Newborn Sneezing: What’s the Reason and What Can be Done?

Baby sneezing. Woman with newborn baby

Most parents are closely monitoring the health of the child. Some particularly suspicious mothers pay attention literally “to every sneeze.” But, seriously speaking, a situation with newborn sneezing may not be so harmless. It can signal the onset of the disease. Especially if the child often sneezes without signs of a cold. What sneezing can speak about? In what cases should you consult a doctor? Find out this and more in the article.

What Is Sneezing?

Sneezing is a reflex laid by nature. Thus, the upper respiratory tracts are freed from excess mucus containing the bodies of leukocytes killed in the fight against germs. This is absolutely normal. It is physiological for both adults and children.

Sneezing says that a small person develops normally. It indicates that the nerve endings and the mechanism of work of the mucous membrane of the child is in order.

However, frequent newborn sneezing is a reason for thinking and observation from the side of young parents, because it is obvious that in the life of a child there is a factor that causes sneezing all the time.

Causes of Newborn Sneezing

If you turn to medical terms, sneezing is one of the unconditioned reflexes, a natural physiological reaction to some irritation of the respiratory tract (dust, particles, etc.). That is, in itself, sneezing is absolutely natural and does not indicate a disease. During a cold, runny nose, nasal congestion, sneezing is quite common. It may be unpleasant, but should not cause any serious concern. But what if the child often sneezes, and at the same time there are no signs of a cold? Some parents are worried about this situation, while others do not pay attention to such “trifles”, because the child seems to be absolutely healthy.

newborn sneezing. a mom with the baby

If the child often sneezes, but there is no mucous discharge from the nose, this may indicate the onset of an allergy. If this situation is not constant, and there is occasionally a sneeze, it is possible that this is simply a reaction to a particular strong odor (for example, perfume or cigarettes). Sneezing can also be a reaction to an abrupt change in temperature. This situation should not cause concern. But if a child often sneezes, and this situation repeats day after day, you need to look for a permanent source that provokes such a reaction.

Sneezing is one of the most frequent manifestations of allergies. Why does a child often sneeze? Consider the most common groups of allergens that are commonly found in everyday life.

  • pollen (This type of allergy is called pollenosis and manifests itself during the flowering period).
  • animal hair (If the child sneezes frequently after you have got your pet, the reason is most likely obvious).
  • tobacco smoke
  • chemicals (perfumes, cosmetics, household chemicals with a strong odor). Also, the source of chemicals in the air can be furniture made of bad materials, textiles, etc. At the same time, the smell may not always be felt, but the harm to health still takes place.
  • fungus and mold (These are strong allergens that can cause serious respiratory diseases).

Why Does a Baby Often Sneeze?

It is necessary to consult a doctor to find out the exact reason why a child often sneezes.

If we are talking about why a newborn baby often sneezes, then the reason may be the purification of the nasopharynx of the baby from postpartum mucus. Also, infants have not yet formed the Eustachian tube, which connects the ear and nasopharynx. This can also cause frequent sneezing.

baby sneezing. mom and baby

One of the frequent newborn sneezing reasons without other signs of a cold is allergic rhinitis. Along with sneezing, it is often accompanied by itchy eyes and tearing. If the baby sneezes and rubs his eyes – most likely it is an allergy. Also, with allergies, nasal congestion is often observed, but there is no discharge.

Keep in mind that dealing directly with sneezing, as a symptom, will not be effective, because you need to start by identifying the causes of sneezing. To do this, special samples are made for allergens, tests are taken, etc. And after that, depending on the results, treatment is prescribed. Parents need to pay attention that for the first time allergy can manifest itself not only in young children, but also in adolescents.

External Factors and Newborn Sneezing

Why does a newborn sneeze, what could be the reasons?

  • Newborn babies do not tolerate dry air. In this case, the crusts are formed in the nose, which irritate the nerve endings. If this happens, the baby sneezes. The necessary measure to eliminate this cause is the purchase of a good humidifier. It should work in the autumn-winter heating season almost constantly. Room humidity should not fall below 45-50 percent.
  • Dust is the enemy of a small child. It clogs the airways, which can cause frequent sneezing. If you have a baby, it is better to remove carpets and soft toys from the room. Also, to do wet cleaning every day, air and vacuum the room.
  • Pet allergies are a common cause of sneezing. Their fur, microscopic particles of secretions fly in the air, which can cause discomfort in a small nose. In this case, you can try special shampoos for animals that reduce the allergic effect.

newborn sneezing. a baby and a cat

  • The reaction can be on mom’s perfume. And it doesn’t matter whether it is cheap or expensive. To create an elite perfumery, essential oils are used that can be very dangerous for a newborn. If the aroma is an economy version, it most likely contains synthetic substances: harmful and allergic ones.
  • Smoking near the baby is strictly prohibited! It has long been known that a passive smoker receives a large dose of poison. When dealing with the tobacco smell, the baby can sneeze and cough. What to do in this case? Thoroughly wash, brush your teeth and, of course, quit disastrous habit.
  • During breastfeeding, milk can enter the Eustachian tube, which has not yet been fully formed. Nerve endings are excited, and as a result, sneezing occurs. This phenomenon will pass with time, there is nothing terrible in it.

The Baby Often Sneezes: What to Do?

  1. Air the room well, do frequent wet cleaning.
  2. Maintain optimum humidity and temperature. Too warm and dry air can cause a child to sneeze often. Too much moisture leads to mold, which itself is already an allergen.
  3. Avoid aggressive detergents and things that may contain harmful chemicals (cheap toys, textiles, etc)
  4. Carefully treat all colds to prevent complications, they can exacerbate allergies.
  5. Strengthen the immune system of the baby.

Monitor the health of the child and do not forget to seek medical advice on time.

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