Top 8 Nursing Clothes + 8 Most Popular Nursing Clothes Secrets

women choosing nursing clothes

The postpartum period is full of lack of sleep and temporary inconveniences, independent of the parents. Facing breastfeeding for the first time, women always feel some confusion. How to maintain the usual rhythm of life and continue to feed the child without experiencing embarrassment and retaining the attractiveness? Special nursing clothes help to quickly and easily put the baby to the breast. In addition, the modern style of nursing clothes allows you to feed the child almost imperceptibly to others. So, what kind of nursing clothes should every breastfeeding woman have?

Top 8 Nursing Clothes

header 1 A Nursing Bra

There are several types of bras for nursing moms: with a partial opening or full opening cup and a nursing top with a sideways opening.

  • A partially opening bra is suitable for a large breast size because it additionally supports the breast during feeding.
  • A fully opening cup is suitable for a small breast size or late feeding because it is hard to put a big breast back to the cup.
  • Cotton top – the most popular bra among nursing mothers, because it stretches well, adapting to different breast sizes and it is convenient to sleep in such a bra.

It is better to have 3 bras: one is in the washing, another one is to replace, and the third one is on you. When trying the bra on, make sure that the cups are easily closed with one hand, since the second hand will hold the baby.

nursing clothes. nursing bra with clasps

header 2 Nursing Clothes With a Cut Under the Breast

Nursing clothes for wearing at home are sewn in such a way as not to interfere the baby with layers of clothing. In such clothes, the mother can easily bare one breast, and not waste much time with complicated clasps.

Nursing Clothes With a Cut Under the Breast

header 3 Home Dressing Gown

Home dressing gowns can be not only functional but also attractive. The only thing that distinguishes such clothes is the absence of large ornaments, such as buttons, rhinestones or bows. In addition, in the breast area there can be a nice printed pattern that helps effectively hide traces or stains of milk after feeding.

header 4 Nursing Pajamas

Nursing clothes for sleeping are cozy, natural and resistant to frequent washing. Flax, cotton, viscose perfectly let air in and do not lose freshness after repeated washing.

header 5 Nightdress for Breastfeeding

Nursing clothes. nightdress for breastfeeding

header 6 Nursing Covers

  • Apron for Breastfeeding

Apron for feeding is a natural cloth flap, fixed on adjustable straps on the neck. It can be used not only for feeding but also as a changing mat or as a light blanket. The apron is very compact and easily fits in a purse.

  • Poncho for Nursing Mothers

Stylish poncho can be used not only for inconspicuous feeding but also as a blanket in a stroller or warm piece of clothes for the mother.

nursing clothes. variety of nursing covers

header 7 Sling or Scarf for Breastfeeding and Walking

The sling is a very convenient thing for energetic moms. You can feed the child without taking the baby out, which is especially important at the beginning when the baby needs frequent attachment to the breast. Sling makes it possible to feed in any position: standing, sitting and walking. Hands are free, and you can eat, hang out or play with your eldest child.

nursing clothes. sling

header 8 Breast Pads for the Bras

Reusable breast pads are imperceptible and reliably protect against leakage. The inner surface of the pads is made of 100% bamboo and seems to cool the irritated skin of the breast. The microfiber base perfectly absorbs excess moisture. Reusable pads are the most high-quality and economical option for maintaining a nice appearance.

8 Best Secrets of Nursing Clothes

Nowadays there are many varieties of nursing clothes of different styles and manufacturers. All of them are designed to provide quick access to the mother’s breast and facilitate the process of feeding the baby, making it as comfortable as possible. In this case, the appearance of nursing clothes should not be different from the usual ones. The models should be modern and fashionable. Let’s look at the most popular secrets of nursing clothes and analyze their distinctive features.

header 1 Cut Under the Breast

One of the most convenient and common feeding secrets. It consists of the top layer of the item, which covers the inner layer. To expose the breast, you simply need to lift the top layer of the fabric. The lower cropped top ends under the breast and can be equipped with a rubber band for a better fit to the body. This option is very simple and provides quick access to the breast.

nursing clothes. cut under the breast

header 2 False Shirt with Cuts for Feeding (Additional Layer for Feeding with Cuts)

Such cuts are securely hidden by the top layer of the fabric. It is best for mothers with steady lactation when the breast is not subject to strong changes in volume.

The diameter of the cut for feeding does not change. Be careful while choosing such nursing clothes. Try them on before buying. Make sure that the size of the cut fits you (not too small, not too big) and its location is also convenient for you. Nursing clothes are sewn according to standard measures. So, every mother should choose nursing clothes according to her own tastes and feelings.

Such a secret for feeding can be found in, for example, blouses.

nursing clothes. false t-shirt

header 3 Double T-shirt

Such secret for feeding is also more often found in tops and t-shirts. In this variant, the upper part of the top also has a double layer, but, unlike the first example, the lower T-shirt is not disguised, but looks out from under the upper layer. It can be the same color as the top and can be made in a different color scheme. In addition to the external attraction, the convenience of such clothes should also be noted. If there is a need, you can easily open the breast in just a few seconds. And while feeding the baby you will not feel any discomfort. Not only home kits may serve as examples of such models, but also various tunics and T-shirts.

nursing clothes. double t-shirt

header 4 Inner Tank Top

This version is similar to the previous one. In the lower layer of the product there is a tank top but already sewn along the lower line. To feed the baby, you just need to pull the side holes of the shirt.

header 5 Horizontal and Vertical Zippers

This is, without doubt, the most inconspicuous secret for feeding. There is no longer a need for a double layer of fabrics. Small and inconspicuous zippers can easily be hidden in darts, folds and other elements of drapery. That is why such inconspicuous cut is most popular in dresses, tops, and tunics, in a word – outfits. A zipper can be located vertically and horizontally. Both options are quite convenient, and access is provided instantly, with the help of one hand. The main drawback of such a secret can be attributed to the fact that during feeding, a zipper can come into a contact with the face of the baby. Often, such contact is minimal. But when choosing nursing clothes with such a clasp, you should definitely keep this in mind.

nursing clothes with zippers

header 6 Wrapover

In models that provide such a secret, two pieces of cloth cross, forming a “double wrap”. You can feed a baby by simply pulling the upper layer of the fabric from the right or left breast. Nursing clothes with such a cut practically do not differ outwardly from usual clothes. Therefore, they will easily and organically fit into the wardrobe of a young mother and will be quite relevant after the end of the period of breastfeeding. In addition to fashion models, this option is widely used in home clothes and pajamas. This is due to the fact that during sleep and rest you will not feel pressure. And such details of nursing clothes as rubber, zippers, etc. will not cause discomfort while sleeping.

nursing clothes. wrapover scheme

header 7 “The Envelope”

This option has an external and functional similarity with the previous one. The difference lies in the additional lower layer, which is overlapped by the wrap. This layer is decorated in the form of a T-shirt with deep side slits through which access to the breast is made. The undoubted advantage of this option is that a very small part of the body is exposed during feeding. You can feed your baby almost unnoticed. Due to the lower top, there is a multilayer effect. Therefore, such a cut is rarely found in warm things. But it is very popular among home shirts, T-shirts, blouses and various tunics for nursing mothers.

nursing clothes. the envelope scheme

header 8 Special Secrets

Previously mentioned cuts are the most popular secrets in clothes for nursing mothers. But there are a lot of other solutions that do not unite in certain groups. Still, they have a place to be. In modern models, you can find many secrets, individual for a particular cut. These can be drape elements, decorative cutouts, buttons, various elements, folds, ruffles, etc.

In conclusion, it should be noted that using both slings and other nursing clothes is just the ideal solution to quickly and comfortably feed the baby.




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