Post-Pregnancy Girdle: Is It a Necessity? What’s the Use?

post-pregnancy girdle. postpartum belt

Almost every woman worries about her body shape she lost after pregnancy. Stretch marks on the sides, abdomen, thighs, saggy skin, and sometimes extra pounds. Women know that it can be very hard to get rid of it. During pregnancy, the skin has the property of stretching, thus, damaging the body shape. And although stretch marks, for example, on the abdomen don’t bother every woman after the birth (because much depends on the elasticity of the skin), yet after the birth the stomach needs support. That’s why many women after the birth begin to wear a special post-pregnancy girdle. It allows hiding the tummy, making it look beautiful, as before. However, the girdle sometimes creates lines under the breast and on the sides. So, what’s the use of post-pregnancy girdle?

What Is Post-pregnancy Girdle?

A post-pregnancy girdle is a special garment for women who have recently given birth. Girdles should fit quite snugly around the midsection to maximize the benefits. The tightness of the garment improves posture. What’s more, it provides a faster recovery after the baby is born.

If you wear it correctly, a post-pregnancy girdle supports and compresses the abdominal and lumbar regions. As a result, it reduces uterus swelling and improves posture. It also results in a significant reduction in back pain and a faster recovery. The steady pressure of a postpartum girdle also expels fluids.

A post-pregnancy girdle allows safer and faster postpartum recovery. What’s more, it helps women fit into the clothes they used to wear before pregnancy.

After the birth, the uterus is still in an enlarged state for a while. After the delivery, the uterus cannot immediately get back to the pre-pregnancy size and return to the tone. So, you will have to wait a little.

post-pregnancy girdle

To ease the situation, many women put on a post-pregnancy girdle. Some doctors support this idea, while others forbid it.

What’s the matter, why so? Does a woman need a post-pregnancy girdle? When to wear it? How long should you wear it? Let’s try to figure this out.

Is a Post-pregnancy Girdle a Necessity?

Every woman is individual. That’s why, births take place in different ways. Some women give birth naturally, others need cesarean section. Some have external seams on the perineum, while others have internal seams or none at all.

Also wearing a post-pregnancy girdle is a very individual matter. Here it is worth consulting your doctor. Keep in mind that a girdle is not just a cosmetic product that anyone can use. It has special indications and contraindications. That’s why each case is considered separately.


When the stomach hurts, women are advised to wear a post-pregnancy girdle after the cesarean section. After all, a young mother cannot just lie and wait for the seams to heal. She needs to get up and take care of the baby.  It’s clear that with the seam after the surgery it is very difficult. Therefore, the girdle in this case will be very useful.

Another case, when there is an indication for wearing a post-pregnancy girdle is problems with back: spinal curvature, scoliosis, radiculitis.

post-pregnancy girdle

After childbirth, all these diseases become aggravated, since the load on the spine is quite significant both during pregnancy and after the birth of the child. It often causes severe back pain. Thus, a woman needs additional help. And in this case, a post-pregnancy girdle is very useful.


The first and the most important thing is the seams on the perineum. Doctors believe that the girdle worsens blood circulation in the abdominal cavity. So, the healing of the stitches will take longer. What’s more, inflammation of the stitches can also take place.

But if a woman, having internal or external seams, still decides to wear a post-pregnancy girdle, then at the first signs of inflammation, she should take it off.

And one more contraindication is oedema, which can lead to such diseases as kidney and gastrointestinal tract disease, and abdominal pain. There are also allergic reactions to the tissue of the girdle.

When to Take the Girdle On?

If there are indications, the post- pregnancy girdle is worn immediately after childbirth or the next day. It depends on whether the woman immediately rises from the bed, or spends the first day lying.

At first, the doctor examines the woman after birth. After that he decides whether the woman needs to wear a girdle. If there are any contraindications, the doctor will tell about them and explain why you should not wear a post-pregnancy girdle.

post-pregnancy girdle. woman talking to doctor

If, on the other hand, you have indications for wearing a girdle, the doctor will recommend the one that will be the most useful for you and explain how to wear it.

How Long Should You Wear a Post-pregnancy Girdle?

How long should you wear a post-pregnancy girdle to achieve the desired effect? Many women intending to wear it are interested in this question.

The body of every woman is individual. So, the time ranges from 4 to 6 weeks and depends on the characteristics of the body and the general health conditions of the woman. No one can tell exactly how quickly the uterus will come into tonus, and every woman’s skin is different.

In some women, everything happens quickly. The stomach quickly becomes flat again, and the skin is elastic. Others cannot achieve such effect. Still, it is better no to wear a post-pregnancy girdle for more than 6 weeks, because after this period the uterus comes into tone itself, the skin tightens, and the girdle becomes useless.

Further, you can already do special exercises, thereby achieving the desired result.

If a woman wears a post-pregnancy girdle because of a special doctor’s prescription, for example, after cesarean section, then the girdle should be taken off after the healing of the stitch, when the load on the abdominal cavity becomes less dangerous for the woman’s health.

post-pregnancy girdle

Usually, it takes four weeks, but each woman’s stitches heal differently. What’s more, with poor blood circulation, the healing of the stitches can take more time. Such women should wear a post-pregnancy girdle longer.

But how to wear a bandage is a completely different matter. Ways of wearing a bandage after childbirth depend on their kind.

How to Figure Out Which Girdle to Choose?

Choosing the right girdle is very important because it affects your health. Keep in mind that girdles are different and you need to choose the one that will be the most useful for you.

Pay attention to the following issues while choosing a post-pregnancy girdle:

  • How the girdle looks under the clothes: It is better to choose the one that doesn’t attract everyone’s attention. Also, it shouldn’t be too thick. Discretion is something you’ll appreciate at this stage of your post-baby body.
  • Is it hard to put it on? If putting your girdle on is difficult and takes much time, maybe it is better to reconsider your choice.
  • How well it stays in place: You don’t want to be stuck pulling up and tugging a girdle that keeps sliding and shifting. That’s very inconvenient.
  • How you feel wearing it: You need to be able to breathe well while wearing the post-pregnancy girdle. So, your girdle should not be too tight. Also, avoid itchy fabric.
  • The price of the post-pregnancy girdle: Being a mom is expensive. Resist the urge to overspend because there are some great girdles that are budget friendly.
  • The fabric: Choose a post-pregnancy girdle out of breathable fabric. You’ll want some air to circulate underneath. That will stop you from feeling sweaty.

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