Newborn Photo Ideas: How to Take Great Shots?

newborn photo ideas. a baby photo

Newborns change literally every day, so it is better not to postpone the first photo session. When is it better to take pictures? How to make these photos successful? In the article you will find a few win-win newborn photo ideas.

Photographers advise not to miss the moment and hold a photo session in the first month of your baby’s life. The fact is that this is the best time for the most amazing photos, since the baby is still sleeping a lot and you can take a picture of him/her in various poses. The baby will change and grow very quickly, and you will always have the opportunity to remember how his life began. For parents, these photos will become a precious memory of this exciting and important period of their life – the appearance of a new person in their family.

What Is a Photo Shoot for a Newborn?

Usually photos of newborns are charming pictures of babies while they sleep. They are made in various interesting hats, crowns, etc. Children are put in beautiful baskets, on cute pads, covered with charming bedspreads, etc. Of course, newborns are photographed not only asleep. But usually in the first month of life the gaze of the children is not so meaningful that the whole photo session should be built solely on the wakefulness of the baby. Therefore, the basis of the shooting is the time when the baby is asleep. But you can also take pictures when your child is awake.

The appearance of a child is a huge event for any family. And quite a natural desire is to make it bright, memorable and magical. But how to achieve this?

newborn photo ideas. baby picture

After all, the newborn cannot be convinced that the photo shoot is quite an interesting pastime. And, of course, the baby doesn’t care how he/she will look years later in the eyes of himself and his relatives. Here, as always, creativity comes to rescue. It allows turning the usual photo session of the newborn into something out of the ordinary.

Also, you need to understand the main features of the psyche of a newly born baby. Otherwise success is hardly possible. Keep in mind that the only thing that a newborn is worried about in his tiny world is comfort.

How to Prepare for a Newborn Photo Shoot?

Of course, parents cannot make a newborn interested in a photo session. And even a professional photographer, accustomed to working with children, may not cope with this task. Such a young “model” is not yet able to realize what is being done and what purposes it is necessary for. As we have already mentioned, the only thing that worries a newborn in his tiny world is comfort. That is, a state where it is warm, nourishing, cozy, bed sheets and diapers are dry, and the mother is near. Only in this case, the baby tears can be replaced by the unique mimicry of a contented infant.

newborn photo ideas. a sleeping baby

For the photo shoot it is better to choose soft clothes of pastel colors. Thus, it will not divert attention from the gaze and facial expressions of the newborn. In those cases when the chosen scenario, on the contrary, requires you to dress the child as bright as possible, you should consult with the photographer.

Useful Tips

Mother’s hands holding the child should not be decorated with a large number of rings with precious stones, bracelets, etc. Otherwise, the attention will be focused not on the child, but on the jewelry. At the same time, the skin on the mother’s arms should be in perfect order, and a manicure – in perfect condition. If the father is holding the baby, for the same reason he should refuse, for example, from bright cufflinks

Shooting should take place in a comfortable for the child’s room – with the ideal temperature and moderate humidity, in the absence of objects and sounds frightening him, etc.

Select and prepare the room for the session in advance, even before the birth of the child. It is also necessary to choose a photographer and discuss with him a future baby photo session as early as possible.

newborn photo ideas. a baby sleeping in a tiny bed

As you can see, the newborn doesn’t need much for happiness. Everything else depends on the creative thinking and taste of the parents. A comfortable, soft bed sheet can be simply decorated with flowers cut from paper before a photo session. If you are ready to spend some time and material, you may sew funny accessories for the first “costume” in your child’s life – for example, hare ears or angel wings. It will not cause any inconvenience to the baby, and it will be impossible to look at the photo without a smile.

Newborn Photo Ideas

First Moments

The sooner the very first picture is taken, the better, because immediately after birth and a few days later babies look completely different. It is not surprising that some parents even invite professional photographers to the hospital.

If you are not a pro, experts advise not to experiment with shooting modes, but to establish a basic one. In maternity hospitals fluorescent lamps are usually used (bright, but not blinding and not giving the shadow). Thus, automatic settings of your photo camera should be enough to take a good picture.

newborn photo ideas. Newborn-baby

Great Achievements

Take a photo of the maternity hospital tag and a card with the indicators of the newborn, the numbers on the scales, the first bottle with the formula, etc. It only seems at first that you will never forget the cherished numbers.

To make small inscriptions on the photo clearly visible, set the macro mode on your camera. It allows you to make the main object more sharp, and the background – blurry. True, with macro photography, successful shots are not always obtained the first time, so it’s better to do some duplicates.

Meet the Family

The first meeting of a newborn baby with dad, elder brother or sister, grandparents deserves to be immortalized. Infants usually react to acquaintance with the total tranquility, but the touched faces of their elders should definitely be taken close up – there are not so many moments in life when we see our loved ones so happy.

newborn photo ideas. dad holding daughter

Touching Details

A tiny heel, fingers or ear of the baby are a great idea to take picture of. Such photos will always look cute. To make such photos beautiful, we recommend using macro mode.

Little Nothings of Life

The first morning at home and the first bathing, the first walk and the first outfit – while the newborn is quite small, take the time to “catch” it all. The little things go out of memory the fastest.

Important Note: If you are not a photo expert, but you are going to do a photo session yourself, remember not to use the flash when the baby is awake. Infants do not yet have a sharp contraction of the pupils in bright light, and even the built-in flash may have a very negative effect on their retina.

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