Old Wives’ Tales About Pregnancy: 10 Most Ludicrous Pregnancy Myths

old wives' tales about pregnancy

Being pregnant, women constantly hear about various old wives’ tales about pregnancy. Some of these pregnancy myths are just absurd, some of them will make you laugh out loud. And the “best-informed”, “savvy” people are always those who’ve never had a child. We’re sure you’ve heard something like: “You have restless sleep – that means your baby will be just as restless”. Or, maybe, your colleagues tried to find out the baby’s gender by the shape of your belly. So, in this post we’ve collected 10 most ridiculous and widespread old wives’ tales about pregnancy.

header 1 You shouldn’t have sex during pregnancy

Surprisingly, the majority of men think they should abstain from lovemaking when their partner is pregnant. Of course, there can be some problems and complications, such as increased tone of the uterus, the risk of a miscarriage, etc., when your doctor can forbid any interesting activities in the bedroom. But if the future mom is perfectly healthy, sex will not only do no harm but also bring some benefits.old wives' tales about pregnancy - sex during pregnancy

header 2 When you start showing early in the pregnancy you’re going to have a boy

We can agree only with one thing – from time to time (according to the probability theory), this “axiom” comes true. In fact, you surely won’t be able to find out your baby’s gender by the shape of your belly. But imagine how surprised the “believers” will be when they have a look at a baby girl!old wives' tales about pregnancy - huge belly

header 3 You shouldn’t buy things for the baby in advance

And where is the common sense? When should you buy them instead? After checking out from the hospital, when you need calm and quiet atmosphere and rest? Or should you trust the baby’s dad with this, especially when he sometimes can’t even manage to buy groceries?

Don’t be afraid to buy everything your baby will need when you’re pregnant! Ask your partner to accompany you, choose the items, share your opinions with each other. This is such a pleasant fuss! But if you’re superstitious and have no doubts that buying things for your unborn child in advance attracts danger, you really should put the preparations off. Your fears affect your emotional state and, as a result, the state of the fetus as well.old wives' tales about pregnancy - shopping

header 4 “The distribution of pregnancy”

Have you met strange women who ask you: “Infect” me with pregnancy!” If not, you’re lucky! There is a number of old wives’ tales about how to get higher chances to conceive: rub a pregnant belly, finish a meal or a drink after an expectant mother. Sometimes you can be pursued by people you hardly had the time to meet: for example, strange pleas of your friend’s relatives at her wedding to have a sip of your juice and them grabbing your stomach because they “want a baby too!” You’ll probably have a strong desire to tell such women that you usually get pregnant only after an unprotected sexual intercourse (and the Virgin Mary is the only exception from this rule).

Oh, there is another way to improve the odds of getting pregnant – sitting on a chair where a future mother has been sitting. And it’s also working vice versa: don’t be surprised when some female colleague of yours refuses to sit on your chair because she can’t stand kids.old wives' tales about pregnancy - touching a pregnant belly

header 5 Knitting during pregnancy is dangerous!

For some unknown reason, people believe that knitting while pregnant can lead to the umbilical cord wrapping around the baby’s neck. No comments here! How can such people say something like that to expectant moms? As though they don’t have enough trouble already. So, dear future mothers, please, don’t pay attention to such myths!old wives' tales about pregnancy - knitting

header 6 Heartburn during pregnancy means your baby will have great hair

“It might be hairs tickling the future mom from the inside, so she feels something like heartburn”. It’s true, a lot of pregnant women suffer from heartburn, but it happens only because of the relaxed abdominal muscles against the background of the hormonal changes. And, with great hair or without it, we believe you’ll love your baby very much!old wives' tales about pregnancy - heartburn

header 7 Every pregnant woman craves for pickles or at least strawberries

Strange food cravings during pregnancy are real, but they are different for any future mom. You can’t predict what food you are going to want. It’s just a waste of time.

Among the other widespread old wives’ tales about pregnancy are future mother’s pimples if she’s expecting a girl, appearance transformation if there is a boy, and severe toxemia if the woman isn’t ready to become a mother.old wives' tales about pregnancy - pregnant woman eating pickles

header 8 Don’t get a haircut if you’re pregnant!

It’ll make your baby’s life shorter! In ancient days people used to believe that a person’s hair is a source of their energy which their foes and evil witches can use against them. In order to protect one from dark magic, ancient people used to burn or bury hairs that had fallen out. And for the same reason, it was forbidden for future moms to cut their hair.

Contemporary medical science doesn’t have any specific recommendations about the length of hair during pregnancy. Gynecologists, however, don’t advise to dye hair during pregnancy. Why? Hair dyes contain aggressive chemicals which can induce an allergic reaction or intoxication. During pregnancy your immune system goes through some changes, so the reaction to your usual hair dye can be quite unexpected.old wives' tales about pregnancy - a haircut

header 9 You can’t buy baby’s clothes and a stroller in advance. Pregnancy should be a mystery!

And no one can tell you how the delivery is going to go and how successful the outcome is going to be. Fear of the unknown – that’s what this superstition is based on. Remember, the superstitions you don’t believe in can’t harm you! In other words, it depends on your emotional state.

But if you are too scared and can’t help it – don’t buy baby’s things in advance. Ask your friends and family to do it for you. Or you can choose the necessary items online and schedule the delivery of everything you’ve bought on the date after childbirth.old wives' tales about pregnancy - future mom shopping online

header 10 Don’t play with your cat while pregnant, or your baby will have a lot of enemies!

Pets bring us positive emotions. It’s silly to keep your hands off your favorite pet because of some old wives’ tale. “And what about toxoplasmosis?” – ask future moms. The causative agent of this disease represents danger only if the woman has a contact with it for the first time during pregnancy. But it’s quite a rare case. Most often the infection gets into the female body after a portion of contaminated meat. Medical statistics show that the majority of cases of toxoplasmosis during pregnancy has been recorded in France – in the country where people are so fond of rare steaks.old wives' tales about pregnancy - cats

So, don’t give away your cute little kitten. Just bring her to a vet to do a test for toxoplasmosis and visit a clinic yourself. If your doctor finds out that you’ve never had this illness before, try not to kiss your pet and change the cat litter box wearing rubber gloves.

No matter what your friends, relatives, and colleagues tell you, no matter how annoying the old wives’ tales about pregnancy are, the main thing you should do right now is to believe that you and your baby are going be healthy and no superstition is able to interfere with your happiness.

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