Nursing Pajamas as a Way to Make Night Feeding More Comfortable

nursing pajamas

Birth of a baby is one of the happiest and most memorable events in any family. Mom will now have to take care not only of herself but also of the baby. That’s why it is really important to organize your life in such a way that it’s comfortable for both to stay awake and sleep. Here we will talk about nursing pajamas and discuss how useful they are for breastfeeding women. If you choose the pajamas correctly, you will sleep comfortably. The breast will be properly fixed, and it will also be comfortable to feed the newborn at night.

A mother almost always has to devote all her time to the child because the baby requires constant care and attention. During this period, the main task for a mom is not to forget to take care of herself too. It is necessary to try to ensure a long sleep and convenience of feeding the baby at night. That’s why, nursing clothes, including nursing pajamas, are rather useful for mothers.

Variety of Clothes for Nursing Mothers

There is a variety of clothing models that allow comfortable breastfeeding of the baby. Every woman can easily choose nursing clothes for home and for going out, according to her tastes, style, and features of the body. Tops and blouses with vertical and horizontal cuts, with zippers or on buttons, for small breast size and for a big one, with a cut and without, with extra drapes – it doesn’t matter as long as it suits you and you feel comfortable wearing it. Nursing clothes will allow you to breastfeed the baby in any situation. And no one will even notice what you are doing. The child can eat in a convenient position, which means that the milk will get into the baby’s mouth and not on your dress.

nursing pajamas

Nursing Clothes Should be Comfortable

Picking up comfortable outfits to get out or buying bras for breastfeeding, make sure that you feel comfortable. Nursing clothes should not put pressure on your body. Make sure that the fabrics of the clothes will not cause an allergy in you or your baby. This is especially important for nursing bras: good underwear should support the breast and not squeeze it, as often happens if you use a regular bra.

Another important point is the following – most models are designed so that you can wear them even after you finish feeding your baby. So forming a wardrobe during pregnancy and breastfeeding, don’t worry that you’ll have to throw all these things away or put them in a closet.

Nursing Pajamas

To ensure maximum comfort for night feeding, it is worth considering the purchase of a nursing pajama. It is suitable for women sleeping with children. They don’t need to get up from bed to feed the baby. Everything they need to do is just to unfasten the clasp.

nursing pajamas. long sleeve pajama

The Advantages of Nursing Pajamas

The main advantage of nursing pajamas is quick access to the breast. At any time, when the baby requires milk, the mother is ready for feeding, just lower the strap or unbutton the button.

Such nursing pajamas can be useful even in the hospital because after the birth most of the time mom spends in bed, restoring her strength. Wearing such a pajama you will feel comfortable breastfeeding the baby both in the individual ward and in the room with a neighbor. The whole intimate process is hidden. Clothes do not need to be changed in order to feed the newborn.

Nursing pajamas are arranged in such a way that there is a thin thread supporting the breast. There is nothing like this in ordinary nightgowns. The construction of nursing pajamas prevents breasts from sagging. It’s clear that during pregnancy and breastfeeding period the mammary glands become bigger and heavier.

Nursing pajamas are easy to use. They don’t have extra elements, are made from natural fabrics, are spacious and pleasant to the body.

Why Does Mom Need Nursing Pajamas?

Specially designed nursing pajamas are much more practical and convenient than the usual ones. A special cut allows easy access to the breast. Models of such pajamas are different – with a smell, with buttons, with shoulder straps, etc.

Popular Models of Nursing Pajamas

Nightdresses are the most “ancient” representatives of nursing clothes. That is why the long experience of using them has allowed developing several types of nightgowns which are perfect for lactation.

Unfastened nightdress – this nursing pajama has a few buttons. Unbuttoning them you get full access to the breast. Fasteners can be placed in the middle or on the sides of the dress depending on the manufacturer’s tailoring;

nursing pajamas. nightdress

Nightdress with straps permeated with a frequent row of rubberized thread. They are easy to stretch if necessary. It is easy to feed the child with one hand. It is enough to release the strap, as the nursing nightdress takes on its former form;

nursing pajamas. nursing nightdress

Peplum top nightdress. It is very similar to the previous model. The difference is that in such a nightgown rubber threads pass through the bodice. It allows you to pull the fabric and feed the baby quickly and conveniently;

nursing pajamas

Night sets – dress hybrids of one of the above types, along with a night gown. It is convenient to use at the very beginning of lactation when the baby eats very often. Also, it is inconvenient to change clothes very often. But with such nursing pajamas, it is enough to put on a dressing gown to look neat and homely.

nursing pajamas. night set

Choose the Quality, Not the Price

A quality piece of clothing will cost more but its advantages are worth it.

Pros of Good Quality Nursing Pajamas:

Quick and comfortable access to the breast. There is no need to undress and to force the child to wait. In a sleepy state, it especially takes a lot of time.

Mom’s movements will not be constrained. Nursing pajamas should be spacious and should not put pressure on mother’s body. They do not rub and do not tighten the tender skin of the breast.

The fabrics from which the nursing pajamas are made are natural. The air passes well through them.

Excellent breast support. During pregnancy and lactation, the mammary glands swell and become heavier. Breasts should be supported well in order to avoid sagging and the formation of stretch marks.

Aesthetics. You can hide the process of feeding the child from prying eyes. It is especially convenient in the maternity hospital where there are strangers next to the mother.

Unfortunately, the price is not always proportional to the quality, so look at both aspects while choosing nursing pajamas.

Look at the Following Parameters while Choosing Nursing Pajamas

  • In the period of breastfeeding it is better to leave all the lace and decorated with bows and ribbons nightgown for later.
  • The fabric should be natural. It is important for both the health of the mother and the health of the baby. Often, newborns can have allergic rashes on synthetics. That’s why it is really important to pay attention to the quality of fabrics.
  • Look at the softness of fabrics and qualitative processing of seams. It’s important to prevent the formation of rubbers.
  • Nursing pajamas should be comfortable enough and spacious, not to cause discomfort and stiffness of movements. At the same time, you need to choose the right size so that the breast is kept well enough.
  • Lack of decorative elements and ornaments – so as not to damage the tender skin of the breast and baby.
  • The absence of small details – beads, sequins, rhinestones, etc.
  • Buy several nursing pajamas at once. Milk production at night is quite intense, and often there may be “leaks”. Sometimes even the breast pads don’t save.
  • For the cold seasons, choose nursing pajamas from a warmer material to keep the breast from freezing. What’s more, it will be more comfortable for the baby to eat next to a warm, pleasant cloth.
  • It is better to try the pajamas on before buying. So you can choose the model and the cut that is most convenient for you.




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