer layers (for example, containing 100% cotton, “Breathing”, natural, from the soft materials,tc e) play an important role in maintaining dryness, and hence the health of children’s skin. One of the signs of the presence of “breathing” materials may be the word “Soft” on the package.

It is also worth not to forget about the moisture indicator. This is a very useful element. It will tell you when to change the diaper.

Types of Diapers: Velcro and Panties

The purpose of velcro and panties diapers is the same. The only difference is in the method of taking them on.

Velcro newborn diapers are preferred since the first months of life. They are convenient to change when the child is lying, while treating the skin of the baby, etc. For active kids, it is better to buy panties diapers. They can be put on, as they say, “on the go.”

Features of Newborn Diapers

What kind of diapers to choose for a newborn? Manufacturers make the task a bit easier for parents by adding the words Newborn, New Baby, Soft, etc. to the packaging, thereby indicating that these diapers are made of extremely soft materials and correspond to the anatomy of the babies.

The main difference between such diapers is a cut. It necessarily provides a notch or a particularly soft insert in the area of the navel, which does not injure the wound that has not yet healed.

newborn diapers. a sleeping newborn

In addition, the skin of the newborn is especially delicate and sensitive. Therefore, choosing a diaper, examine carefully the quality of materials. Ideally, if you find the opportunity and touch the diaper’s surface beforehand, in order to assess how soft it is.

And, of course, it is very important to choose a newborn diaper that sits well. For premature babies, diapers should be chosen with numbers up to 2 kg.

How Should the Diaper Fit?

The diaper should fit the baby’s body tightly, but without squeezing it. If the size of the diaper is small, it will irritate the delicate skin of the child from friction in the area of ​​the legs and tummy. Because of this, the baby can behave restlessly and cry. But the large size of a diaper almost always leads to leakage, and besides this, it hampers the movement of the baby. Therefore, it is important to learn how to choose the right size of newborn diapers.

How to Choose the Size of the Diaper?

The baby will always feel comfortable if the mother knows how to choose the size of the diaper correctly. On the packages you will always find a label, for example, 2–5 kg, 3–6 kg, etc. This indicates the approximate weight of the baby the model is designed for. It is worth remembering that this figure is very relative and you should always select products individually.

newborn diapers. pampers

In any case, it is worth choosing a diaper so that the lower limit of the weight indicated on the package is as close as possible to the weight of your baby. For example, if a child weighs 4.5 kg, then, rounding the actual weight down, choose a range of 4–9, not 3–6 or 5–8 kg.

When you first choose or switch to a new brand, you should take a package with a minimum quantity. Then you won’t have to throw away the diapers or worry about the fact that the baby needs to wear the diapers of too big size.

The Difference in Diapers for Boys and Girls

Basically, manufacturers do not distinguish between products based on the gender of the child and make universal diapers. There is nothing in it that would prevent children from enjoying the comfort of a diaper. But if you support a more individual approach, pay attention to diapers for boys or girls.

Their key difference is in the location of the absorbent layer: closer to the buttocks – for girls; in front, closer to the tummy – for boys. “Gender” diapers may have differences in cut, in which case for boys it will be looser in front.

newborn diapers. a pile of diapers

Colors may also vary. “Girlish” diapers can be in pink colors with flowers or bows print. Diapers for future men are presented in the blue, green colors with the appropriate “boyish” pictures. But if you want, you can choose a model with a universal pattern that fits everyone.

Signs of a Badly Chosen Diaper

If you have already bought the main item of hygiene for the baby and have taken into account all the rules, still carefully watch your child.

  • If the diaper is leaking, then the size of the diaper is bigger than you need.
  • On the legs and tummy there are marks or irritation from the rubbers, the baby behaves restlessly, the skin is irritated – are there any of the mentioned above signs? It means that the diaper is small and needs to be replaced by a bigger one.
  • It may also happen that diaper rash and irritation occur on the buttocks. Most likely, this is an allergic reaction to the components of the middle layer, most often caused by Aloe Vera. Try not to leave the baby in such diapers for a long time. What’s more, it is better to change the brand.

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