Secrets of Comfortable Breastfeeding: Nursing Covers

nursing covers. woman wearing a nursing cover

Every mother leading a socially-active lifestyle at least once asked herself how to keep the joy and comfort of breastfeeding even in the most crowded places. Nursing covers with adjustable height, made of light, natural materials will help you to create comfortable conditions for breastfeeding in a public place.

Breastfeeding in Public Places Is No Longer a Problem

One of the most topical issues every breastfeeding mother faces is the choice of a place for a comfortable feeding of a child. Of course, the most convenient place is your home. But many modern moms do not want to limit themselves to just being at home when raising children. However, the freedom of movement is associated with a permanent solution to the issue of breastfeeding in public places. And every mother, at least once in her life, encounters a situation where, being in a public place, she does not have the opportunity to find a private place for breastfeeding. Obviously, it is not very comfortable to breastfeed being surrounded by strangers. Firstly, it is not always comfortable for the mother. Secondly, it is not convenient for a child who is constantly distracted and does not feel safe if the mother is worried.

Sometimes one cannot avoid curious looks. And not everyone understands the need for breastfeeding. What’s more, in a public place you do not want to feel stripped in all senses of the word. How to preserve the joy and comfort of breastfeeding the baby even in the most crowded places?

With nursing covers, you can safely feed your child in a restaurant, in a cafe, in a park, at a train station, at an airport, on the beach, at a clinic, and in other places where your baby wants to eat. In addition, a nursing cover will be a beautiful addition to your wardrobe.

nursing covers. woman wearing a nursing cover at a cafe

What Are Nursing Covers for?

Some women, while in public places, try to find a secluded place to feed the baby. To help breastfeeding mothers, experts have invented a very convenient and necessary thing – nursing covers. It will hide you and your child from prying eyes and will make the process of feeding comfortable and convenient even in very crowded places.

Many mothers already had time to appreciate the delights of nursing covers. In Europe, such innovations have become commonplace long ago. Women were so pleased with another “secret” for the unhindered feeding of the child in any place that nursing covers were included in the top 10 most necessary things for a nursing mother.

Types of Nursing Covers

Women of all body types can pick up nursing covers suitable to their parameters. They are designed in such a way that with the help of special straps you can adjust the fit on the back and width on the neck. So you can completely hide the baby from people’s looks and protect yourself from the curious ones. After all, the process of breastfeeding is a very intimate thing.

Today, the market presents several types of nursing covers. The most common are aprons and ponchos. When buying a nursing cover in a store, it is better to try it on and choose the most convenient option for yourself.

header 1 Apron

The apron is a wide enough cover, allowing you to feed your child wherever the baby requires it.

nursing covers. apron

header 2 Poncho

Poncho is a little less convenient. But, at the same time, it can be used for other purposes. For example, using a poncho you can shelter your baby from the sun or protect them from the wind. In the car, you can cover the child in the chair so that they can sleep. If you need to change the baby’s clothes or change a diaper – you can use a poncho as a draw-sheet.

nursing covers poncho

Convenience of Nursing Covers

Nursing covers were originally created in order to make the breastfeeding process comfortable, convenient, and pleasant in any place. A lot of women have already had time to appreciate all the advantages of the invention. For those who are still thinking about buying a nursing cover, it will be important to learn the following:

  • Comfort of feeding is guaranteed by the presence of adjustable straps on the neck and back;
  • In the upper part of nursing covers, there are rigid inserts which give the mother the opportunity to see the baby during feeding. The child can see the mother as well;

nursing covers. baby in a nursing cover

  • Nursing covers are wide enough to cover the child from prying eyes and do not allow the gusts of the wind to open it;
  • On the inside of the corners of nursing covers there provided soft, moisture-absorbing inserts. If necessary, you can wipe the child;
  • Nursing covers are all made from natural fabrics. They are compact, folded into special handbags, and can fit in an ordinary woman’s bag;
  • The design provides a pocket in which you can place small but very necessary things – a pacifier, breastfeeding pads, etc.;
  • A poncho cover can be used in a woman’s wardrobe as a stylish accessory.

Advantages of Nursing Covers Over Other Clothes for Feeding

A modern young mother prefers to feed her baby for as long as possible, realizing the importance of this process for the full development of the child. Pediatricians are unanimous in the opinion that breastfeeding provides the kid not only with excellent health but also intellectual abilities. After all, the correct and proportional development of organs and systems of an intensively growing small organism is also guaranteed by the development of cognitive functions that become the basis of the intellect.

Nursing clothes are made so that they look like ordinary clothes but at the same time have some features. The folds, drapes, frills, and laths are designed in such a way that if you turn them away there opens a slot for the breast. As a result, you don’t have to take the clothes off.

But in spite of all the comfort and convenience, such clothes still have significant drawbacks. In a public place, you will still attract attention, as the child will not be shielded from extraneous views. And the process of preparation for feeding and its end cannot go unnoticed by others. You again have to look for a secluded place, not to be in sight.

How to Feed the Baby in a Public Place

If you still have doubts about whether to feed the baby outside, then the answer is unambiguous – of course, yes. Breastfeeding process is really important, especially in the first months after birth.

  • Each attachment of a newborn to the breast is a stimulation of lactation. In the first months after childbirth, lactation is not yet stable. And the more often and more regularly you put the baby to the breast, the more milk will be produced, which is so necessary for your baby. Thus, you can fully satisfy the need of your child in mother’s milk.
  • The newborn feels completely protected only near the mother’s breast. By breastfeeding the child you also perform the psychological function of the feeding. After all, when the mother is near and the baby is beside her breast – they understand that the world around them is not dangerous. Thus, you also begin to socialize the child.
  • Applying the baby to the breast is the most reliable way to avoid milk stagnation.
  • Feeding is also the best way to calm a crying baby down.

Breastfeeding in public places will cease to be a problem if you have the knowledge and suitable clothes. Whether this is a dress, a T-shirt or a top “with a secret” – it’s up to you. Just remember, a nursing cover will never be superfluous and will always help you to feed the child in any place.

features of nursing covers

Nursing covers enable women to lead an active way of life, to visit public places, shops, exhibitions, to walk with friends. Feeding in a public place ceases to be a problem with nursing covers.

Are Nursing Covers Indeed So Comfortable and Useful?

Nursing covers are taken on in one movement. During feeding, you do not need to hold it with your hands. The cover will not fall, even if the child is waving their arms and legs during feeding. Thanks to the elastic top in the nursing cover, there is a space on top through which the baby sees the mother and the mother sees the baby. The same space promotes additional air circulation. Nursing covers are made of natural, light materials. At the bottom corner of the cover, there is a soft cotton cloth which can be used to wipe the baby’s mouth if necessary.

the bottom of nursing covers



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