Painting Tips For Mothers: How To Choose Paint Colors

Painting Tips For Mothers: How To Choose Paint Colors. paints

Who doesn’t want to have a house with appealing, soothing and at the same time welcoming colors? Generally, the women of the house are more cautious of this fact. If you, being a woman, reading it, you will agree with me completely. It is great to have those colors in the walls which complement the interior and bring liveliness and vibrancy to the entire house. Here are some amazing painting tips for mothers that will tell how to choose paint colors.

Pick Your Favorites

Although there are various traditional color schemes, it is considered the best to pick the colors you love the most. You can use your favorite colors as the base shade and then add contrasting or matching colors to complement them. Don’t you think when your favorite colors will be on the wall, you will always feel happy?

Check With A Color Consultant

Color consultants will always take you out from your dilemmas. If you are not sure which color scheme will go well with which room, a color consultant will always help. Just like Paint sprayers reviewed by James helps in selecting the right paint sprayer, consultants can help you giving different paint color ideas to sample. They can also provide a customized design color palette for your space.

Painting Tips For Mothers: How To Choose Paint Colors. splash-colors

Find An Inspiration

The inspiration to know the best color schemes can come from different sources. Earlier there were only magazines or catalogues; now the internet is a great and better source for the same. You can find many retailer sites and paint company sites that showcase diverse colors and the different ways one can use them in the home.

Other than these websites, you can also look forward to social media websites like Pinterest and Instagram. Being photos and videos sharing websites, there are millions of pages dealing with the home paint color ideas. You can create an inspiration board on Pinterest and collect all your favorite color choice and ideas in one place.

Color Theory For The Color Scheme

Learning the basic of the color theory is not rocket science. There are many inexpensive color tools with the help of which you can get the idea of colors and generate color schemes. The little color wheel when once rotated give s a plethora of color schemes to ponder. Also, it provides the idea for how you can relate different colors to each other.

It might be quite difficult to get the exact color from the color wheel, but you can get the closest matching shade easily.

Painting Tips For Mothers: How To Choose Paint Colors. choosing paint

Experiment With The Neutral Paint Colors

Neutral colors give soothing and relaxed vibes to the room. However, you always have the options to add something or the other to it. For instance, if you have a neutral wall color, you can get a pastel ceiling. It will not only add color to the room but also will not disturb the soothing feel of the room. Being little creative with the use of neutral colors is a great way to revamp your space.

Take Ideas From Prints

You must be having different printed fabrics in your home which you use as pillow covers, bed sheets, table lines or even as your own apparel. Few of them might be close to your heart for being highly illustrating and vibrant. You can get the paint ideas from there.

For your accent walls, you can take the idea from the bold colors print on the fabrics. Colors present on the small details of the printed fabric can inspire you for a subtle scheme on the large spaces. The best thing you can do is taking the fabric to the color store and choosing the paint strips for your walls.

Take Ideas From Outside

Giving outside subtleness to the interior is the new cool. You can easily bring the outside in by choosing foliage green, colorful hues, laid-back blues from the exterior. There are many exterior-inspired schemes that not only make you feel close to nature but also brings a relaxed feel.

Painting Tips For Mothers: How To Choose Paint Colors. House repair

While going for exterior-based color scheme make sure you pick your favorite colors of day and night. It will help in bringing a more realistic view of the interior. For inspiration you can also use your landscape.

Colors Matching Your Artwork

One of the best places you can look for knowing an appealing color scheme is the artwork of your home. Generally, interior designers do the same. Artists have a special taste in colors which they use by mixing and matching in their masterpiece. Their insight of colors can be used by your imagination to create something beautiful and pleasing.

Historical Colors

If you love the craftsman color schemes, you can include them in your walls as well. Surprised? Well, a historical color scheme not only gives uniqueness to the rooms but also tell your likeliness towards it. These days the paint industry leaders are offering historic paint colors for people who adore them. They look unique and give a distinct look to space.

Playing With The Light And Dark Shades

Sometimes don’t have to put a lot of brains on color selection but play with the shades of your two contrasting favorite colors. A little adjustment of the darker and lighter shades with a pinch of creativity can bring a lot of fun. There are many colors which may not look good in a darker shade but brings lavishness to space in their lighter shade. You can even ask the paint store to customize the color tone as per your choice.

Painting Tips For Mothers: How To Choose Paint Colors. painting the wall

Paint Color Apps

There are many apps which are dedicated to helping you choose the right color scheme for your home. All that you need is to download a good paint color app and get an insight into what’s trending and what’s outdated. Some apps also deal with color pellet ideas which you can share with the fellow people.

Final Words

Choosing paint colors is pretty exciting. If you pick the best, you will get the best. So choose wisely and make the most out of your colors!

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