Positive Pregnancy Test: What to Do? What’s Next?

positive pregnancy test

Pregnancy is not always planned, it is often unexpected. Having close relationships with a man, women should be aware of the possible conception. The moment of fertilization, with a high degree of reliability, can be confirmed by a positive pregnancy test. Delay in menstruation and indirect signs cannot be perceived as a “verdict”. It makes sense to seriously prepare for the upcoming motherhood only after the confirmation of the doctor that you are pregnant.

Principle of the Test

The principle of the test is simple: it contains special reagents that react to the presence of the HCG in the urine. This hormone is produced when a woman is pregnant, but not immediately, only when a fertilized egg is fixed in the mucous layer of the uterus. Pay attention to this fact, because implantation does not occur immediately, only around a week after conception. And for a satisfactory result, HCG in the body should still accumulate. That is, a positive pregnancy test before the delay in menstruation is a rare case.

But a positive pregnancy test with menstruation is quite possible. The fact is that in some, rather rare cases, hormonal failure causes mild bleeding during pregnancy in time, coinciding with the period.

Types of Pregnancy Tests

There are several different pregnancy tests. The most accessible and common is the test strip. It was its features that gave birth to the well-known phrase about two strips. It is extremely simple: a paper strip impregnated with a chemical solution that reacts to HCG.

It is also very easy to use it: immediately after awakening, you need to collect a small amount of urine in a clean container and dip a strip into it to the level indicated on it. After a few seconds the test is taken out of the container and after 4-5 minutes the result will be known. The positive test result for pregnancy looks like two strips. The first line is a control one, and it appears both when the result is positive and negative. The absence of a control line indicates that the test is not working properly.

positive pregnancy test. test strips

In any case, this kind of test is considered not very reliable, as the final result depends on a huge number of factors, from non-compliance with production norms to misuse. For a more accurate result, it is advised to repeat the test in two days.

The second type gives a much more accurate result, however it costs much more. Therefore, in fact, it is used a little less often. It looks more impressive: a plastic case with two small windows. In one of them, a certain amount of urine is placed, in the second there will be a result.

The third version of the test is perhaps the most accurate. It must be placed directly under the urine stream. This is convenient because you can do the test anywhere, without additional training. The only drawback of the test is that it is quite expensive.

Causes of a Positive Pregnancy Test

The situation when the test shows the presence of fertilization, but it actually does not exist is not uncommon. This may happen due to the following factors:

  • a false positive pregnancy test may be the result of the presence of malignant neoplasms in a woman;
  • low quality of the test itself;
  • incorrect interpretation of the results;
  • sometimes the test shows positive result with a missed miscarriage, because in the blood of a woman there are traces of a hCG hormone that an express test can “catch”;
  • the use of medicines containing a synthetic analogue of the hormone of pregnancy;
  • it is also likely that the test will show positive response with a miscarriage, again, thanks to the principle of its action;
  • violation of the conditions of use or storage of devices for the establishment of fertilization.

positive pregnancy test

It is worth noting that two strips on a pregnancy test can equally show false-positive and false-negative results. The latter is inherent in the situation in which a woman tries to learn about her situation too early when the concentration of hCG is still too small.

Also the correctness of application of the device plays huge role. So, for example, the term of the pregnancy test, namely, the evaluation of its result, should not exceed 5-7 minutes after immersion in urine.

How to Clarify the Results of a Home Pregnancy Test?

Some women do not trust pharmacy tests and prefer more reliable methods, regardless of the results obtained. If there are any doubts, the result can be checked in the following ways:

  • The first thing you can do is to buy an express test from another manufacturer or make another test in a couple of days.
  • The blood test on the level of the hormone of HCG will help to show more accurately, whether a conception has occurred. In the blood of a pregnant woman, the content of the hormone hCG is much greater than in the urine. Thus, blood analysis will be more accurate.
  • The third way is to perform ultrasound diagnostics: traditional or intravaginal. The latter is considered more accurate. However, unlike the blood test, which determines conception already on the tenth day, ultrasound will not be effective before 4-5 weeks.

positive pregnancy test. hcg test

There are also external signs, according to which the gynecologist judges about the presence of the embryo. With the help of palpation, the doctor examines the uterus and assesses its size, and also assesses the condition of the appendages. The doctor examines the mammary glands, external genital organs and determines by their condition whether a conception has occurred. In pregnant women the vulvar lips slightly swell, acquire a bluish hue and become cool. It is important to remember that only an experienced qualified physician can make such an examination, since the impact on the stomach and internal genital organs at an early stage can adversely affect the embryo.

What to Do If the Test Is Positive?

What if the pregnancy test is positive? Most likely, you are pregnant, and this is an occasion for joy. Just in case, repeat the test in two days, and go to maternity welfare center for confirmation and consultation.

However, unfortunately, from time to time there is a situation when the pregnancy test is positive, and ultrasound does not show pregnancy. If you exclude failure of tests and non-compliance with instructions, this may happen in several cases. For example, the test can show a positive result because of hormonal failure, taking medications containing HCG, a cyst, etc.

Another very unfortunate thing that is worth mentioning is a positive test for ectopic pregnancy. If the test gives a result only on the content of the chorionic gonadotropin in the urine, it is logical that with an ectopic pregnancy it will give a positive result. To specify the diagnosis you need to perform an ultrasound examination.

But all this, are fortunately, rare situations. In the vast majority of cases, a positive pregnancy test is the beginning of a new, happy life.

Positive Pregnancy Test: Useful Tips on What to Do After

Pregnancy is not only a period of joy and happiness, but also full of worries. It is necessary to take into account a lot of different nuances. However, it is not so easy to take everything under control and not miss something important. Get acquainted with the following tips that we have prepared for you.

Visit the Gynecologist

If you have found the first signs of pregnancy, and the test showed a positive result, then be sure to visit a gynecologist. He will confirm the fact of the conception, tell you about the tests you need to pass, about the mandatory examinations, etc.

positive pregnancy test. Female Patient And Doctor Have Consultation In Hospital Room

After the first ultrasound, you will get the first photo of your child. Of course, the embryo does not immediately look like a little man, but despite this, the baby’s image will still bring pleasant memories of this period in his life in the future.

Tell the Child’s Father About Pregnancy

Tell the joyful news the father of the future baby. However, be prepared for the fact that his reaction to your words may not be what you expect. If the future father does not rejoice in the news, it does not mean that he does not want a child and will not love him in the future.

Change Your Lifestyle

Since you are now responsible not only for yourself, but also for the health and life of a child who has not yet appeared, give up the crazy rhythm of life that you had before pregnancy. Do not sit too long at the computer on social networks. Try to sleep at least 7-8 hours a day.

Give up bad habits for the sake of the child’s health and life. Go out to nature more often, walk in parks. Keep in mind that fresh air is useful for you and your baby.

Eat Well

Probably, many of us have heard that a pregnant woman should eat for two. However, this point of view is incorrect. The amount of food you eat is not the most important. Your diet should be balanced. With food, you and your baby should receive the necessary amount of vitamins and nutrients. That is more valuable.

positive pregnancy test. Pregnant Woman Holding Apple


Women and doctors do not doubt that during pregnancy, you need to lead an active lifestyle. Daily exercise will benefit you. This will not only charge you with energy but will also help you keep your weight under control.

Read More Literature

During pregnancy and after the birth of a baby there are many questions. On the shelves of modern bookstores there are quite a lot of different books about pregnancy, childbirth and the upbringing of children.

Literature can be found on the Internet as well. Reading books will help you learn interesting information that will certainly come in handy to you. What’s more, you will find answers to the questions of your interest.

Sign Up for Courses for Pregnant Women

Sign up for courses for pregnant women. In the class you will be taught how to deal with newborns: feed, lay to sleep, and take care in general. In addition, you will be told about how to behave properly during contractions and during labor itself.

positive pregnancy test. courses for pregnant

Think About Things for the Newborn

After giving birth, you will need different things for the newborn. Some people are afraid to buy them during pregnancy, because there is a superstition that one shouldn’t buy things for a child before he is born. However, this is just a superstition. It is better to buy everything in advance. If you believe in superstition and don’t want to buy things for your baby before he comes into the world, make at least a list of everything you need. Then it will be easier for you to make purchases.

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